A GOP Super PAC Just Released This Attack Ad Comparing Trump to Hitler

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At this new low point (who am I kidding, every day is a new low point) in the presidential race circa 2016, you might be wondering if we’ve all slipped into some magical crazy land with the bizarre level of nonsense going down on a daily basis out there.

But after you watch this new anti-Trump attack ad below, the one question you might be asking yourself is… Has Trump broken the GOP?

Has anything even remotely like this ever happened in the history of American politics?

Just when you thought the nation’s political process couldn’t sink any deeper in the gutter, now Super PACs for Trump’s own party are putting out twisted attack ads directly comparing Trump to Hitler, complete with his logo shaped to form a swastika.

Talk about propaganda. Watch:

And you won’t even be surprised to find one of the two guys behind the Super PAC is an Establishment Bush-ite (via Daily Caller):

The ad comes from a group called Citizens Super PAC, which claims to be a platform for “leveling the playing field” by crowd sourcing funding for political ads. The two cofounders, Chris Gober and Ronald Steslow, both have long ties to Republican politics.

Gober worked on George W. Bush 2004 political staff and then the Department of Justice, before going to the Republican National Committee in 2006. Starting in 2007, he spent two years as general counsel for the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), which helps elect Republican senators.

Steslow worked as a political coordinator for the NRSC from September 2007 to February 2009. He worked on a couple of national Republican campaigns before hopping on board Carly Fiorina’s campaign, where he worked until February.

Wow. They want Trump gone. Bad.

The sad part is, people in this country are so damn fed up with our nation’s brand of corrupt politics, this ad only makes people want to vote for Trump MORE and now also question whether or not we’ve all been lied to about Hitler.



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  • Awesome ad! That’s going to get more people to vote for him and it highlights the similarities between the US in its current state and the state of Germany in 1933, different people/country, same problems for the same reasons… history is repeating itself. I could only wish “the Donald” has our country at heart the way Hitler had his country at heart, we shall see.

    • Mark

      The Jews’ declaration of war on Germany was no mere bluff or empty threat. Jews were an active internal enemy. At home, alert Germans had already seen the bloody Jewish revolution of 1918-1919 that installed the secessionist Judeo-Communist Bavarian Soviet Republic. While Germany was trying to fight World War 1, subversive Jewish revolutionaries like Kurt Eisner, Gustav Landauer, Ernst Toller, and Eugen Leviné were murdering innocent Germans at home. By the time the Jews formally declared war on Germany in 1933, Germans had already seen millions die in the Jewish-led-and-funded Communist revolutions of the early twentieth century in Russia, Hungary, Bavaria, and elsewhere in Europe. There was a holocaust of over 60 million at the hands of Judeo-Bolshevism. http://www.revisionisthistory.org/communist.html

      To understand the ancient historical pattern of Jewish subversion and treachery, see Dr. E. Michael Jones’ thoroughly referenced and authoritative 1,200 page book The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History, ISBN 9780929891071, available at
      http://www.culturewars.com or

  • Mike

    The RNC has not yet figured out that the people are wise to their lies.

  • Mary

    What I find so ironic is that if anyone had ties to Hitler, it was the Bush family. George W.’s grandfather, Prescott Bush, helped finance the Nazis during WWII. Maybe someone should run an ad about that? By the way, George Soros whose funded organizations incited the riot at the Trump rally in Chicago actually worked for the Nazis under Heinrich Himmler during WWII. No one knows the Nazis better than Soros. So, for these traitors to bash Trump as “Hitler” just proves how desperate these globalists really are.

  • Mary

    One more thing, folks. Most people aren’t aware of the fact that the Nazis co-opted with the Muslims during WWII (just like our govt. is doing today). Hitler was a big fan of Islam. Why? Because they both wanted to eradicate the Jews. You can google “Haj Amin Al Husseini (or the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem) if you want more info on this.

    • Right to the Point

      Similarly, the Progressives have the same goal as the Muslims now; Eradication of Liberty….

    • Hitler had one of the most diverse militaries in all of history, true diversity instead of this genocidal anti-white zionist movement poorly misnamed diversity:
      Hitler’s Military – Amazing Diversity Of Nationalities

  • Right to the Point

    Obama comes way closer to Hitler. Trump is a Franchiser, which bothers me, but he’s no Hitler. He sort of reminds me of Mussolini though. Because the last 3 administrations have sought to pull the levers of industry, we are ripe for this sort of takeover…..

  • I forgot

    I’ll bet those “citizens” all wear brown shirts.

