A Complete Meltdown In November: Cyclical Analyst Says Stocks May Start To Crash This Week

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Cyclical analyst Bo Polny of Gold 2020 Forecast utilizes advanced mathematical formulas and years of cyclical analysis to make forecasts about global stock markets. In late July he noted that U.S. stock markets had hit a top and that investors should prepare for a rapid down-move in the Dow Jones and other indexes. As we now know, that prediction has come to pass.

But while many on Wall Street panicked, Polny noted that the crash was not yet imminent and that the month of September would be relatively calm, with no major moves up or down forecast to occur. Once again, his analysis proved accurate.

But that calm may soon be over. In a recent interview he warns that we could now be on the brink of a major market meltdown and it could start this week. The eventual result, according to Polny, could lead to a crash so massive that over 70% of market value could be wiped out.

Full must-watch interview with Bo Polny:

(Watch this video at Future Money Trends or Youtube)

The forecast was specifically that yesterday, the 13th [of October], to be out of all positions and go short… the inflection point in the stock market and world markets, and the dollar, should have occurred on the 13th.

Now we’re expecting the next leg down…

What we’re forecasting now is that the lows of August are all going to break. They could break in the month of October, but we believe they will break, no problem, into November.

We expect November to be a complete meltdown on the U.S. and world markets.

Protect yourself from the coming crash. Here’s what some of the world’s leading investors are doing right now

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    so now its november? will come and pass no issues.

  • Billy Thompson

    I call bullshit on this, and every article that claims to predict a collapse. People like this have been saying it for months.

    Bring it.

    • bozotoo

      Years even.

      • Mark

        Now!….. um…. Right now!….. er…. I really mean it, right now!…. Oy veh, Shemitah, right then…. I mean… right now…. er… Blood Moons really!… well, really in October!… uhhh… November definitely!…. 2016, but that is really because of 2015 Shemitah!…. right now!…. http://judaism101.proboards.com/thread/16/covenants-blessings-curses

  • Donna

    Bo-loney could not predict a sunny day.

    • hrddvrcb

      I don’t know this guy or follow him at all…and strictly do my own research and pay zero attn. to so called market “guru’s”….unfortunately, my charts and 30 yrs of market research and following, suggest we will have a strong downturn. As to a complete meltdown, that’s never going to happen because the infrastructure, land, minerals etc etc are worth considerably more then ZERO. Frankly, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened as Oct is typically the month for crashes. I do know that the reversal of a decade of extremely loose monetary policy WILL cause a severe downturn in economic activity. How long will it last or how severe it will be?. Well, that will depend on how strongly and how LONG people believe in it. Typically, six months to two years. Soft landings take longer then severe crashes.

  • Ray

    Has anyone been more wrong than this clown? After three years of his perpetual PMs explosion, this shameless POS, Bo Polny, moves on to the stock market. What’s the shelf life for being wrong all the time? His recent promotion by all the websites prove his days are numbered.

  • StevetheHun

    It may crash… or it may not.

    Got it.

    Now, why is this useful information?

    • He can just predict a crash every month and one of the months he will be right and then get to say I told you so, lol!


  • Mike

    bring it, the sooner we get this party started the better. But then they said October, now its November, next week it will be December. Just go ahead and happen already.

  • Kevin G.

    Be it $…00-Financial Collapse,Jade Helm, Walmart-Detention Centers, Nuclear-Attack,Isis,Alquaida,Emp’s,WW3,Invasions,Earthquakes,
    Volcanoes, Alien Invasion, More rumors to discredit US in the know, and make us look like babbling Idiots,…..BUT, then one day up ahead…….BOOM*, It DOES Finally happen.

    • carrie maybrun

      or like all the predictors on here…..ummm..it just doesn’t….and again….it does not….and then…..well…yeah…another site is a joke and the people pumping it proven failures in life and vision….

  • loadnup

    Another month, another doom forecast… lol… when it happens, it will happen and that’s a fact, jack….

  • SovereignPatriot88

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Eventually, if they keep predicting a crash, it will happen. And they will say, “I told you so”.

