A Warning I Have Received This Week From Two Different Former Government Officials (One top rank Military – One Intelligence Officer)

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I am going ahead and writing about some conversations I have had this week with two different individuals.

Both are former government officials.  One was a top ranking Military official and another was an Intelligence Officer.  I confirmed both were who they said they were after they had contacted me originally.   I have not written about them on this blog or our conversations, as we will discuss current events etc on the phone.  They have never given me any “top secret” type information (FYI – for any govt. officials reading this).   But they do give me what is real or not real when events happen.

Both had contacted me awhile back and I was very leery in the beginning.  I did not know if they were trying to get information about me etc.   But after a short amount of time I found they were both genuine and sincere of their contacting me.

This week both of them have contacted me and have been giving me “warnings.”

Two things from past conversations with them about current events:

First they have both told me “Sandy Hook was a false flag.”  It is to get into the mind set of people that their children are at risk it is the psychology of fear for the masses.   Also the intelligence person said that the Dorner thing, something was really not right about it and he believed the manifesto was written by a few different people due to the way it read and how it was written.  We were not able to get into a long conversation about it so I really can’t say much about that here. (He did say that Dorner will be killed because of what he knew about LAPD)

Second, I was told all the listening into people’s conversations and reading of the emails, people don’t really need to worry about that.  The intelligence officer said “Yes, they are, BUT they don’t give a Sh** about all of our opinions.  They care about money.  They are paying attention to the big corporation phone calls and emails and to know who is making a big money deal with who, so they can make money off that information.”  He said “The rest of it is boring to them and they couldn’t care less what people think.  It is all about money.”  He said all that is going on from the top down is not about money, it is simply about Control of the people.  They have more money than they can ever spend it is the control and power and making downtrodden slaves of the people.

He told me….  Officers that are in government agencies (FBI etc) right now, know the truth about 9/11 and the Oklahoma bombing but they don’t say anything and evidence proves the truth that has never been released (especially with Oklahoma).

The warnings both called me about this week has been about the break down of the U.S.  They both said it is coming this year, with an estimated time of 6 to 12 months at the longest.   They both told me the most important things people need to do right now is to have food, water and something to protect that and your family with.

They have both stressed that to me this week, individually.   I had mentioned to both that we had expected this in 2008 and 2009 and it didn’t happen so people were weary of those type warnings.   They both said “It will happen this year.”

I am not writing this to “freak” people out or to cause “fear or panic.”  In fact the intelligence officer said one time to me “Giving predictions just gets people upset and if it doesn’t happen they look at you as a fool, if it does happen they won’t ever remember that you gave that warning out in the first place.”

The Former military officer sent this article from SHTF to me this morning with the subject line: “Warning Report”

Report: Realistic Urban Training is DHS and DOD “Conducting Desensitizing Exercises”

Small Portion:

Preferring to remain unnamed for obvious reasons, he told me, “DHS and DOD are conducting desensitizing exercises all across the U.S.,” he paused, then added, “we’re being prepared for mass civil unrest in major U.S. cities.  DOD will be expected to help – when we’re requested.”I asked if there was a timeline for expecting civil unrest in our cities and why should we expect it to begin with.

I was told that there were many reasons, but that the continued devaluation of our currency, the predicted history-setting prices for gasoline this summer and the continued gun control debate are forming a perfect storm of civil discontent.  When this storm hits, it will most assuredly produce mass casualties.  When does DHS expect this to happen? This summer.

I am going ahead and writing about this and I will simply say:  Do what feels right to you.  Watch what is going on and see if the current events hint to a break down this  year where getting food won’t be as easy as it is right now.

They have said the food part will be because there will not be fuel to get the food to the stores and the shelves will be empty.

So again… I am simply passing along information about “Warnings” I have been given and both were very somber and serious about the warnings when they called me.

It will be up to all of us individually to decide if the warnings have any meaning to each of us and take actions of various sorts if they do.

OH… something else…the Military officer said “A new government Will be born from this and that it is going to be a difficult time… but it will be a Good government and a government that is suppose to be for this country.” (one that is actually BY the people – no more “elite”  at the end of our last conversation. 

May we always be guided by Truth and Higher Intelligence as we go forward.

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  • G-DAWG

    Well hell, lets hurry it up already. We have ALOT of trials for the traitors.

