“Act of Violence”: 8 Year Old Defies Code of Conduct “that prohibits students from playing with invisible guns”

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The story that follows may be inappropriate for those bothered by graphic brutality.

After a shocking “act of violence”, an 8 year old boy from Florida has been suspended from a school that must be reeling in terror over the sheer magnitude of an event that could have been so much worse.

The deceptively innocent looking little delinquent, Jordan Bennett, ran amok on the playground and terrified witnesses have alleged that he pointed his finger like a gun and said “pow pow.”

Although Harmony Community School in Osceola County may never be the same peaceful idyll it was before young Jordan’s crime spree, his mother defends him.

His mother, Bonnie Bennett, said she’s worried her son will be labeled as violent with the suspension now on his record.

“He didn’t threaten violence. He didn’t utter words that were inappropriate. He made a sound and used his fingers and that was it,” the boy’s mother said.

The school considered it an act of violence, though the school’s code of conduct does not say anything about prohibiting students from pointing their fingers like a gun and saying “pow pow.”

On the boy’s suspension report, a member of the faculty wrote that Bennett was suspended strictly for “pointing and shooting invisible guns.”

The school district told WFTV that, due to student confidentiality, they cannot comment on individual cases. (source)

According to a spokesperson for the school district, Harmony Community School does have a strict code of conduct “that prohibits students from playing with invisible guns.”

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  • RickE.

    OMG, he most assuredly needs the death penalty! A drone strike would be most appropriate in this Obama administration!

    • anon65

      Too funny….But its what America is coming too.

      • Jordan Bennett

        Hey Jordan,

        Tell those retards they should should quit smocking crack in the first place.

        Then tell them you’re training to save their butts, that later you’ll be flying drones and kill martians!

    • take no shit

      No you don’t go far enough….his whole family needs a nuclear bomb dropped on their heads if as penance they refuse to convert to Islam.

    • Clark

      There certainly seems to be a preponderance of “Dumbfocker Pills” on the loose in our school system.
      Maybe the war on drugs should be resumed there.
      Drug testing for all employees from janitor to principals. Let’s not forget drug testing of our elected officials.

  • canuck

    Better drone strike him.. Threat to national security.

    • anon65

      Better send him to a FEMA Death Camp for
      immediate Torture an Termination. How dare him show Patriotism in this Regime.

  • Fred

    An invisible gun should have earned him an invisible suspension.

  • Norma

    Neo-Feudalism, as in the Midieval ages, when “peasants” were NOT allowed to have weapons!

    God forbid, they even thought of them.

    This is what the Controllers want, to eliminate any thought of guns from the minds of the young peasants.

    Or course, the same punishment will have to be applied to the next items:

    et al.

    They want obedient, unresistant slaves.

  • Joe

    At least it wasn’t an invisible AR-15. Oh the humanity!

  • Dave

    When I was a child we gave ourselves invisible injections to avoid cooties.

    Today if this child was caught giving himself invisible injections I guess he would have been labeled a drug attack. Along this same line of reasoning maybe I can pretend to fill out the next income tax form and pretend to mail it in.

    The blending of fact and fantasy is the new scary reality to feeble-minded administrators and most unfortunately to the goyim as a whole, while a quaint amusement to our old friends “the elite.”

    • Dave

      correction “addict” not “attack”

    • RickE.

      NO, if he gave himself invisible injections he would be hired by the pharmaceutical companies to create new vaccines!

  • Joe

    Did they call a SWAT team in to trample over our invisible rights?

    • anon65

      You meant, SWAT= Schutzstaffel Wehrmacht Assassination Team

  • eric swan

    Man, wouldn’t it be weird if kids were penalized for make believe gun play at school but allowed to indulge in ultra violent first person shooter games at home or at their friends homes. Why, the contradiction would make them crazy!

  • Dr. Pente

    The teachers, principal,etc should all be fired for pretending to have and use brains.

    • Jean

      They weren’t pretending at all….
      Not even to have brains. 😉

      Machines couldn’t do worse.

  • Justin Thought

    The parents of this school district should get together, travel to the school superintendent’s office, and en masse, state unequivocally “You’re fired. Don’t clean out your desk; we’ll have security forward your personal effects. Please leave the building right now.” With the implication that they will help them leave if they refuse to do it on their own power. It might be helpful if there’s a large pot of pre-heated tar, and several bushel baskets of feathers waiting outside.

    This school district could obviously run better with an invisible school board.

    We, the american sheeple, have been indoctrinated since our earliest days to “respect authority.” From that first visit to the principal’s office, up to the request to please visit the boss’s office–immediately–we have been trained to respond to authority.

    What we don’t remember, is that once we walk off the stage with that pretty piece of paper, the school “officials” are no longer “the authorities,” but now are our employees. And when our employees begin acting in an irrational manner, the only thing to do is to get rid of them.

    When are we going to wake to our power? Look at the Declaration of Independence: “We the people…” WE are the very top of the organization chart; those we employ are much further down.

