8 Syrians Caught Illegally Attempting to Cross Texas Border, White House Launches #RefugeesWelcome Campaign

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Breitbart is reporting that two agents with Customs and Border Protection apprehended eight Syrians in two “family units” attempting to cross into Texas on the Juarez Lincoln Bridge in Laredo, Texas, otherwise known officially as Port of Entry 1, on Monday, November 16th.

Border Patrol agent and National Border Patrol Council Local 2455 President Hector Garza told Breitbart Texas, “Border Patrol agents who we represent have been contacting our organization to voice concerns about reports from other agents that Syrians crossed the U.S. border from Mexico in the Laredo Sector. Our agents have heard about Syrians being apprehended in the area from other federal agents.”

A Syrian caught using someone else’s passport also tried to get into Texas back at the end of the September and was stopped.

The timing cannot be missed.

While more than half of the state governors across the U.S. have said they will not be accepting Syrian refugees, according to the Refugee Act of 1980, “President Obama has explicit statutory authorization to accept foreign refugees into the United States,” PBS reports.

Meanwhile, ISIS is issuing new threats against the U.S. and the White House has started the new hashtag #RefugeesWelcome.

This goes on and on… Looks like the governors are going to have a fight on their hands if they want to keep Syrian refugees out.

Screenshot 2015-11-19 at 8.18.30 AM

The French President has also vowed to welcome 30,000 Syrian refugees just as the nation’s Prime Minister warns that ISIS may stage a chemical/biological warfare attack against France.

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  • whiteberry

    We all know Obama is just strategically placing his people…

  • huntress

    One can only hope these terrorists go to dc and practice their allah akbar stunts, oh say about, 1600 penn. Street.

  • Rick E.

    It is impossible to do background checks on those that have no verifiable identifications! They certainly don’t have drivers licenses or social security cards. Any “ID” that they do have is likely to be forgeries.
    They cannot be accurately vetted, so to let them in our country is treason.
    It is interesting that Israel will NOT let one freaking “refugee” into their country! I wonder what our “dual citizens” in congress have to say about that? Do you hear anyone criticizing Israel?

    • We should start a twitter campaign or something.. #diversifyIsrael
      We get open borders, Israel gets giant walls.

      • Rick E.

        Good idea, but websites like this one is as far as I go with social media. I got thrown off of Facebook for making “seditious and defamatory statements” about Obama, the government, and Zuckerberg. So after my suspension, I quit them all for good!

    • BTeboe

      You know who else has not taken in one refugee – Saudi Arabia. Jordan on the other hand is coming apart at the seams due to overwhelming numbers (1 million plus ).

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    The upcoming false flag event will be much, much more believable after following a reckless immigration policy for months on end.

  • Sammy

    I wish we could say the same about #The current administration.

  • muslims in office want islam, the religion of pieces , to enforce sharia law in USA INC.

    Who voted this 666 swill into pretend gov’t office? and WHY ????

    the chance was there to re-boot the Republic , yet demons were installed once again in babylon / DC.

    and, just for good measure:

    https://earthsco.blogspot.com/ , just leave the pretend governments?

    want to get the feds / state off your back: this MIGHT be the answer:

    https://deanclifford.blogspot.com/ gotta’ study it again, and implement it, but not quite as colorfully as Dean.

    the Pukes that Were think they own you, they act as though they have 100% beneficial use of your life, labor, property,ideas, cars, boats, bicycles, gifts, talents,energy. NOW YOU CAN VALIDLY TELL THEM TO F&*# OFF !!

  • Mike

    the invaders should have been executed on the spot


    If the 8 bad guys got caught it means the usual % is still running across, mixed in with additional terrorists. .What a cluster.

    • BTeboe

      Yes they are only able to apprehend about 10% so you can imagine where the other 90% are.

  • breakawaymotorsports .

    If Obozo wants them in this country, there is plenty of room at the White House.

  • the known dead terrorists so far appear to fit the classic patsy profile of bumbling incompetents from the fringes of the criminal world, who were somehow transformed into raging Islamic fundamentalists, with no explanation. it now seems like another black ops team of professional assassins was involved in some of the shootings, and then escaped into the shadows, their existence being denied by the authorities, lest the official
    narrative crumble. This combination of pathetic patsies on the one hand
    (who were conveniently shot on the spot) and professional assassins on
    the other hand (who were allowed to get away) is one of the telltale
    signs of false flag operations. http://osnetdaily.com/2015/11/paris-attacks-this-looks-more-and-more-like-two-teams-involved/

  • barbarakelly

    Here we may have terrorist working for TSA Who can let guns come into this country illegally. and now they are coming across the border. And we learn that brought down that russian place with a coke bomb. This is just peachy. And the tyrant is protecting us and holds out a welcome sign. When is the deadheads in wash going to remove him from office. ????