    The fix is beyond the ballot box. Semper Fi. III

    • G-DAWG,while everyone was drinking beer and watching football,OBAMA and HILLARY were making a DEAL with china for america,now the price was high 275 T,BUT china said YOU MUST DISARM THEM before we pay,the armies of NATO will be coming and RED DAWN was a warning of the danger to all americans,they can’t wait much longer,IT costs a lot of money to keep 1.5 million foreign troops waiting around,GET READY THEY’LL JUMP SOON……………….

    • SKIP

      TRIALS!!!! G-DAWG, you disappoint me:) THere will be the same sort of trial that poor people get except there will be abrupt hangings instead of slow, drawn out financial and social destruction.

    • Anonymous

      I second that G-Dawg!

  • Cnsay

    I always prepare like it will happen tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    its about friggin time..lets do this

  • ncjoe

    Name names. You never name names. Sounds like you ronly source is the voice you hear in your head. You are one pathetic moron.

    • SORRY NC JOE,he knows the trolls will take the names and collect the reward,so if you were hoping to collect another reward,go to facebook,there ton’s of rats just like you there……………….

      • GrandpaSpeaks

        Arizona. I bought some Chinese made electronics once. On the instructions the word “only” was misspelled as “ronly” Apparently it is a common error for english speaking chinese.

    • SKIP

      ncjoe, Obama, Reid, Boehner, Pelosi, Bloomberg, Farakhan, Jackson, Sharpton, Hillary, a shit load of senate and congress, a shit load of various state’s lagislators, a number of Obamuslim ass kissing governors, black gang members etc. etc. you name the next 20 or so.

  • ZombieDawg

    OK then, explain this :

    If the elite run the show now and are collapsing the US economy as is claimed above, what significant change is going to occur to justify the claim in the last paragraph that this new phoenix-from-the-ashes government will be a good one and one that is for the people.
    ie are the corrupt politicians,bankers and so-called elite suddenly going to be swept aside by some unspecified force ?

  • Anonymous

    when the grocery stores dry up the power is cut and the military hits the streets all you naysayers are gonna bow and add to their ranks…ive got extra special ammo just for you and not much is tastier than sheep…rot well for your lack of vigilance

  • Mr. Another Anonymous

    I agree with ZombieDawg. Think about it, If the elite have so much control (And I believe that they do) and are planning on collapsing the economy on purpose to further enslave us, then how are we going to end up with a “good” government out of all of this???
    No. If the elite really have the control, then EVERYTHING that we see happening is planned and controlled at least to some extent. If that’s the case, then why all of this hoopla about guns? Why would they essentially encourage us to arm ourselves? Is it to make us all broke so that we can’t buy food because that’s where the real squeeze is going to be? Is it because they know that ultimately the majority of americans WILL turn in their guns without resistance because we’re scared for our wives, kids, parents?
    No… They’ve got something up their sleeve. It’s not going to be an outright civil war where freedom lovers can/will band together. This nation is too fractured. There are too many disagreements amongst fellow individuals. After all, how people do you actually personally know that share your views about the way things are??? Not many, Right?

    • Theoretically, the military’s upper echelon could be planning a coupe. Reality says otherwise. The upper echelon are the gatekeepers of the oligarchy and they’re well rewarded for it. The barbarians they command are just brainwashed sheep with a thirst for blood. There’s no military conspiracy. No coupe. No alien lizards infiltrating the government. The shit is going to hit the fan and nobody but the 1% will come out of the other end of the tunnel.

      • GrandpaSpeaks

        Its keepers vs takers in the bird war. Active or not, oath keeping eagles vs the raven with glued on eagle feathers imitating the eagle to protect the vultures. Will the half eaten carcass of the eagle awaken before 99% is consumed by the vultures? I hope so SA with a k.

        • Jean

          Personally, I LIKE ravens…
          The Eyes of Odin. All for killin’ the fakes, though.

      • G-DAWG

        Then we’ll know our targets.. I mean culprits.

    • tayronachan

      I’ll be rallying around the Constitution, and everybody is welcome.

  • Former Sheeple

    Sounds like a crock. The “dollar” will continue it’s SLOW downward journey into the septic tank of gov’t idiocy, gas/oil is so super-abundant I don’t sweat that ever running out, doomsday is a crock – until you are dead – are you prepared for THAT?
    A gov’t not owned by the bankers would be nice,

    Just be sure you have 5 loaves and about 3 fish, and some spiritual connections.

