Activity On The Sun Flatlines: Bitterly Cold Winters Ahead?

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The Sun is almost completely blank, all but devoid of sunspots. This is odd considering we are meant to be at the solar maximum this summer. NASA has released a chart showing the downturn in activity.


The maximum could be double peaked which would see a further surge in activity over the next couple of months, but scientists are split on this. Scientific opinions vary not least because observations indicate that the Sun’s magnetic field is about to flip. This only happens at the solar maximum.

Todays sunspot number is 12. That figure is the Boulder number which is about 35% higher than the International sunspot number used by some other countries. The difference comes from the way the sunspots are counted.

There are worries that the very low activity during the current cycle, Cycle 24, could lead to decades of cold weather due to the knock on effect going into Cycle 25.

Sunspots need a minimum amount of magnetic energy in order to form in the first place. The Gauss laws of physics determine the levels at which sunspots form, and this is acknowledged to be 1500 Gauss. Each solar cycle is affected by the length and strength of the one before it. Cycle 24 has been long and weak, indicating from past records that Cycle 25 could be even longer and even weaker than this one.

The worry with that is that the historical record shows that long weak sunspot cycles lead to much colder weather heading towards the cycle minimum. In this case the next 11 years, and then for a decade or so after the end of the cycle. Data from Cycle 24 has indicated to scientists that Cycle 25 may be so weak that few, if any sunspots form. This could give us 30-40 years of colder weather. These were the conditions at the time of the Dalton minimum and the better known Maunder minimum when the weather changed giving cool summers and bitterly cold winters.

There were many other periods of cold weather that back up the work that was primarily carried out by Livingston and Penn. The Wolf and Sporer minimums both saw low sunspot activity followed by extremely cold weather.

Those scientists looking at long term weather trends are already saying that the climate is cooling. More and more people are ‘coming out’ and stating that AGW (anthropogenic global warming) has ceased. Some question if it even existed in the first place.

The trends show that there has been no warming since 1998 and that cooling has actually started. Thankfully it is gradual rather than the globe being plunged into a new ice age overnight. There is currently no evidence that we are closer to an ice age today than we were 15 years ago, but ice ages come and go, and we are ‘overdue’.

Ice ages are interspersed with interglacials, we are in an interglacial right now. There are periods where the ice retreats and a warmer more hospitable climate prevails. How long the current interglacial lasts is anybody’s guess, sadly, that’s something the Sun can’t tell us.

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  • Finn

    There goes the lofty ambitions for the polar oil. One less excuse for a war.

  • Freespirit

    Is this fact or fancy. Could it also be a DIVERSION from the FACT that Governments are heavily involved in GEO ENGINEERING leaving their WEATHER-CHANGING CHEM TRAILS which create MORE clouds and rain causing the weather to be COOLER??? Just asking and I know it has happened where I live.

    • Chris Jones

      You are on to it, that it for sure, so are we in Australia. The colder it gets the less food we can grow………See where I am going with that ?

  • JR

    AGW (anthropogenic global warming) is a trillion dollar scam, and it was WARMER during the MWP (Medieval Warm Period), as well as the Roman Warm Period. There was also global warming on Pluto (Dr. Sallie Baliunas, Harvard Smithsonian) Mars (Cal Tech) and Jupiter (Hubble telescope shows the famous red dot getting bigger due to – you guessed it – global warming. No word from Al Gore if our SUVs will take out Saturn next.

  • Ken, your UK friend

    Winters in the UK are nothing compared to Canada, Alaska, Russia etc. Just one inch of snow and the country is paralysed with everyone staying at home.
    Sweden is far more resourceful and prepper friendly. Ishotellet (the ice hotel) in Kiruna is a case in point and sleeping out in an igloo may be fun for the young uns.
    Like to visit the glaciers and see with my own eyes what is going on here. BTW unsuccessful in establishing if the Hubbard Glacier has closed off Russell Fjord. Can anyone provide a link please?

  • tayronachan

    And it just keeps getting better.

  • TAG

    I am a pet groomer. Have been since 1972 and got to tell you I have never seen animals shedding the way they are shedding in Ohio. Something is going on and NATURE has a clue even while we do not. Just my 2 cents worth, but I am getting ready. I suggest you do also.

  • How do know what is a reliable and trustworthy source for trustworthy news and why do you provide a shitty little box to leave a comment in???

  • Kansas John

    I do believe we are moving toward another Dryas period. The past decade worth of volcanic activity and the decent solar flare activity the past 5 years (frequency not intensity) are both debated amongst scientists as culprits behind the last cooling period. There is a possibility the last Dryas period occured within 10 years. Bundle up because it might get chilly real fast.