    • MoreThanYou

      Not if it is digital or if the clock’s hands are broken.

      • SovereignPatriot88

        I should have specified that an intact analog clock with a dead battery is right twice a day.

  • RobertFl

    I don’t think it could be predicted with any certainty. But, I do believe the overall trend can be statistically predicted. That is, between now and the end of the year, or spring, the trend will be downward, significantly. I think that can be based on past trends, and human nature.

  • tomw

    Wow. Another analyst. These guys, politicians, and weathermen are the only people who can be wrong all the time, and still have a job.

  • Ray

    Spot on? What planet did you type this message from? Polny is just another lying Mason who’s name was up for promotion within the controlled network of disinfo websites. That’s it.

  • carrie maybrun

    LOL…..what a joke…missed Sept…and Oct….now its NEXT month…..how is this site still in existence? Is Celente out working in Starbucks yet??? I predict your doom predictions will once again fail and you will all look like buffoons and losers…..and mine WILL come true!!

  • Ray

    Instead of linking articles proving that water is wet, maybe you should do some research on Polny before embarrassing yourself again. Also, isn’t it funny how FutureMoneyTrends had to disable the comments on the video above…yes, the word is getting out about these fraudsters and their organized cartel of deception.

    • anon

      Ray, there is no embarrassment. Your statement is made without justification or explanation. Perhaps you should chill out and come back when you can put together a coherent argument. I addressed simply an explanation for why gold / silver isn’t higher in price. This explanation included documented proof through examination of the way the system is trading gold / silver commodities and how that is altering pricing.
      You came off as some crazed looney claiming I’m embarrassing myself by pointing others to this useful information. Very strange conclusion you reached.

      As far as Polny, I have no opinion or comment regarding him, nor do I care to weigh in at all on your FutureMoneyTrends group.

      • Ray

        You physically clicked on “reply” and specifically responded
        to my criticism of Bo Ponnochio with a “not saying I agree” and “nor am I that
        familiar with” but linked a story from zero hedge that originated from Peak Prosperity…the same disinfo location that helped amplify the Ebolie hoax from
        2014. And I’m the looney??? Now you claim this as “documented proof” with
        the attempt to legitimize them when this info is the equivalent of proving that
        water is wet. Who doesn’t know about
        this? Here is GATA from 2011: http://gata.org/node/10554

        For the newly awakening person, you might seem like an
        innocent guy but I’ve seen you and your disinfo ilk around for a while now. I know the brotherhood doesn’t get
        embarrassed but the next time you intend to deflect from the obvious, pick on
        someone down the list or start your own comment.

  • dennis cheever

    I also believe the market will crash. I was amazed that it didn’t go down more today than it did. 300 points a day or more is my expectation.

  • MoreThanYou

    what a shock. someone hyping gold and silver saying the stock market crash may happen today. The sky is falling!!!! Along with the prices of gold and silver…

  • BigMG

    “Could start” This is the mantra of folks looking to clean up on a market.
    As soon as “Experts” convince enough investors, usually those dabblers, to get out, then the value of most stock rises even higher.
    They prey on the guys who are committed to sticking with a stock but still fear a loss. They are encouraged to hold on to that stock during the decline. Eventually, the value of the stock falls to laughable lows.
    Then the “Experts” warn of a crash while metals rise.
    These guys finally sell at the worst possible moment because the “Experts” say something is better than nothing and buy metals at their peak. Then next quarter the bottom is shaken out and the stock rises again.
    And this time metals start dropping.

    You are being whipsawed by a market / metals trap.

  • Badger Badgerism

    lets get this party started with a bang

  • plowcowboy

    Perpetual dangling carrot. Enough already. Just post your “I told you so” when it actually happens. Which is something you’ll never be able to predict. And your “I told you so” won’t mean DICK since you people keep saying this month after month after month. Until the S&P drops 8%, STFU.

  • The Most Interesting Man

    Doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  • Poorman

    Hmmm wasn’t that supposed to happen in September,then again in october.