    • Jean

      I like the analogy, but even with a 3D printer… It just doesn’t TASTE as good! 😉

  • Shagnasty

    If the elite are running the government, then yahoo they are doomed to failure because the government can’t run anything right. If they don’t have the slaves to pay taxes to fund the minions to do their dirty work and 1% of the 200 million gun owners (that’s 2 million for those in Rio Linda) get some cahones then we could be looking at a better outcome. Stay alert and ready me buckos.

    • tayronachan

      LOL!! We seem to keep forgetting that they can’t do anything right, and how can anyone plan for those unintened consequences?

  • Shagnasty

    They can manufacture a shortage of sea water if need be.

    • G-DAWG

      There ya go. Good wit. 🙂

  • Dog Soldier

    Wake up people! By Elite they mean Republicans. Get a grip. This will be a textbook communist takeover.

    • Yes, every Communist take over in the world has always been carried out by the Republicans/Right Wingers. ROFL!

  • Dog Soldier

    Imagine a world with only moderates and liberals… That is the future. No more concervatives. That is the end game. “We the people” have been replaced with “the peoples republic”.

    • I shudder at the thought of a world with only moderates and liberals. After all China, the USSR, Cuba, N. Korea have been brought to you courtesy of the peace-loving Left and their moderates and liberals. Yeah, the only difference between Liberals and Conservatives, Right and Left is the spelling.

    • SKIP

      I’d rather imagine a world without politicians, blacks or muslims…whadoyathinkathat?

      • Jean

        If we could find the gene that causes those three, we could retro-virus our way out of this mess. 😉
        Chances are, it’s the same gene…

  • Prepared Painter

    These type of articles drive me crazy… you never name any names, you always say the same shit, and the structure of the article makes me think you made it up halfway through a bottle. I have never said this before, but either prove it or stop the fear mongering! Seriously, due to M2 supply, BDI, and GDP, we all get that this year is probably when the SHTF, but in the meantime, get over yourself and go write coffeeshop poems or Jones might be hiring more idiots to help him finish himself off.

  • Aaron

    Let’s not rush to have thousands of children, and women and men die because you are prepared and they are not.

    • SKIP

      Most of those men and women have been warned, if they choose not to heed said warnings or at least take some precautions, then that is nature eliminating stOOpid people. The same precautions many espouse for a possible coming conflict are the same as those that the yankees should have taken for Hurricane Sandy and apparently did not take for the huge storm happening up there now.

      • Jean

        With all due respect: Some of us don’t have the CAPACITY to prep. As in, basically BROKE.
        And I’m well above the median wages here – I just have a family of three, or four, plus two dogs. (Long story short: I’m primary breadwinner, there are three adults and one almost(17), and two 100# dogs, who might make good eating if things get really bad.) Until I can get rid of that black hole that’s sucking my wallet empty, I will remain unarmed, untrained, and unable to even GTFO (no car – had to sell to make ends meet.)

        Since I met this [censored] I went from about $100K in credit cards, $60K in investments, and $10K in the bank to… Living paycheck to paycheck.

        “Work” is great for women, they just have to lie back and enjoy it… We just legalized it with “marriage”, and then extneded the benefits of marriage to any long-term relationship with non-blood relations. (I’m a little bit ANGRY over this whole thing, considering I said I didn’t want it, and now have EVERYTHING I said I didn’t want – but did “the right thing” each step of the way. )

        There’s a reason for my nasty edge now. Misogynists like me are MADE, not born.

        • SKIP

          MAN! what is up with this new information gathering here and FUCK TWITTER AND FACEBOOK! I don’t do either of them and never will.



  • Anonymous

    This is like a chain letter thing. The same article came around last year, but
    put in different events.

  • Anonymous

    What a POS article! Are you kidding me? WTH is “Sherrie”? The author sounds about as uneducated about the specifics of current events as a teenager spreading a rumor of half baked truth and fiction.

    I have no doubt that TPTB are at work and that the world economy, especially the US economy pose a tremendous threat. But this article sounds like she just got done watching some home grown youtube video about the inpending doom and summarized it in this $hitty article.

    Im a military officer. My brother works in Army intel. So if we email you with some vague info that summarizes what everyone else is talking about and you blog about it, some how that makes you credible because you have two “deep throats” giving you inside info?


    Go back to high school creative writing and start there. Then, take a reasearch and analytics class and get to work uncovering something those that are “awake” haven’t already heard 10 different ways!

