7 Massive Misconceptions Many Never Question

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by Makia Freeman

Misconceptions take root in our minds very easily. It takes a determined spirit to weed out all the brainwashing and programming we have taken on. Many people never question certain ideas or conceptions they have. They stop at the phrase itself without any further investigation, almost as though the phrase itself has some kind of magic that stops them from examining it. People need to be careful of confusing what is true with what they want to be true. Just because we all want to live in a just world doesn’t mean we actually do live in a just world. Great problems arise when we take our misconceptions and assert them as fact.

Remember what Mohandas Gandhi said, when he was asked what he thought of Western civilization: “I think it would be a very good idea.” With wit and insight, he was clearly pointing out that the West had not yet achieved “civilization”, given that it was still engaged in land and resource theft via colonization, and genocide against active and indigenous peoples. Likewise, how many things in the list below do we proudly hold up as reality, despite the fact we haven’t yet achieved them? Here is a list of 7 massive misconceptions many people possess but have usually never deeply questioned.


Hillary’s tweet about “too big to jail”. Has she looked in the mirror recently? Hard to believe the audacity of these NWO criminals, but then again, they are emotionless psychopaths.

Massive Misconceptions #1: The Rule of Law

The rule of law is a hackneyed phrase. It’s one those giant misconceptions usually trotted out by people intent on proving how richer 1st world nations are more better than poorer 2nd and 3rd world nations, or how no one can supposedly get away with crime because we are all equal before the law. Yes, I would prefer to live in a society where disputes can be resolved without resorting to gang-style violence. However, even nations with the purported rule of law still have deal with gang problems – and they do this by centralizing power all under one roof, claiming a monopoly on violence and calling it “Government”. When you replace lots of smaller gangs with one bigger gang, it is doubtful you have increased your safety or freedom at all; in fact, in many ways, you have decreased it, since you have created a organization with the power to enslave you on a far grander scale.

Remember the words of George Bush Sr. when he first publicly called for a New World Order? He boasted that, We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations a New World Order. A world where the rule of law – not the law of the jungle – governs the conduct of nations.” He actually used the phrase rule of law. Given his past as a CIA director, oil profiteer, drug runner, serial rapist and mass murderer, how credible are his claims that the rule of law will result in a fair and just society? Recently in her campaign, career criminal Hillary Clinton made reference to “no one too big to jail” in a tweet that backfired badly, given how egregious it is that she is still walking free (and even running for president) after her countless instances of stealing, cheating, lying, bribing, blackmailing and murdering (via the Clinton body count). How can you possibly have the “rule of law” when the ones administering the law are criminals, outlaws, liars and killers?

The fact is that we live in two worlds – one whose members or citizens are punished by not living by the rule of law, and another where the administrators of the law escape punishment because they control the enforcement of the laws. The judicial system is not pure and above the law; it has its own members who cover up crimes and who are involved in the worldwide pedophilic ring (see whistleblowers Fiona Barrett and David Shurter for more on this). Elections are stolen by rigged machines. The entities and corporations supposed to be controlled and constrained by the “rule of law” are the ones writing the laws! Remember how the banks write the laws? Remember how Big Pharma controls the FDA and CDC?

There is one law for the rich, and one law for the rest.

Additionally, as Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu said, the greater the number of laws and enactments, the more thieves and robbers there will be. Many laws today don’t exist to catch the real criminals, but rather act as traps to enslave innocent and harmless people in victimless crimes, by way of revenue extraction (e.g. speeding fines) or imprisonment (e.g. for possessing a plant like cannabis). The rule of law? What a misconception!

Misconceptions #2: The Political Authority of Government

Another one of those rather large misconceptions carried around by the average person is that government has the unquestionable authority to rule. However, as I explored in the article Getting the Idea of Government & Political Authority Out of Your Mind, when you look at it closely, the government’s supposed authority or mandate evaporates into thin air. There is no producible piece of paper that you signed called a “social contract”; there is no real consent where there is no real way to opt-out; there is no legal or moral justification for a majority to forcibly impose its views and will on a minority; and lastly, government does not deserve a special moral status just because it provides benefits to some, which we may or may not need and want. Careful examination of government shows that its purported political authority is built on a house of sand, and has no solid basis. The truth is that government rules by the barrel of a gun, and its authority is utterly illegitimate.

