60,000+ People Call for Bill Clinton’s Arrest for Violating Election Laws on Super Tuesday

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More than 60,000 people are now calling for former president Bill Clinton to be arrested and prosecuted for violating election laws. What did Clinton do? He entered multiple polling stations in the Massachusetts area on Super Tuesday.

A petition set up at Change.org is calling for the “immediate arrest of President Bill Clinton for clear, knowing and egregious violation of the campaign laws to swing an election in a significant way.”

According to Massachusetts law:

“Within 150 feet of a polling place…no person shall solicit votes for or against, or otherwise promote or oppose, any person or political party or position on a ballot question, to be voted on at the current election.”

Additionally, campaign operatives are prohibited from distributing “campaign material intended to influence the vote of a voter in the ongoing election” within 150 of a polling location.

According to an interview with the New York Times, Secretary Bill Galvin said, “We had to remind some of our poll workers that even a president can’t go inside and work a polling place.”

“He can go in, but he can’t approach voters,” Galvin went on, adding that poll workers in New Bedford, Clinton’s next stop, have been reminded of the rules. “We just took the extra precaution of telling them because this is not a usual occurrence. You don’t usually get a president doing this.”

WVBC reported that Brian McNiff, a spokesperson for Galvin, “clarified that Clinton broke no laws during his visits to the interior of polling places because he was not handing out any flyers or voting materials for Hillary Clinton.”

However, it seems that Clinton was doing a whole lot more than what the law allows for. It appears that he acted in direct violation of the law.

Clinton took at least one photo with a voter, kissed an elderly woman on the head and signed another voter’s Hillary sign. The Globe even reported that Clinton told a voter to “Pull the lever for Hillary.”

That is far over the line of what the law allows. Yet, Clinton did it.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, who was with Clinton as he was committing his crimes, had his office issue a statement. Bonnie McGilpin said, “President Clinton joined Mayor Walsh to thank poll workers in West Roxbury this morning. They were not campaigning inside the polling location.”

“Although the spokesperson for Bill Clinton denies that he was ever inside a polling place, photos and video show him clearly greeting and talking up election workers inside,” read the petition at Change.org. “After being told to refrain from this activity, which is a 3rd degree Voter Violation Felony, for which Clinton indeed must have known the law and chose to violate it, Bill Clinton does not vote in Massachusetts, and would have no other business in a polling station on Election Day besides campaigning for his wife.”

Even the Bernie Sanders campaign have raise questions about the illegal actions of the Clinton campaign.

The petition is calling on Massachusetts Attorney General Marua Healey to “honor the democratic process with all the dignity it deserves, and hold Bill Clinton accountable for the felony of his actions.”

In at least one useless petition to WhiteHouse.gov, petitioners are calling on the White House to investigate this criminal action. I say, fat chance!

However, the petition at Change.org at least is addressing the law and calling on the proper authority to deal with it.

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  • Broos

    Hmm … gay Woman DEMOCRAT being petitioned to prosecute the co-pResidential candidate “front-runners” of the NAPPYS (No Account Party and Precedent of You’re $crewed)? Even Less likely than 0 in the Whitey House!

  • bill lopez

    I was under the impression that caucuses and Primary elections were not governed under the same laws as other elections because the methods in which primary elections or caucuses are held are all up to the parties themselves to determine.
    Not saying I’m right, but this is what I thought.
    One thing you will notice in Primary or Caucuses is people working at the polling place will often wear candidate affiliated clothing – where as in a general election that is not prohibited.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    Ahhh, the ruling class,(eyes fluttering) how we tremble with admiration by your egregious flouting of principle….

  • Law? Authority? You mean for the protected class? There is no law and authority for the protected class, geez, what country do you think this is, a free one or something? You follow the rules they set for you(I don’t) and they do whatever they want, that’s how this circus operates. I wanna see some clowns for the money they are stealing from me at least, maybe a guy that juggles things on fire too. They pretend the selection serious and that’s an insult to intelligence, the only entertainment I get from them are false flags with bad actors, I want a refund dammit!

  • I forgot

    He should be in prison for Waco, Ruby Ridge, Mogadishu, lying under oath, etc…

    • Americaislost

      Well, he may escape the penalty in this life, but hell is a long time

  • Don Duncan

    Our so-called servants are above the law, as President Nixon clearly stated in his interview with Frost. But then why did he resign? Why did he go to a lot of trouble to get his pardon for a crime he was not even charged with? He knew that the people could revolt anytime and demand accountability. So he twisted the law, just in case.

    Times have changed since then. TPTB have become bolder. