A Storm Called ‘The Big Dark’ Is Barreling Into The US

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A woman holds a red umbrella on a fishing pier during a storm.

A group of three storms, dubbed “The Big Dark,” is headed towards the Pacific Northwest, bringing with it strong winds and rain.

The first storm hit the Washington area Tuesday and brought some light rain, heavy winds and gusts, reports The Seattle Times.

The second storm was expected to make land Wednesday and carry on through Thursday morning, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service (NWS) explained. Wind gusts were supposed to reach up to 50 miles per hour and bring heavy rains.

“Basically it’s going to be windy and rainy everywhere,” said Q13 News Meteorologist M.J. McDermott. “Snoqualmie Pass looks OK, we are not talking about snow with this storm. Still rain at pass level.”

Wednesday’s storm should bring between two to eight inches in parts of western Washington, NWS meteorologist Jay Albrecht added and a Mason County river would need watching in case of flooding.

“That’s not all that unusual as we get into fall, but it’s our first windy system of the year and the first one tends to prune the trees of some dead branches and cause some local power outages,”Albrecht said.

The third storm is expected to hit Saturday with more heavy rains and wind gusts, with the forecast for the upcoming week consisting of rain, wind and thunderstorms.

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  • randy wellman

    ummmm…..so what? i don’t get it. sounds like normal weather to ME?

    • darkhorse

      this headline is all poof..no substance..??

    • G’ma G

      Sitting here in Western Oregon with family. This is a very normal weather pattern for fall.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    “The Big Dark” that is headed toward the US isn’t a natural weather phenomenon-it is the man made storm, in the form of karma we, as a nation, have built up over decades of failed, immoral and illegal foreign policies which have killed millions.

    • Cloud Seeding was used in Vietnam to flood the trails and control the tide of war.
      Welcome to HAARP, Chemtrailing & Geo-Engineering.

      • Todd Burgess

        I concur. These named-before-hand storms are manufactured, without any doubt. Damn sure does rain here in the PNW, but, not continuous record breaking extremes of weatherfuckery, as we are seeing as the new normal.
        It’d be nifty to live beyond their influence but reality is everywhere and so are manipulations of malicious intents.
        I’m askeered for us after NorCal, Santa Rosa in particular had the wickedest fire after record rainfalls. Oroville Dam overflows and such so…
        They have the technology and are using their nefarious toys with more brashness than ever before. I am tiring of the whole “control” bit.
        If, ever enough sheeple get a clue, we’ll have us a hundred monkeys and a fresh new approach!!

        • steeda

          I concur on you concurring! Just ask Dane Wiggington.

          • Rift

            Fairly good chance there down playing it’s potential. No way they just decided to stick a name that ominous on a storm system for the fun of it.

        • Natural fires do not occur unless a lightning storm hit, all others are arson & negligent campers.
          REVOLUTION NOW !!! No currency, no pyramids of power, no corporations, no mass manufacturing & overproduction, no large cities or towns. Self sufficiency, self reliance and multiple small communities with barter.

    • TrevorD

      Yes its`Deep State` and its mainly unknowing loyal Sheeple

    • darkhorse

      They’ve BEEN controlling the weather for a while now…Katrina, Haiti earthquake, Calif drought..hurricanes..it ain’t karma, Randy, it’s WEAPONIZED WEATHER you’re talking about, not God..but miserable human demons who are destroying us with their toxic metal chemtrails, and light-wave energy directed weapons- HAARP..

      • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

        Sometimes, I am taken too literally. Read my post again-I acknowledged it is man made. I am very aware of HAARP & other nefarious programs and technologies. I also believe we as a nation have it coming-by way of karma-for the fucktard leaders generations of Americans have supported…it doesn’t matter if you or I have supported them-the innocent often pay for the sins of those who came before them.

        • darkhorse

          the America majority are not innocent…they’re uncaring, lazy, want someone else to take care of all the problems for them… even the latino invaders here feel the same way…the
          government should take care of everything..people are so used to having others do all the work…and that is why we’re in the position we are in.

          • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

            Why does it seem like you are only interested in arguing? I just said many of the same things you’re saying, but you are more interested in adding meaning to my words which don’t belong. I NEVER said the majority of Americans are innocent. I DID say we’re in this mess because of people’s reliance on government-or words to that effect. Jesus Christ-if you just want to argue-fucking say that! I don’t post things to indulge others in a nuanced pissing match-I’m only expressing an opinion. From reading many of your posts, it seems you and I have a similar point of view on our current state of affairs-as do many regular posters on this site. Generally, I don’t agree 100% with anyone here-but I sure as hell don’t see the value in nitpicking others views to death. I take comfort in knowing there are others who recognize the dire straits the Republic is in. I’ll save my vitriol for those who are in direct opposition to The Constitution and it’s principles.

          • darkhorse

            I’ve dealt with many disinfo agents – especially on Infowars over the years and they are insidious..so deceptive in how they phrase their words/sentences and turn the meaning around to control others’ thoughts — am very sensitive to this manipulation device because most of the population’s heads are in the clouds or in their butts and they don’t have a clue. So, I’m off an running when i think something could be misconstrued to mislead purposely. So many thumpers on these sites also with their biblical crap..misleading also. I’m not adding ANY meaning to your words….where’d you get that idea? I’m expressing my opinion. I read what others say, absorb, and speak out my analysis.

  • And here I thought it was referring to the darkies rioting for no reason.

  • Clementine

    Uuuuhhhhh… that is just typical WA weather folks, no big deal. When is the fear-mongering going to subside?

  • Jeff

    This article is pure BS of the worst kind; worse than even the evil and contemptible MSM puts out. Having lived in Seattle and Pacific Northwest for 10-years I can tell you this is a typical, seasonal, weather pattern. It is called “the Pineapple Express.”