Actor Aidan Quinn Says Vaccines Caused His Daughter’s Autism

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The house of cards may be falling around the “vaccines are totally safe and effective” lie that’s traditionally been propped up in part by the Hollywood establishment.

First Robert De Niro backpeddled on censoring a documentary on the CDC whistleblower from the Tribeca Film Festival, going public about changing his mind on the matter, and now actor Aidan Quinn has gone on the record in an interview to say he believes his daughter was a normal, healthy child until she got vaccines.

Afterwards, he says she became autistic.

With autism now having skyrocketed to an insane 1 in 45 in this country, a country with the most aggressive vaccine schedule on the planet and some of the highest infant mortality rates, the old adage of safety and effectiveness will not continue without the CDC actually being able to produce scientific evidence to back it up… something they have yet to do.

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  • No shit.

  • What a courageous man. God bless him!

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  • doucyet

    I hope he has another career lined out or has saved a bunch of money………….he just got blacklisted!

  • hvaiallverden

    I belive this simple, every sane and thinking human knows toxics, some are bad, some even wurse, and non of the in the natural world in doses as this days vaccines contain.
    The fact it contains this heavy metalls, and so on to squales and f… know what else, and we stil have to “prove” this coctail of toxic shit dont affect, anything, is to an science freek as me, stunning to behold and even to vitness.

    I dont care whom says what, we dont need to prove anything, toxic heavy metall poisoning is ancient news, nothing new, the circumatances is new, but the corelation whom leads to my conclutions is glearingly obvious.
    Toxic shit kills, and maims, deform, and damages, and have done so for an long time, like Mercury.

    But what buggs me, is this new wave of problems that have risen exponentially the last decades is all to do with toxic ingrediences used in an range of products, from food to medics.
    There isnt any logical cause, nothing natural to cause this problems, period, I cant remeber anything, can you, unless, despite the silence from Gold/Diamant ind. use of Mercury is well documented and problems dealth with but stil people belive mercury is something “safe”, its not, it is an induced foreign element into our systems.

    May He and His family be blessed with an good life, despite this hard conditions.
    I know they are criminals, period.
    They should hang.


  • Sailor Scout for Righteousness

    The whole enviroment is becoming toxic due to hundreds of factors coming from greed, secrecy, cheep standards, and overpopulation.

    • jaguar

      God made the Earth to be able to hold the whole population… So stop with that crap! The elites are polluting the Earth on purpose, and talking about fake global warming and shooting everyone up with toxic Vaccines!