  • Eric Blake

    The reason for Hitler’s rise was because the economy was terrible and blamed the Treaty of Versailles reparations. So in that aspect, Obummer’s economy and taxation of the American people kinda sets the stage. I can see it. History says if the reparations weren’t forced, it would be different. I’ve learned then if A is equal to B and B is equal to C then it must mean it’s Obummer’s fault (The Dems fault).

    • Dems, repubs, same difference in the end… red boot? or do you like blue?

  • rich

    If the GOP was really for the people’s best interests they would be backing Mr. Trump. But I said ‘if’! Those hypocrites couldn’t care less about us at all. They don’t like Trump because he DOES care for us and he wants to see this country get back to what we used to be instead of run by a bunch of freaks who want to keep letting in illegals and us to pay for it. Trump surely has my vote and he is our best chance to save this country.

  • Abe

    Geeze, I always thought Hitlery was like Hitler.

    • Quite the opposite, everything is reversed.

  • Russ Elder

    the more they try to screw him the more I know I like him

  • Zaphod Braden

    LIE — Hitler NEVER EVER openly called for the “annihilation of Jews in Europe”
    Jews have desperately searched for NON-EXISTENT “orders” or any such thing to collaborate the holocaust ——– NOTHING
    That “translation” is a stinking BALDFACED LIE.

  • Zaphod Braden

    There may be a BOUNTY on repubNEOCONS after this election …… If they manage to steal the nomination from Trump ——– Hillary will WALK IN.

    • Greg

      The neoCONs will just switch sides and try to ride Hillary like the ho she is.

      • Zaphod Braden

        Now I have to go wash my brain ……… what a horrible image.

  • L Garou

    Since we know the M$M is lying about Trump, and they lie to protect criminals like the Clintons, maybe they’ve been lying about Hitler too.
    (they have)

    • knifemare69

      That’s the irony of trying to to douse Trump in the stench of Adolph – the fake Yehudi media moguls may inadvertently torpedo the logic used to paint Hitler as the worst thing since cancer, and their whole Holocaust meme sinks right along with it…


    I Just hope Trump is not a shill for the Hitlery. All the others running for Pres. on the Repug. side are just business as usual.Same goes for the Hillery and Bernie takes it over the top.If Hitler was as history says then you have to look at who funded him.Big bankers and who were those bankers? Were they not as now mostly owned by Jews. So did the Jewish faction kill off their own? There are alot of other books out there with different takes on WWII,Hitler and The Jews.To bad most people don’t take the time and read and find out the other side.One could also look at how Eisenhower treated the Germans after the end of the war.Over a million starved in the camps after the end of the war.>>> https://www.google.com/search?q=Over+a+million+starved+in+the+camps+after+the+end+of+the+war.&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8

  • Koolz

    Everything is a lie. here is some truth on Hitler:

    The Swastika is one of the older symbols of the SUN.

  • Ralph

    Damn! That video makes me want to vote for both Trump and Hitler!

  • Greg

    Let’s hope this is the neoCON Zionists last gasp! They just exposed themselves, not Trump.

  • Rockie Springer

    I have read the transcripts of Hitler’s speeches. I have watched his speeches with captioning from the original sources. I have read documents I had google translate myself and compared those documents to other documents to verify the authenticity. And I can tell you I have NEVER seen not ONE speech or transcript that Hitler calls for the annihilation of the jewish race. That is a flat out lie. And I would hope that someone in the Trump camp would see and know this and sue their asses off for lying.

    Having gone through all of this I cannot say that any of this so called political commercial is accurate in anyway.

    Hitler committed the crime of putting the well being and prosperity of the German people ahead of ALL other things. What the US government has told the American people is the history is exactly the same as every “official” story. A story. With no facts. Not even close to the real history. The American people do not have a clue just how much and how bad EVERYTHING they have been told is not just a lie, it is a damn lie. I firmly feel that people who create this kind of garbage and put it up in front of the American people as fact should all be prosecuted for treason. Anyone who has so little character, so little credibility, and NO respect for the rights of others and produces something like this is guilty of election fraud. And I firmly feel election fraud must be treated the same as treason.

    It is by election fraud, among other tactics, that the US was infiltrated and taken over. It was by election fraud that the American people have been enslaved. That is treason. And must be treated as such. With NO mercy at all. Because the people who produce garbage like this are showing the American people no mercy.

    • PJ London

      Hitler put his nation first, as did Saddam, as did Gaddafi, as did Ahmedinajad, as does Trump. Oh Sh**.

  • Great comment.

    Hitler was was an integral part of the creation of Israel:

    Baron Edmond James de Rothschild (1845-1934) is the known as the “Father of the Settlement” 1883

    Lionel Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild, Baron de Rothschild – Balfour Declaration 1917

    Adolf Hitler – Transfer Agreement 1933

  • You know how it works 😉

    It’s a dirty, crazy world out there..