    And that applies all the way down to that oval office on Pennsylvania Avenue.

  • No JOJO

    Look at bright side–Many cops FBI and troops are known killers. Having put the jesus fear into kiddies,my be a good idea.Less assholes gun happy and want to join the miltary to kill.

    • Jean

      Most people don’t join the military (or even police) to kill.
      For some, it’s merely a perk.
      For most, it’s part of the job, and one they usually hope to NOT perform.
      But, if they do… Oh, well. Part of the job.

      This really has no bearing on the incident in the OP.

  • Steve

    It’s sad to note that so many parents are so gutless when it comes to the tyranny of public schools. When are you going to remove your children from the influences of some of the most evil and malicious individuals that pose as teachers and administrators. You want the best for your children, but are willing to turn them over to these beast of hell to indoctrinate them into all manners of anti-constitutional thought, teaching faggetti sex at ages when kids should be enjoying just being kids, not how to make it with another of the same sex. You wonder why our country is so screwed up, it is the indoctrination camps that you send these precious kids to.
    Most will just justify why they surrender their children, but in reality it is programming that the state can do a better job, and that once your child is in their hands, per court decisions, you no longer have a say in the matter.
    If this continues with the absurd actions of these mostly demonrat lovers and socialist/marxist, American hating teachers and supervisors then we have truly lost as a nation, and you can blame no one except yourselves. (Oh I homeschooled after one of the rat dogs put the L sign over my little dreamers head and called her a loser in class so many years ago. They all came out, and now are professionals living as conservative individuals taking the correct care of those they brought into the world).

  • Vlad the Skewerer

    Sitting on my rolltop desk right now is a Topper “Johnny Seven OMA”, worth a Google if you don’t know what one is. It’s what 8 yr old’s played with in 1966. I don’t dare take it out of the house because a SWAT Team would be called now, but it was a child’s toy back then.

    • Joe

      Perhaps it’s time for some under-ten Thoreau-style civil disobedience.

      So, what if 100 kids in every school across the nation picked a time and date, and went on a rampage with various invisible weapons? Sort of a pantomime flashmob of imaginary mayhem?

      Would the entire country submit to paralysis and lock itself down?

      Or would the people who are brandishing invisible logic and invisible practical childrearing know-how get the message?

      In 1977, in the 7th grade, I sometimes had an invisible light-sabre. I had all the sound-effects perfected, and the pantomime down pat. Ker-sweeeesh….wub…wooow…wuuub….wwwwhhhissshk. (it’s off now, everyone’s safe again)

      A friend and I used to fight with our invisible light-sabres. If that happened now in a school, it’d probably cause a SWAT team to be summoned, and a general lock-down.

  • Epi

    Was it an invisible assault weapon? Did he have an invisible license to carry the weapon? Did anyone bother to check? At court, he should produce an invisible pardon, signed by the government and the president.

  • Jason

    Let’s start more wars is on the TV 24/7 coming straight down straight from the top, and yet somehow there’s a zero tolerance policy?

    Okay then…good luck with that approach.

  • Henry Kissingbug

    Justice is becoming pretty invisible in America too.

  • Uh-huh

    If every parent of all of those children in that school kept their kids out of school ala “blue flu” in support of that one child, the bullshit would stop. I would schedule it on a day that they count the kids for federal funding. We need to take our lives back from the communist nannies.

  • tinhat

    They are training the children All guns are bad and in 1 generation they will win

    • Jean

      Only if you allow the filth to live…

      There IS a cure for sociopathy & Social Engineering. Comes in many sizes and powers: .45, .38, 9 mm, .50, ranged for 300 meters to 0 inches. And I don’t know how many grains for each, so I won’t even guess…

  • Brian

    who in hell brainwashed these teachers and administrators to be so stupid and unreasoned. so foolish and out of reality. they are the scary people.

    • Thomas

      that brainwashing is called Political Correctness!!!

      I have always been against being PC – I will NEVER conform!!!!

    • Jean

      they have to HAVE a brain before it can be washed. 😉

  • vickie

    Omg play shooting is one of the OLDEST most traditional games a little boy can play,cowboys and indians,soldiers , cops and robbers,super heros etcetc…. What is the world coming to limited nursery rhymes restricted stories and now they can’t even play games that their great great great grandparents played freely

  • CrackerJack

    Burn this heathen at the stake!
    There is no hope for his lost soul and he must burn in eternity.

    This just goes to show that the system of indoctrination is turning all of our kids in little sissies that are going to rounded up into camps because they never learned to fight.

  • Is this not how all little boys play when they are actually ‘playing’ not gaming?

