A Man Armed with an AR15 Walked Into Comet Ping Pong… Is Pizzagate a Psyop to Shut Down the Alt Media?

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UPDATE: The man who shot of an assault rifle at Comet Ping Pong has been identified. Turns out he’s an actor.


Earlier today, just after watching a video about how Pizzagate might be a psyop to shut down free speech with a prediction that some type of false flag event might be coming to Comet Ping Pong, the pizza restaurant targeted at the center of the scandal — a yet unnamed man walked into Comet Ping Pong armed with an AR15 and, silently, walked to the back where the ping pong tables are and shot off one round into the floor.

The blame for the incident is not mostly falling on the guy with the gun. It’s mostly falling on the “alt right” and alternative media conspiracy theorists for spreading fake conspiracies and “fake news” surrounding Pizzgate which “influenced” the guy with the gun.

This is how Pizzagate gets reported on in the mainstream media, as if it is a hate crime perpetrated by a horde of cyberbullies online. What happened today falls squarely, no, perfectly into the same narrative WUSA9 reported on November 24th, “Fake news can have real victims”:

A popular Northwest, D.C. neighborhood pizza joint is trying to figure out how to fight back after what it suspects is a massive coordinated on-line attack suggesting the restaurant is involved in the worst kind of conspiracy.

The pizza shop owner suspects thousands of online bullies have set out to destroy him, maybe simply because he and a friend supported the Clinton campaign.

Now stop for a second and ask yourself, why would thousands of online bullies just randomly target anyone for being a Clinton supporter? That doesn’t really make any sense… There are lots of Clinton supporters who don’t end up the target of worldwide online conspiracies about high level political pedophile rings.

What makes more sense after looking into this is that a very carefully constructed psyop has taken place with the goal of targeting and shutting down so-called “fake news” alternative media sites to coincide with a media campaign against “fake news” as a bastion of hate speech and cyberbullying that can have “real life victims,” while at the same time sending a large portion of the independent and alternative media down a conspiracy rabbit hole filled with speculation, allegations, and, while disturbing, what is offered comes with little real proof… unlike some of the obviously much more damaging Wikileaks which are proof of hardcore corruption on the part of the Clinton campaign which have been dumped or overlooked because of Pizzagate.

So let’s look into this a bit further, shall we?

First, take the restaurant owner James Alefantis. He’s a pizza shop owner who also happens to have once been listed by GQ as one of the top 50 most influential people in DC, a town known for having lots and lots of influential people, and he’s sending out stuff on his personal Instagram account that no one who is a small business owner of a business frequented by children and who cares about public perception would send out in a million years.

Things like this


and this (black square added over a man penetrating what appears to be a very small female’s vagina):


and this, where he asks “cumpanda?”:


and this where he says “#pandacumhole”:


and this, which is self-explanatory:


Or this one:


That last one says “#chickenlovers” which is well-known to be slang for a grown male who is sexually attracted to young boys, but he added the hashtag to a picture with a baby in it. Not exactly the type of thing that would make most people want to take their kids to his restaurant, right? Or, again, something the owner of a “family friendly” restaurant where kids play ping pong or that hosts kid sleepovers would ever normally share publicly on the Internet if they wanted to stay in business.

Of course, if you point this out, then he rails against horrible people who would dare share his Instagram pictures of innocent children and say horrible, conspiratorial stuff like that in an evil, online bullying way… Even though he’s the guy who sent out a picture of a baby with the hashtag #chickenlovers on it in the first place.

But moreover, look at his avatar and let’s discuss its significance. Someone traced that picture to where it was taken – Prado Museum Madrid.



It’s a bust of Antinous on display there circa 131-132 AD. Who was Antinous? The young (as in, underaged) Greek teen boy lover of the Roman emperor Hadrian. For centuries, pederasty (defined as “sexual activity involving a man and a boy”) was socially acceptable, typically between older citizens in the leisured classes (aged 20-40) and young boys (aged 12-18). Author Royston Lambert wrote that sculptures of Antinous quote, “remain without a doubt one of the most elevated and ideal monuments to pederastic love of the whole ancient world,” according to the Wikipedia entry about Antinous.

Why would one of the most influential men in DC, a man who hangs out at the White House and rubs elbows with powerful people in Washington like the Podesta brothers, and a man who happens to own a “family friendly” pizza and ping pong restaurant, use such an overtly obvious symbol celebrating what would be considered pedophilia by today’s standards as his Instagram avatar?

This isn’t the only time this is referenced in Pizzagate, either. Remember this image John Podesta sent out in the Wikileaks emails (three times, mind you) of the number 14 and the fish drawn on his scarred hands?


