A “Homeland” Is a Country That Allows Domestic Use of Military

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Have you seen Dahr Jamail’s report on U.S. military plans for war games in Washington state? I’m sure some observers imagine that the military is simply looking for a place to engage in safe and responsible and needed practice in hand-to-hand combat against incoming North Korean nuclear missiles, or perhaps to rehearse a humanitarian invasion of Russia to uphold the fundamental international law against Vladimir Putin’s existence.

But if you look over the history of domestic use of the U.S. military — such as by reading the new book Soldiers on the Home Front: The Domestic Role of the American Military — it’s hard not to wonder whether, from the U.S. military’s point of view, at least a side benefit of the coming war game isn’t rehearsing for the next time citizens in kayaks interfere with a corporation intent on poisoning the earth’s climate with fossil fuels.

Soldiers on the Home Front is almost rah-rah enthusiastic in its support for the U.S. military: “Our task here is to celebrate the U.S. military’s profound historical and continuing contribution to domestic tranquility, while at the same time … .” Yet it tells a story of two centuries of the U.S. military and state militias and the National Guard being used to suppress dissent, eliminate labor rights, deny civil liberties, attack Native Americans, and abuse African Americans. Even the well-known restrictions on military use put into law and often ignored — such as the Posse Comitatus Act — were aimed at allowing, not preventing, the abuse of African Americans. The story is one of gradually expanding presidential power, both in written law and in practice, with the latter far outpacing the former.

Some of us are grateful to see restraint in the approach to the men occupying a federal facility in Oregon. But we are horrified by the lack of similar restraint in using the military or militarized police against peaceful protesters in U.S. cities. Police departments as we know them simply did not exist when the U.S. Constitution — virtually unaltered since — was cobbled together in an age of muskets, slavery, and genocide. Among the developments that concern me far more than the authors of Soldiers on the Home Front:

Numerous drills and practices, and the locking down of Boston, desensitizing people to the presence of the U.S. military on our streets.

Congress members threatened with martial law if they vote against their oligarchs.

The legalization of lawless military imprisonment without charge or trial for U.S. citizens or anyone else.

The legalization of murder by drone or any other technology of U.S. citizens or anyone else, with arguments that apply within the Homeland just as anywhere else, though we’ve been told all the murders have been abroad.

Nuclear weapons illegally flown across the country and left unguarded.

Mercenaries on the streets of New Orleans after a hurricane.

Northcom given legal power to illegally act within the United States against the people of the United States.

Fusion centers blurring all lines between military and domestic government violence.

Secret and not-so-secret continuity of government plans that could put martial law in place at the decision of a president or in the absence of a president.

The militarization of the Mexican border.

The gruesome history and future of the attack on the Bonus Army, the bombing of West Virginia, Operation Northwoods, tin soldiers and Nixon coming, and Franklin Roosevelt’s actual and Donald Trump’s possible internment camps.

The authors of Soldiers on the Home Front claim that we must balance all such dangers with the supposed need for a military to address “storms, earthquakes, cyber attacks …, bioterrorism.” Why must we? None of these threats can be best addressed by people trained and armed to kill and destroy. When only such people have funding and numbers and equipment, they can look preferable to nothing. But what if we had an unarmed, nonviolent green energy brigade taking on the protection of the climate, and non-military police ready to enforce laws in crises, a major new Civilian Conservation Corps trained and equipped and funded to provide emergency services, a computer whiz team dedicated to fending off cyber attacks and preventing their ongoing provocation by U.S. government cyber attackers, a publicly funded healthcare system prepared for health emergencies, and a State Department redirected away from weapons marketing and into a new project of building respectful and cooperative relations with the world?

If the United States were to move from militarism to all of the above, the main problem would be what to do with all of the remaining money.

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  • When hasn’t the United States allowed the use of the military for domestic purposes?

    • Mike

      It has many times to quell riots and to use during fema emergencies to violate peoples’ rights.

      • They siphon a lot of people into military service with their omnipresent recruiting stations who would probably be more useful in private life . I suspect that fewer riots would occur without the violation of citizen’s rights and the provocateuring by plain clothes military intelligence operatives. Since the well-regulated militia has been co-opted into the National Guard in most states, anything they do domestically has to be suspect. The legislature in my state has created a state militia via an article in the state constitution, which is totally useless because the governor is the only commander and the legislature has never written any legislation to define its “regulation”.

        • Mike

          Yea, there would be a lot fewer riots and civil unrest if the government operatives, both civilian and otherwise would stop with their propaganda and lies and fomenting of hate and racism all over the place. But we both know that is not going to happen. It is the only way they can keep on chipping away at our freedoms, rights, and liberties.

          • Actually, our self-imposed ignorance is their best tool.

          • Mike

            not all of us are like that, but the ones they like to use surely are.

          • Unfortunately, the majority of us are in a slowly shrinking group that are like that.

  • Mike

    I smell a false flag coming

    • Maybe they should wash it after each use:-)

      • Reverend Draco

        Or at least change the trim – something to differentiate one from the prior.

        • I’m sure that they would prefer that we not notice that the flag is always the same, and would know that the trim would be ignored by those who would be surprised by the correct flag’s appearance.

      • Mike


  • Rick E.

    The article mentions the militarization of the Mexican border. What a joke! Anyone and their granny can waltz across the Mexican border right now!
    The military actually SHOULD be used to close the border, rather than being deployed in many dozens of countries where they shouldn’t be, spreading “democracy” by using aggression and bombs.

  • EnemyOfTheState

    I get the idea of the article, but it was so poorly written I could hardly read it. Doesn’t anyone proof read anymore?

  • Heres Albert

    DHS is preparing for a civil war in 2017 with the american people and the fema camps are waiting for some residents. DHS is also spying on americans with these drones https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4kSucsa7zI

  • mike day

    To who this may concern the founders understood a simple fact a established military can be used against WE THE PEOPLE SO TO THAT END IS WHY THEY CREATED THE FACT FOR A BILL OF RIGHTS AND THE 2 AMENDMENT AND THE FACT OF THIS STATEMENT “THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. They understood that a GOVERMENT created by men would use military power to enslave , kill for men who were Evil.

  • Jack B

    This blog had a few good articles on all this type of history some time back, Here are two articles very worth reading if you do not yet understand how and why we have nearly always been under military rule via the Lieber Code since at least 1871.