Abusive Hate Speech Worse Than Milo’s? Feminist Activist Tweets “All men are rapists and should be put in prison, then shot”

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Guess the rules are all about who says what to whom. Milo gets kicked off Twitter permanently for being “abusive,” but this self-described “feminist activist” and Guardian contributor Julie Bindel can declare that all men are rapists who should be rounded up into prisons and then shot and that’s… apparently… just… fine?

Um?  That’s not very politically correct! Or… is it? Things have gotten so Orwellian these days that my definitions of Newspeak and Doublethink have gotten confused. But wait, isn’t that hate speech?

People like this are always trying to curb free speech by claiming other people are engaged in “hate speech” that sounds surprisingly like Bindel’s threatening Tweet. But, of course, they only want that to apply to everyone else. Hypocrite.

Others in the comments pointed out her pc fail:

The punchline?

Yes. Yes it does.

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