  • al

    I certainly don’t buy the last part, a new government that is going to be good for the people. I don’t think so, I’ve seen the new constitutions and it’s not good for the people. It’s only good for them. They musst tell the people they are using to carry-out the rounding up of civilians with lies. Otherwise they may resist. The military is being tricked, they will follow orders beliving this until it’s too late. Don’t buy it, nothing is for free, including freedom.

  • justincase

    in ome sentence you say it is about the money. The very next you say it is not about money as they have nore than they can spend it is about control of the people….odd the contradiction in one breath

  • sheep #99

    too bad none of these sites are smart enough to provide a remedy. all they provide is fear and go hide. worthless info and i hope other human beings are becoming aware of this nonsense. if you want to truely see change YOU have to participate in that change. Lets begin by changing the education system…common sense.

    • SKIP

      Change the educations system!!! AGAIN! the entire DoE is concentrating on that very thing trying to “uplift” blacks and close the gap as they call it. What needs to be done to the education system is it needs to be purged of gubmint meddling, blacks, muslims and do gooders kissing black ass. My children (adult now) are very handy with weapons, survival techniques and other “survival” stuff.

  • Looks real, glad I didn’t step in it!

  • Erick

    Let freedom ring. I would rather be dead than maintain the status quo. I took an oath to defend the constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. Some people have their bible, others have their Qur’an or book of Buddha. I have the constitution and I guess defending it never ends. If you want to disobey the constitution you can kindly find another country to live in. This is our land, the peoples, the only reason the federal government has any authority is because the constitution allowed it. When the government disobeys the constitution then it becomes criminal and its authority is nullified. I love you America.

    • Joe Rocket

      Go Erick! You’re a voice of reason crying out in this wilderness of BS.

  • TLate

    WTF? A military officer says a new gov’t will come out of this what is his name Capt. Nostradamus? If this article had any credibility that killed it. Besides you should already be ready for this if you are prepping. So this year next year if you are ready does not matter.

  • Patriot

    The End is near has been prophesied for centuries. If we find it true in 2013 it is not unexpected. Peaceful secession is the answer but powerful people as with A.Lincoln will want their way. Millions will burn like WACO and DORNER or be shot like the WEAVERS at RUBY RIDGE. pick your poison -Die on your feet or live on your knees!

    • SKIP

      There is a 3rd option seldom mentioned, start killing those that would deny us our freedoms.

  • Anna

    Hmm, I don’t give much credence to this as the author either needs to check her piece for spelling and grammar or she’s a bit ignorant. Why would anyone call her with such information?

  • rabbit

    Well fourth times a charm

  • Laura

    Thanks. But at less than 40 likes, if this pace continues we’re not getting anywhere very fast.

    • SKIP

      Laura, there is some validity to patience. I am waiting for the financial scene to fall apart in Amurkistan at which point the blacks, muslims and illegals will begin to offer up some of those famous “unintended consequences” and then da gubmint will have its’ hands full getting them sorted out. Then, perhaps the Whites will begin to act. Remember tie saying, never interrupt an enemy when they are making a mistake! Good advice.

  • wolfman

    Okay so 2012 didn’t happen so the the companies supplying prepper products need a new angle. i have not seen anything that closely resembles anything anyone is talking about.what i do see is a multi billion dollar buisnees trying to stay alive.

  • Chad

    Even if this is BS there is alot of BS going on in America. Why in crap are we arming Egypt with F-16’s?? Really stupid and we are giving the jets to them, not selling them. Why are the non-military govt agencies buying around a billion rounds of ammo??? Why when there aren’t enough jobs in America, immigrants are still allowed in by the thousands every month???

  • Rick45

    I can tell you for a fact this is a lie and I will update later.

    “OH… something else…the Military officer said ”A new government Will be born from this and that it is going to be a difficult time… but it will be a Good government and a government that is suppose to be for this country.” (one that is actually BY the people – no more “elite” at the end of our last conversation.

    May we always be guided by Truth and Higher Intelligence as we go forward. “

    • Rick45

      The new government is the New World Order.

      • Rick45

        Way ahead of you dailysheeple I covered this 2 weeks ago on Facebook.

        Military officer said “A new government Will be born from this and that it is going to be a difficult time… but it will be a Good government and a government that is suppose to be for this country.” (one that is actually BY the people – no more “elite” at the end of our last conversation.

        I must have glossed over this part because this is definitely wrong! Either the source is deceiving the author or the source is being deceived by somebody else. The new government will be a marxist totalitarian form that they have been slowly pushing for and will not be good at all!