    • The TSA is a Zio-Terrorist organization. Everyone working there is a terrorist.

  • jeff

    Let them live with Obumer…if he loves them so much

  • GenEarly

    Comrades, these poor Syrians, Afghani’s, Pakis, Iraqis, Somalis,etc are just looking for a good mosque. The Saudis are building mosques in the USSA as fast as possible too.
    Progs say, “Go ahead and get your prayer rugs now before the Ramadan rush” and Michael Savage explained this on the radio today with M&Ms
    for these mentally challenged Progs:


  • SovereignPatriot88

    These “refugees” were given really nice places to live in Europe, big mansions and palaces, etc. And these Muslims totally trashed the places. They broke holes in the walls, left piles of trash, broken furniture and garbage in the yard, broke windows and doors and basically left the places wrecked. The fact that they gave these people multi-million dollar homes to live in is bad enough, but to let them wreck the places while the European citizens have to live in their tiny apartments and work to pay for everything while these ungrateful refugees live for free in mansions is a slap in the face. And they have the nerve to complain about how terrible their living conditions are. And furthermore, they are beating, raping and murdering the people who are there to help them. Some of these mansions have a wait staff and maids to wait on these refugees hand and foot. And they are abusing these people, and in some cases killing them. I don’t know how widespread this is, but it’s happening often enough that there are plenty of videos about it. It doesn’t help that the media is covering it up and hiding it from the citizens, so it’s hard to tell the extent of these incidents.
    They are also hanging around in large groups and attacking the locals. In schools they are ganging up on the local people and beating them and raping the girls and women. They are even raping really young girls, 8,9 and 10 year old girls. Occasionally even younger girls are being victimized.
    Between these incidents and the terrorist attacks, it’s no wonder why there is so much resistance to bringing in anymore refugees. They have caused so many problems and since they arrived, assaults, rapes and murders have been rampant. And I don’t think it’s being figured into the crime statistics, that way nobody can look and see that since they arrived the crime statistics shot way up. The media is complicit in covering it up, the authorities are keeping people quiet about it and the politicians are downplaying the negative impact and embellishing any positive impact, which must mean that they are completely fabricating any positive impact, because there is no way that they are helping the country in any way. Even if they were on their best behavior, they are a drain on the economy. But the fact that they are causing so much damage to everything and the authorities have to work overtime to keep up with their rampage is only adding to the cost of having them in the country.
    And when they come to America, I don’t expect them to be any better. They will be as ungrateful and miserable in America as they are in Europe. They will shit on America and then complain about how shitty it is here. And they will assault, rape and murder as many people as they can. And the authorities will likely get sick of listening to complaints about the Muslim refugees causing trouble. And when the authorities are no longer interested in doing their job, we will need to take matters into our own hands. According to the constitution, we should be defending ourselves anyway. It’s not the job of the police to defend anyone. They are the ones who show up after and clean up the mess and gather evidence so they can catch the bad guys, if they get around to it.
    We will end up taking care of this problem ourselves. Obviously the government is taking the opposite side and making sure that we have as many problems as possible with these people. They want us to all fight amongst ourselves. It will be the people who want refugees brought here vs the people who don’t want them brought here. Basically, the stupids vs the smart people. But I’m not fighting against any stupid people. Let them find out for themselves what kind of people are being brought here. Let them be the victims for a while. Make them beg for help, and wait until they are certain that they were very wrong about the refugees. Then maybe we could help a little. But mostly we should save ourselves the trouble and just help ourselves. There’s no point in helping people who don’t believe they need help until they are forced to admit their error.
    And who knows, maybe the refugees will turn out to be really nice guys who enjoy our good, old-fashioned, wholesome American values……Ahhh haaaa haaaa!!! Boy is that unlikely!
    People will now need to be extra careful about who is around and who might suddenly become a terrorist. Because it’s gonna happen somewhere. And don’t count on the authorities to save you. You will need to be able to save yourself. And it won’t happen when you expect it. It will be a surprise that catches you off guard. So be prepared.

  • RandallFlagg

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