A Mass Movement Has Begun: How To Protect Yourself Before “Italeave… Czech Out… Departugal… Finnished…”

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Global resource strategist and New York Times best-selling author Marin Katusa has traveled to over 100 countries and has been accurately forecasting geo-political and market events throughout the crisis. When, in 2011, he called for a top in precious metals and a collapse in prices he was quite literally booed while on stage. What happened next was a correction that wiped out over 90% of the value of resource stocks. As oil broke over $100 in 2014 he noted that it would soon crash and go lower for longer, a forecast that was realized over the following 18 months and an eventual sub-$30 low by January of 2016.

Now, as citizens of the UK have voted to reject globalist policies of the  European Union, Katusa says in his latest interview with Future Money Trends that we are witnessing a world-wide mass movement that may have far reaching consequences for not just the economy, financial markets and the global monetary system, but the entire world order as it exists today.

This is the beginning of a mass movement… In London and the financial sector everyone voted to stay… but it’s the outskirts… the small towns… they’re sick of it… so what’ next?

Is it Portugal? They’re just as messed up… Is there a Departugal?

Italy is messed up… is there an Italeave?

Finland… is it Finnished?

The Czechs… are they Czeched Out ?

It’s going to be a race to the bottom… So how do you protect yourself in this global movement?

Billions of dollars were lost on the day following Brexit as investors around the world panicked. According to Katusa, as dominoes continue to fall, so too will confidence in the system.

You can watch Marin Katusa’s full interview at Future Money Trends.

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  • Broos

    Leava EU TTIP on the Way OUT !

  • Wake Up People

    This is what the “Leadership” gets, for being SO DISCONNECTED from the common people. It’s just another case of the leadership beginning to feel too much better than everyone else. So they lose touch with the meaning things hold for the British People. So when there is a change in the support the current policies, by the People, the leaders won’t see it. As we see going on there, and here in the States.

  • Dan Morgan

    The real economy has been in trouble for a while now, but the globalist marionettes in the MSM have dutifully stuck to happy talk and diversions, while waiting for a suitable trigger event to cover the coming economic train wreck. Is this it? Only time will tell.

    • anna miller

      Exactly my response Dan. The Controllers know the economy has been artificially sustained by artificial methods designed and implemented by them. They will use the excuse of innate desire of humans to free themselves from psychopathic Controllers to allow the propped up financial fiat system to implode. Stay strong Britain, stay strong ALL humans who know full well how we have been deliberatedly manipulated. The danger lies in being weak, and not outlasting the Controllers.

    • a perfect ruse to blow steam off a bloated market and blame the Brits…..bankers write it all down and no one goes to prison….

  • Frank

    Marin Katusa is spreading fear porn to sell books and investment scams. He says nothing that isn’t obvious. Once the Brits leave the EU that emboldens other countries do do so by proving that yes, it is possible to tell the EU to get stuffed. A lot of Europe’s third-world muzzie immigration (invasion) problem is a direct result of the bullshite coming out of EU HQ in Brussels.

  • nimbii

    First thing EU did was build office buildings to house its bureaucrats and the hits kept on coming…and coming…and coming.

    Now the EU is a bloated bureaucracy that is highly paid and unaccountable. They replaced kings and their royal courts with bureaucrats.

  • USPatriotOne

    What we are seeing is the Holy Spirit moving across the globe! The Satan driven Commie/NWO/Elite are getting ready move in a way not seen on this Planet before! Why do you think nearly all the Nations around the World have disarmed their populations! Their version of the American Enslavement/Fema Camps are being built all around the Planet! What is coming is World wide Civil War…in each Nation, what’s coming is not Nation against Nation, it’s internal! That why the Commie/NWO/Elite have moved Islamic Terrorist into all these Nation, gave them Weapons, and have prepared these Monsters to destroy all the NOW unarmed Nation populations! The evidence is all over the place! God help us, and them PLEASE!

  • Bill Sanders

    Old saying: Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. Don’t be a hog! We are all slaves of the Rothschild, Zionist, Jesuit Elites. But they are Satanists and want to kill us all and destroy the Earth. They could have led very comfortable lives, but they got greedy and arrogant – like Lucifer. He was thrown down to Earth and so will they be.