Misconceptions #3: The Scientific Method

Another phrase that gets thrown around like some 3 word argument winner is “the scientific method”. This is often invoked in defense of criminal or even heinous things and activities like prescription drugging of the population, vaccines, GMOs and geoengineering (to stop the imagined manmade global warming non-phenomenon). In even more extreme cases, we have the deployment of science as a weapon to serve crazy schemes, such as eugenics-based programs of surreptitious sterilization and depopulation. Science itself as a discipline is not to blame for this; the issue is those pushing forward dangerous agendas under the rubric of science. Yet, most people will blindly bow down to the white-coated priests of science without any further investigation.

How can we trust the scientific method when there is such a massive amount of fraudulent scientific research, as exposed by insiders like former Big Pharma directors, doctors, medical journal editors and other experts? How can we trust the much-praised scientific hierarchy of evidence when it is so easy to get around the back door by various means of fraud, whether it be outright omission, distortion by changing data sets and many of the other tricks used to change real science into corporate junk science? How can we trust science when it tells us the vaccines saves more hypothetical lives overall, despite the fact they injure, paralyze and kill real people all the time? The doctors of allopathy or Western Rockefeller medicine once labored under horrendous misconceptions, such as practicing blood-letting as a medical and surgical technique, and advocating the smoking of tobacco as fine for your health (“Doctors smoke camels”…). Was any of this real science? If not, how do we know that today’s science is any better?

Science, although it tries to present itself as a rational force for the advancement of knowledge, often succumbs to the trap of falling into dogma. Science has a hard time distinguishing its facts from its theories. Relativity is a theory. Big Bang is a theory. Maybe good explanations, maybe not, but they will be replaced by better ones as our awareness expands. Science wants its one miracle (e.g. the Big Bang) to explain the world – “just give me one miracle and I’ll explain everything!” It is doubtful whether scientific dogma is any better than religious dogma. Science demands that the world be seen in a certain way – and brands anyone outside of its beliefs as a denier or heretic. Ultimately, how much can we really trust mainstream Western materialistic science when it denies the existence of anything it cannot see and measure? Even Einstein said that “the field is the sole governing agency of the particle.” Consciousness is the very basis of matter and life in the Universe, and yet science in general refuses to even accept its existence …

Misconceptions #4: The Greater Good (Collectivism)

Next of the list of grand misconceptions is the idea of “the greater good” as it is applied to government, where it is known as collectivism. In small groups, this method often works well, and sometimes the “majority rules” approach is the best. However, when you try to translate that to large societies or nations, you run into problems. At first “the greatest good of the greatest number” seems so obvious and beneficial. However, collectivism prioritizes the group over the individual. Socialism, marxism, communism and fascism are all collectivist political ideologies that essentially dictate that all individuals, causes and other loyalties (e.g. family, nation, religion) are subservient to the State. They demand that everyone take part in the “new order” and that if necessary the individual must be sacrificed for the greater good. In extreme collectivist societies, the State is everything and the individual is nothing – an absurd inversion of reality. (As an interesting aside, collectivism has something in common with Satanism here, in that both invert reality: black is white, war is peace and pain is pleasure.)

Collectivism allows for majority rule. A more intelligent and peaceful minority can easily be outvoted and turned upon by an emotional, low-minded majority – which is precisely why the US was set up as republic (with inbuilt projections for individuals) not a democracy. The whole concept of “the greater good” or “the group” is abstract. In reality, there is no such tangible thing as a group. There are only individuals who make up a group. The same goes for the “State”. In reality, there are only people who make up the State. When you elevate the imagined needs of an abstract entity (the “group” or the “State”) above the real needs of its living members, you open the door for all sorts of atrocities.

The truth is that only by respecting and enshrining the individual above all else can we achieve the greater good.

Remember also that 1 of the 3 most chilling conspiracy documents or accountsever published (The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion) proclaim how the elders or controllers will enslave the masses through – you guessed it – collectivism. They actually use this term.

Misconceptions #5: We Are Alone

Another of the grand human misconceptions is that we are all alone in the Universe. There’s no other intelligent life out there. We’re it.

People who cling to this outdated and incredibly limited idea may want to check out the broad scope of contact, abductee and eyewitness testimony of those who have personally encountered ETs (extraterrestrials) and aliens. Some have endured great trauma but lived to tell the story, while others have had positive experiences, and have even formed ongoing relationships with ETs. Similar stories come in from all over the world, from all sorts of people. We have ancient myths, artwork and cultural stories which describe or depict UFOs and ETs. The human race has already been “contacted” and indeed may even have been “seeded” by ETs. It’s time to get past our egocentricity that we are the only intelligent species in the Cosmos, and start opening our minds and hearts to greater possibility.