Further down the Wikipedia page on Antinous, it is pointed out that Antinous was deified and an organized cult was created devoted to his worship in a place called Antinopolis which became the cultic center of Osiris-Antinous worship.

According to myth, Antinous drowned and was assimilated with Osiris to be reborn. Also according to myth, Osiris was cut into 14 pieces by his brother Set, and when Isis attempted to retrieve him, she was unable to retrieve the final piece (his penis) which was eaten by a fish.

So Podesta is directly referencing Osiris which is tied to Antinous, the gay underaged boy lover of a Roman emperor that Alefantis uses as his Instagram avatar.

(On an aside, the whole thing is extra creepy in reference to this Illuminati playing card which also references the number 14 and a creepy cult secret enough that the writing doesn’t want to suggest exactly what it is about. Check it:


It says, “We’re sorry, but we’re not even permitted to hint at what the Secret Knowledge is about goldfish. Your entire Power Structure is completely immune to attacks by Fanatic groups. No, we’re really not going to explain why.”)

Alefantis, you may have heard, used to be in a lengthy romantic relationship with David Brock, the Democratic political operative who was chosen to run Media Matters by none other than John Podesta.


Brock got his start in Dem politics through disgraced former Congressman Barney Frank (see pic above of a much younger Brock in a leather collar standing next to Frank in the maroon shirt). Why disgraced?

Frank was caught up in a sex scandal back in the late 80s which involved allegations that a male prostitution ring was being run out of his DC apartment. This one ran all the way up the chain to the White House.


Brock used to lean conservative; the whole reason he switched to Democrat is because of Frank.

While these allegations in and of themselves prove nothing, the implications are everywhere.

Right now, they’re working overtime on the narrative that a vast right-wing conspiracy of dangerous fake news cost their candidate Hillary Clinton the election.

Lots of alternative media websites including The Daily Sheeple have reported on the blown-up conspiracy of Pizzagate. Now, however, all sites who do report on it are being decried as “fake news” sites, and anyone who tries to legitimately report on this story is being labeled an “online bully,” one of thousands of online bullies that have led to the unfair targeting of Mr. Alefantis and his business (if you are to believe the mainstream media narrative on this).

News of the online bullying by so-called fake news outlets has spread far and wide, as the BBC is even reporting on “The saga of ‘Pizzagate’: The fake story that shows how conspiracy theories spread”.

This story has been thrown all over the mainstream media as prime example of why so-called “fake news” must be shut down.

Alefantis, who called for anyone who reposts his Instagram posts to be prosecuted in an interview with the Washington City Paper, also said his “attackers” are:

“conspiracy theorist, white nationalists made up largely of racists, homophobic individuals who loosely tie together theories and do not attempt to find the truth…”

He told NYT:

“From this insane, fabricated conspiracy theory, we’ve come under constant assault… I’ve done nothing for days but try to clean this up and protect my staff and friends from being terrorized,” he said.

He told NPR:

“We have talked to a few lawyers. It seems that there are not many outlets for people who have suffered this kind of attack and abuse. You’re allowed to sue for defamation, but that suit takes many years and is very grueling. Additionally, these chat rooms where these people are based are protected by a law that claims that they’re hosting sites, and therefore people can hide behind a screen name. So it’s very difficult to identify who the bully or – and harasser is.”

That statement, just by the way, is directly linked to Obama’s plan for an “Internet ID” being assigned to each person online which would take away everyone’s anonymity on the web… a UN plan to track literally every single thing every person does online and tie it back to them in a permanent file.

You can already see how the narrative has been built up to use this story to shut down so-called “fake news” as a threat in real life.

And, as if right on cue, a man walks into Comet Ping Pong armed with the most vilified gun in American history and fires a single round into the floor.

Look. Let’s sum this up.

Are some of the Wikileaks emails discussing pizza (and other foods) in an odd or disturbing way that does not really seem like they are talking about pizza?



Yes they seem to be.

Does Tony Podesta hang out with Alefantis and have birthday parties that involve flaccid penis cakes?


Yes apparently he does.

Is Tony Podesta’s house (a house where a rich man with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of art also keeps an assortment of stuffed animals next to his bed even though he has no children)


Is Tony Podesta’s house filled with what many would consider creepy art by artists who sculpt headless women and artists who take pictures of naked teenagers or artists who paint children being abused?


Yes it is. And he also used to hang a twinkly mobile of female reproductive organs over his dining room table according to this 2008 Chicago Tribune article clip:


Do the Podestas and Alefantis hang out with and get invited to attend Spirit Cooking dinners with an artist who talks about drinking bodily fluids like breast milk and semen and discusses cutting one’s self to drink the “pain” and is featured at occult “art” parties where they eat life-sized people cakes and drink substances off naked bodies that look like blood?





Yes, according to Wikileaks emails and Instagram posts, they do.

Does James Alefantis (whose name many people have pointed out is remarkably similar, in fact almost a direct anagram of, the French translation of the phrase “I love kids” or J’aime les enfants) send out sexually explicit and what some people would consider nasty hashtags on posts featuring children on his Instagram? Yes he has.

Would you do this if you were running a restaurant you described as a “family friendly business” that hosts child sleepovers but also hosts some of Washington’s most powerful people for dinner? No, most people, probably would not.

Are powerful people in Washington involved in pedophile rings? There has been evidence to suggest it in the past, just think the Franklin Scandal.

Does all of this mean the allegations in the Pizzagate conspiracy are real or fake?

The answer is neither. All of this information ultimately proves nothing either way. Pizzagate is still an unconfirmed conspiracy theory.

BUT NOW, that isn’t even the point anymore. The point is how this story will be used against the alternative media reporting on it. Lots of alt sites have already been attacked and many shut down for reporting on it, ours included. No doubt this will continue.

It bears repeating once more that this story involves a nest of political operatives working under the woman who literally coined the term “vast right-wing conspiracy”. Now what if I told you that George Soros has indirectly funded Comet Ping Pong and Mr. Alefantis? Would you just consider for a moment the totality of what I’m suggesting here?

The point is that psyops can still have grains of truth. Lots of them. In fact, a psyop can be overflowing with truth… and still completely misdirect people.

Are these people creepy individually and creepier together? A whole lot of people the globe over think they are, me included, and it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with their support of Hillary Clinton. Are there pedophile references here? Yes indeed.

Does that mean Pizzagate is proof of a pedophile ring? None of this information is hard proof of anything.

Will this whole situation be used to shut down the alternative media or at least kill anonymity online?

They are certainly going to try, and Pizzagate gives them a ton of ammunition with which to do so.

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  • Innocuous

    Headline at Foxnews.com: “Man with rifle arrested at DC restaurant targeted by fake news conspiracy theories”
    Foxnews fair, balanced and trustworthy?

    • John Chrysostom

      We need to stop using the term “pizzagate.” It trivializes the satanic crimes. If we want this to blow open we cannot use calming terms. Don’t let (((them))) define the terms of the debate or (((they))) will win again.

      POWERFUL PEDOPHILIA NETWORK gets the point across.

    • Trustworthy? Not anymore!

  • So the government and so-called elite ones are not only satanists, but pedo-freaks as well. I suppose that’s not a big surprise.

    • Apriljrocco

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  • Frank

    So…fake news causes incidents like this, but “real” news doesn’t? Sure. If the guy with the AR platform rifle really wanted to go postal on the pingpongers he would have. Sounds like a psyop to me, too. The left is trying to discredit Pizzagate because it’s one of their most important secrets and they want to keep it that way. Buncha goddamn kiddie rapers who need to be strung up by the nads.

    • nonyobeezwax

      It’s not just “the left”, the ENTIRE establishment is trying to put these gruesome crimes under the blanket. The Dems and the GOP are full of these freaks.

  • Roy Hobs

    Watching the coverage by the mainstream media this Morning will quickly reveal what this news story is all about. This was a false flag no doubt. The Sheeple will eat it up!

  • Mollie Norris

    They’re thugs. This isn’t a real issue; legal threats are a weapon no different from an AR-15. They’re threatening to beat alt media to death with the bars of gold in their deep pockets.

    • Rey d’Tutto

      If firearms are confiscated, IED’s and Molotov’s become the primary hand weapons. Ambushes and booby traps are defeating “counter-insurgent” forces with asymmetric warfare.

      • Mollie Norris

        I agree – the unknown variable is the extent of the government use of unconventional warfare against US citizens, that won’t be countered by Vietnam-era asymmetrical warfare.

  • Tiger

    The Wikileaks that exposed this at the end of the election was to totally destroy Hillary, sadly the American people were not privy to these leaks in the manner Europeans were. My European contacts were sending them to me. I read as many as I could they were stunning. Now the woman who was investigating Pizzagate in Haiti was found dead a bullet to the back of her head, last week. The reports said it was a suicide. She now joins the other five who were killed going to tell on Hillary. One shot 28 times in a so called robbery on his way to the FBI, only thing is nothing was stolen. Then there was the guy who was lifting weights in his apartment and one fell on his neck killing him. He was going to testify before Congress. The man writing the expose’ books on the Clintons was found on a mountain shot in the back of the head. Another suicide.

    The Clinton kill list expands from it’s already bloated pages of deaths. Sooner or later this is going to blow and they just can’t kill all these people who are going to come out now.