  • lisa

    My daughters in 7th grade. She has been homeschooled sence the beginning. She had to go to public school for 4th grade because i had some strokes. She came home crying everyday from being teased. If the put more attention on actual “bulling” instead of focus on fake guns, all the new drills and such, maybe we might produce young adults who would never dream of shooting anyone! When i showed up at school to talk to those in charge they told me “its just normal kid stuff going on” well, that “normal” kid stuff is the emotional stuff that leads to screwed up adults who might just take his rage out at a real school shooting! The school systems are focused on imaginary problems while the real problems go unnoticed! Needless to say i pulled her out of school before the end of the year, she came off the buss with tears streaming down her cheeks one too mny time. I do bieve tbe school system has real problems to focus on and not imaginary problems!!!

    • Jean

      that “normal” stuff is what should be punished – eventually, by firing squad. IIRC, that’s what caused Columbine.
      In the case of my family – they spent three months “building a case” against the bully, and then the bully caught the daughter on a bad day – and our daughter beat the bully up but good, despite being outweighed by 30 pounds or something.

      Guess who got suspended.
      It wasn’t the bully…

  • bigReb

    i hope he had a permit for the invisible hand gun lmao

  • patriot

    ALL and I mean ALL the parents need to have their children do the exact same thing , and see how fast these criminal progressive administraters suspend ALL the children…they wont… united we stand devided they steal our God given rights

  • Joe

    I wonder if anybody in school administration ever realized that what you resist, persists? This seems especially true with children. If you make a big deal about prohibiting some sort of arbitrary activity, which is a part of human nature, kids will get around it, anyway they can, especially as it’s part of their nature.

    Play-fighting has been a part of boy-hood since boys were invented, and even before that, with the young in almost all relatively intelligent animal species, cats, dogs, otters, and all sorts of monkeys.

    If you try to stop that behaviour, which is hard-wired, it will come out someplace else.

    Imagine the hue and cry if you passed a “zero tolerance” policy against girls playing with dolls.

    We can only surmise that this is the exact intention, to repress behaviours such that they emerge elsewhere, possibly in a more dangerous context, thus “justifying” even more repression.

    My friends and I play-fought all the time as kids, but I have never engaged in any sort of real-life violence as an adult.

    • Jean

      The objective is to feminize boys, there’s no question. Note that while GIRLS are encouraged to be boyish, BOYS are encouraged to be feminine and passive.
      And drugged if they dare object or get “boy”sterous.
      ADD, ADHD – pathologizing male minds and masculine behavior.

  • Vandaahl

    Well dear people……we all know Gingers have no Soul….I can imagine why the school took this stand. Before you know it he will start an uprise of Ginger Shooting Maniacs!!! So….be warned! (LOL)

    • Tamara

      Gingers HAVE souls, brainiac! This has nothing to do with hair color, it is about teaching people to blindly react negatively to and hate guns. In fact, this and many other types of conditioning and indoctrination has been implemented in small increments over generations and this is only one more step in the ELITES plans to condition people into being good behaving unaware slaves. Teach us to act and react and to think and feel as they condition/ indoctrinate us to be, while destroying creativity, critical thinking and individuality.

      Seriously, why the hell do people keep saying people with ginger hair are soulless? You think reducing a person to the status of a mere THING because of their hair color is funny? Well, it isn’t.

      And no, my hair is NOT ginger, it’s brown. This dumb stereotyping is a pet peeve of mine. In these times especially when the elites are attacking the human spirit and individuality, trying to numb our minds and make us useful drone-like slaves (and treat us as resources, THINGS, rather than people, to be used and discarded at their whim), it is an especially insulting thing to say.

      • C. Hurt

        Understand sarcasm much?

  • The Teacher

    You have all been suspended for your comments.

  • Marximus Minimus

    Doesn’t the term “invisible” imply there is a real object there that the viewer is not capable of seeing. do these “educators” really believe in invisibility of a real gun, rather than “imaginary” which is to imply there is nothing there but the imagination of the viewer?

    I thought he was price-tagging the shirts everyone was wearing. I thought he had a fire extinguisher and was putting out everyone’s hot temper, making it a more peaceful place. I thought…

  • Thomas

    On the boy’s suspension report, a member of the faculty wrote that Bennett was suspended strictly for “pointing and shooting invisible guns.”

    So no invisible guns, or pretend guns or make believe guns are allowed.

    I guess the govt has to start banning all john wayne movies, all other movies from the western, action, adventure, political and cowboys& indians genres, and also ban all video games based on those same genres as well. Because those genres incite the children to play with “invisible guns”.

    • Joe

      They’ll also have to ban invisible grenades, invisible rocket launchers, invisible suitcase nuclear weapons, invisible body-armor, and invisible suicide vests, and invisible IEDs, too.

  • Freedom?

    Schools are places for idiots to go to so they can be told what to do for their life, while “teaching” young people the states nonsense.

    • The Joker

      If only! But this is way beyond that. Idiocracy at its finest!

  • MannieP

    How can you imbue a healthy respect for authority, when that authority is so obviously unworthy of any respect whatsoever?

  • Jeff Pringle

    Time to sue for someone to be removed from their job!

  • Jim Harvey

    Is there a code that prohibits Invisible intelligence?

  • Anonymous

    What a bunch of idiots!