Misconceptions #6: Coincidence Theory

The terms conspiracy theory and conspiracy theorist were developed by the CIA in the 1960s as a way to counter genuine examination into the JFK assassination. They are weaponized terms which represent a cunning method to discredit truthseekers, truthtellers and investigators. This diversionary scheme has worked well – people often shut down once they hear this phrase and stop thinking critically. These terms have become falsely associated, in popular culture, with madness, craziness and deluded thinking.

Of course, the corollary to the idea of so-called deluded conspiracy theories is that things just happen by chance. Thus, those who deride conspiracy theories, often with little or no investigation, can be labeled coincidence theorists. They adhere to coincidence theory which blindly believes there is no New World Order agenda; events just occur randomly. It is hard for the average person who feels compassion and empathy to understand that the world is run by psychopaths with a deadened conscience and ability to feel. So, the average person can’t quite believe that anyone could be so evil, diabolical, ruthless or organized to be plotting a world takeover, even though the scheme is quite advanced. This inherent bias in most people works to the great advantage of the New World Order manipulators, who are in essence protected from their crimes by widespread disbelief. As Marshall MacLuhan once said, “Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.”

Coincidence theory is really a way for people to shield themselves from the ugly truth so they can continue living in denial. Interestingly, it aligns with materialistic and atheistic mainstream science, which insists that life is just a random occurrence and that humanity is nothing special.

Misconceptions #7: Disbelieving the Scope of the Conspiracy

Despite the misconceptions of coincidence theorists, there are positive signs. The world is awakening. There are many people working on different fronts to bring down the control grid and create better, fairer and freer systems. People around the world are actively protesting the corporatocracy, toxic vaccines, GMOs, surveillance, smart meters, geoengineering and more. However, there still remains a fundamental block in the way of a deeper understanding. The last misconception on this list is the biggest one: many people still can’t quite grasp the enormity and extent of the worldwide conspiracy.

All the manifestations of dysfunction in our world today – political corruption, radiation, bioterrorism, false flag events, mind control, pedophilia, Satanism – are all fundamentally connected. They are not random and unconnected events. Think GMOs and geoengineering are unrelated – then why does Monsanto hold patents for aluminum-resistant crops (chemtrails are laden with aluminum)? Think false flag shootings, Big Pharma drugging and mind control are unrelated – then why do these patsy shooters have records of taking prescription drugs? Think pedophilia and Satanism are unrelated – then why do various SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) survivors give accounts of being at places like Bohemian Grove and either witnessing or being forced to participate in dark sacrificial rituals?

We need to connect the dots and sense the deeper connection here.

Dig deeper and you will discover a core group of individuals (the New World Order) who are coordinating all of this.

Dig deeper and you will discover it is the same NWO individuals engaging in all of it: political manipulation, propaganda dissemination, geoengineering, mind control, sex trafficking, pedophilia, war, genocide, suppression of free energy technology and the Secret Space Program.

Dig deeper and you will discover these same NWO individuals summoning and channeling dark forces through these rituals – and being overtaken by them.

Dig even deeper and you will discover these dark forces (Archons) – which are non-human, non-organic, non-physical entities – resemble something like AI (Artificial Intelligence). They are totally heartless and without compassion; like a parasite, they are trying to suck dry and destroy their host – you and I and the rest of humanity. As best as we can tell at this point in our research, they are the distortion at the source of all the connected and inter-related unconsciousness or evil in our midst.

Until we grasp the magnitude of the situation, we will be fighting it on isolated fronts, unlikely to be as effective.

Beware of Misconceptions

Misconceptions abound. The faster we can learn to dig beyond a term or phrase, the faster we will learn the truth.

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Contributed by Zen Gardner of Just Wondering.

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  • I forgot

    Yes, and one of those misconceptions is ET’s are anything other than demons.

    • ISpartaChrisI

      I’ll second that.

    • Reverend Draco

      Demons are actually decent people. . . very moral, friendly, compassionate. . .

      • I forgot

        Yeah, just look at Obama!

    • John_Smith001

      No evidence that either exists, grow up.

      • I forgot

        On the contrary, there’s plenty of evidence, but you don’t want to know what you fear. By the way, you should take some of your own advice.

  • Reverend Draco

    Interesting that you included the morally-consistent religion of Satanism in your list of “manifestations of dysfunction,” but failed to list the morally-inconsistent religions – Judaism, Christianity, Islam – religions with a much greater number of followers, “an emotional, low-minded majority.”

    I guess that my misconception was thinking that moral consistency indicates function rather than dysfunction.

    • Don’t forget that Satan is a Christian deity, but not a Wiccan one.

      • Reverend Draco

        Absolutely he is a christian deity. . . I’ve had to educate more than one person who tried to lump Satanists and Pagans together.

        • I can’t speak to pagans, because I am not one, but I learned from a Scott Cunningham book I found in one of the Arrow Trucking repo tractors that I moved that Satan is not a Wiccan deity. Not all pagans are Wiccans, but all Wiccans I have encountered regard themselves as pagans, so it follows that Satanists cannot be Wiccans. There are probably more varieties of pagans than Christians, there being far more deities for them to worship and call upon.

          • JayC777

            You two imbeciles just love to lick each other’s ass.

          • If you weren’t so envious…
            Do you have any other qualifications besides having a hand that can grasp an ad hominem like it can your own penis?

          • JayC777

            You two morons are the kings of ad hominem. Remove the beam from your eye before trying to remove the speck from mine.

          • Now I understand. We are the cause of your initiating the hate and discontent. Are you still beating your wife?

          • Reverend Draco

            That’s just because we’re not as flexible as you are, and can’t lick our own asses.

            Does eating fruit make your ass taste sweet?

          • JayC777

            That’s all you could come up with? Really? ROTFLMFAO.

          • Dunno y

            Did you aquire your small mindedness like a free toy from a Zion owned Kelllogs cereal box. Dude lay of the sugar and go easy on the coffee, repetitive natures need originality. You one moron and imbecile have a fetish for dark holes that will lead you into speckled homonym not hominem. Best you go back to school if you think your cool.

          • Reverend Draco

            Not all Pagans are Wiccan – I’m not, though I have friends who are Wiccan – all Wiccans are Pagan however.

            Essentially, Pagans are of religions that predate the “revealed” religions by 4,000 years or so – much of the revealed religions’ ideas were plagiarized from various Pagan religions – od and demigods being born on December 25th is one of them. . . Horus, Osiris, Attis, and Krishna, were all said to be born on December 25th, a thousand years or more before HeyZeus was. . .

            They stole these ideas from the Pagan, so as to have a mealy-mouthed way of converting Pagans. . . “well, our god’s son was born the same day as your god’s son. . . so it’s all good,” sorts of things.

          • I’d be interested in hearing more about your particular pagan beliefs and rituals, but you might be more comfortable where I’ve been reading around, http://dennisleewilson.com/simplemachinesforum/index.php, where there is no sign of insulting people, and many concepts I’m sure you’d enjoy exploring, even if you didn’t adopt them for your own. He has a simple registration approach, you email your user name so he can be on the watch for it, and register after he says he has opened it. Free free to blame it on me:-) I’m vonu over there.

    • JayC777

      You’re a moron. Until you have all the answers … you’re not even close … well … because you’re a moron, you have no business criticizing people of faith. If you weren’t a moron you would already know this.

      • Reverend Draco

        Let me guess. . . you’re a religious cretin – one of the “emotional, low-minded majority,” trying to drag one of the “more intelligent and peaceful minority” down to your level where you can beat them with experience?

        • JayC777

          Thanks, for proving my point.

  • It is a shame that the author is clueless about the meaning of the rule of law.

  • RE

    #8: The earth is flat.
    #9: Obama was the greatest president.
    #10: We are in “recovery”
    The check is in the mail…

  • jim_robert

    Article ok… until it starts on the alien nuttiness.

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    • Are you of the opinion that human beings are the only sentient lifeforms in the universe?

      • Conspiracy Theorist Not

        Best-selling author Eric Metaxas wrote in the Wall Street Journal
        article “Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God” (Dec. 25, 2014):
        “In 1966 … astronomer Carl Sagan announced that there were two important criteria for a planet to support life: The right kind of star, and a
        planet the right distance from that star. Given the roughly octillion,
        1 followed by 24 zeros, planets in the universe, there should
        have been about septillion, 1 followed by 21 zeros, planets
        capable of supporting life. … But as years passed, the silence from the rest of the universe was deafening. … As of 2014, researches have
        discovered precisely bubkis, 0 followed by nothing. …”

        Eric Metaxas continued: “What happened? As our knowledge of the
        universe increased, it became clear that there were far more factors
        necessary for life than Sagan supposed. His two parameters grew to 10 and then 20 and then 50, and so the number of potentially
        life-supporting planets decreased accordingly. … Peter Schenkel wrote in a 2006 piece for Skeptical Inquirer magazine: ‘In light of new findings … we should quietly admit that the early estimates … may no longer be tenable.’