    • Rey d’Tutto

      The number of folks connected to HRC & CO committing suicide by shooting themselves in the Back of the head, or twice, is miraculous.

      • Tiger

        Contortionists to say the list, very limber people.

    • If you haven’t seen the video on Youtube of Larry Nichols the Clintons “Fixer” you should, they think they have this all wrapped in a nice tight clean bow, they are dead wrong it’s going to blow up in their faces, they are ruthless murderers who should have been sent to prison for Mena back when he was governor of AK. and helping the contras with illegal drug money. America is so asleep and the Wikileaks were not taken seriously enough, speaking of which has Assange been slilenced?

      • Tiger

        I am in full agreement with you this is going to blow. There are too many private investigations into it and too much truth. The Wikileaks were stopped over and over again while they were coming out in America, but not in Europe that is how I was able to read so many of them. Matter of fact the FBI investigation into Weiner is ongoing and he also was implicated in all this. It was too big an operation to not blow.

        I have not seen anything on Assange and attempted to get onto Wikileaks the other day and could not. So I will check into it.

      • Tiger

        Just checked his site up and here is where you can go to get the Podesta leaks.


  • brew_it

    PizzaGate: A Comprehensive Guide

    Interesting stuff. Not for the faint hearted…


  • Conspiracy theory? Fake News? Hold on a minute here, what happened to Anthony Wieners Laptop? Huma Abedin?, the NYPD Pedophilia investigation involving the Clintons and the Weiners flying on Epsteins Lolita Express to Pedophile Island? Fake News? I think not!

  • Pizzagate aside Man Armed With AR = False Flag end of story it seems 9 out of 10 times the narrative is always the same look at Sandy Hook, look at Umpqua it’s always an AR no question they are targeting the AR to outlaw it, funny thing is I bet more people are killed in the U.S. by drive bys of illegally owned AKs, Minis like Mac 10’s and what not than they are ARs after all ARs aren’t the choice of illegal street gangs, no ARs are the choice of law abiding citizens who stand up for the 2A.

  • It is not Paranoia

    It’s so obvious.

  • Shark_FL

    Excellent Real News article. Thanks.

  • SP_88

    It’s so easy to lead people to a predetermined conclusion one way or the other. In this case, they are trying to lead people to believe that shutting down alternative media sites is the right thing to do.
    Was Pizzagate a fake news story? They will have you believe that no it isn’t. And despite the fact that these people are the ones who put these deviant photos of themselves on the internet for everyone to see, and also said the most disturbing things to each other, the MSM will stand behind them and defend them as the victims.
    Did alternative media cause this crisis actor to pretend to shoot a hole in the floor of the pizza restaurant? Again the MSM will have you believe that yes they did, despite the fact that these alternative media sites were simply using the facts that these deviant politicians put on the internet of their own free will.
    If anyone else ever did this, and the alternative media jumped on it, nobody would care.
    But this was apparently a trap that they knew would cause the alternative media to jump on.
    And there were probably several goals in mind when they thought of this plan. They figured that they could take out the alternative media and discredit any pedophile stories that might come out in the future. It’s pretty obvious that these people are involved in deviant behavior involving young boys and children. And though there is no hard evidence, the circumstantial evidence is growing. And it seems as though these disturbing people are flaunting their pedophilia in our faces knowing that we can’t prove anything.
    And now they have us busy defending the alternative media. This needs to be pushed back against them. They should be forced to defend themselves for posting such disturbing pictures and writing such disturbing things to each other. Nobody should ever be faulted for reading these things and being disturbed by it. If these people can’t see how their words are interpreted as being about pedophilia or perverse activities, then they are being purposely ignorant. It’s obvious to anyone who reads it that they are talking about pedophilia or some other disturbing and perverse activities. And we shouldn’t allow them to switch the narrative away from that. Whether it’s real pedophilia or they are making it up, the pictures and their conversations are real. And they are trying to switch the narrative to the coverage in alternative media that their disturbing behavior has gotten, instead of the disturbing behavior. And their “fake news has real consequences” meme should be changed to “disturbing people posting sick child abuse “art” often end up facing the consequences”
    After all, it wasn’t the alternative media who posted those disgusting pictures of young boys who appear to have been sodomized by adults. Let’s keep the blame where it belongs. And let’s not shoot the messenger.

  • Julia

    All most “conspiracy theorists” (ie concerned and sceptical members of the public) want is an official investigation into the Comet Ping Pong premises and activities, Alefantis, Podesta et al to find out whether the evidence leads to heinous crimes against children or not….. but they are not going to get it. What they are getting, though, is more incriminating evidence that the Washington establishment and its minions are, yet again, watching each others backs and remaining above the reach of the law, and will be taking steps to reinforce this status quo. The sheep are fast turning into lemmings.