        “As factors continued to be discovered, the number of possible
        planets hit zero. … In other words, the odds turned against any planet in the universe supporting life, including this one. … Today there are more than 200 known parameters necessary for a planet to support life, every single one of which must be perfectly met, or the whole thing falls apart. Without a massive planet like Jupiter nearby, whose gravity will draw away asteroids, a thousand times as many would hit Earth’s surface. The odds against life in the universe are simply astonishing.
        Yet here we are, not only existing, but talking about existing. What can account for it? … At what point is it fair to admit that science
        suggests that we cannot be the result of random forces? …”

        Eric Metaxas ended: “Theoretical physicist Paul Davies has said that ‘the appearance of design is overwhelming’ … Oxford professor Dr. John Lennox has said ‘the more we get to know about our universe, the more the hypothesis that there is a Creator … gains in credibility as the best explanation of why we are here.’”

        • Science makes the case for intelligent design. It doesn’t prove the need for a deity to have intelligent design.

          • Conspiracy Theorist Not

            Nor does it preclude it. In any case, that is a straw man. Please review your question for what I was replying to.

          • You have a peculiar way of agreeing with me.

          • Conspiracy Theorist Not

            You have a peculiar way of saying you think it “was” a deity.

          • I don’t have a membership in any church or a degree in theology or mythology. I’m just saying that most who claim a belief in intelligent design also harbor a belief in a deity being the source of the intelligence, and I see no justification to make that leap of faith, except faith.

          • Conspiracy Theorist Not

            You are correct in that it requires faith to believe in any interpretation of creation, as there is no conclusive proof, other than faith, in any determination.

          • You don’t regard your existence as proof of your creation, regardless of its method?

          • Conspiracy Theorist Not

            I wasn’t aware that we had morphed from universal creationism to personal creation.

          • Why is a distinction required in the absence of specificity?

          • Conspiracy Theorist Not

            One necessarily follow the other.

          • Why haven’t you qualified then?

          • Conspiracy Theorist Not

            I would think it was self-evident. The qualification was in the first reply. Red Herring is not my favorite dish. Please quit trying to serve it.

          • I’d never pretend to, having no culinary skills, or need for them.

          • Conspiracy Theorist Not

            So, you’ve never eaten in your life? Surely someone’s culinary skills came into play sometime. See how that works? This has become an exercise in futility, so you may have the last post!

          • It sounds like someone’s knowledge and reasoning skills have come into play in your life as well, just not right now.

  • Brandon Gray

    Love this article. One of the best and most truthful i’ve read on the daily sheeple tbh

    • Andrew Miller


  • Gil G

    These people must use many layers of tinfoil.

  • Montana Man

    Misconception #8: If you’re innocent of any wrongdoing, you have nothing to fear. Truth will win out. An innocent man should trust the police, and the legal justice system. Just tell the truth and you’ll be vindicated.

    That is one of the biggest lies fed by our manipulative legal system, and consumed by the extremely naive. This belief is not based on facts, for there are so many evil people in this world, who care nothing about telling the truth, nor about what happens to you. They have their selfish reasons to take you down, and make you suffer, and yes, they will sleep well at night because they don’t have a conscience. This includes the supposed ‘good guys’ of our society, like cops (who have prejudices like anyone else, and may be ambitious to look good before others, including their superiors), and district attorneys (whose sole interest is winning every case, no matter what), and even your own attorney (who may not be giving you all he’s got in order to win the case). No, you may be completely innocent of all charges, but you may still be convicted, and end up serving time in prison. Then when you finally get out, the realities set in: you have lost all of your money, your job, your house, and your wife has left you for someone else. To top it off, your reputation has been totally destroyed, for everybody believes that you were guilty as charged. They are convinced that if you weren’t guilty, you wouldn’t have been convicted. So now you are forced to hide your past, just so people will trust you, and not be afraid to get close to you.

    This is a life lesson that the wise man should take note of, and remember: Justice will only happen on that day when all men stand before God, and the hearts of the wicked will be exposed to all.

  • Dunno y

    Mr. Gardner was right about one thing. Fighting on isolated fronts will get us the peoples nowhere. The individual thats is his own battle.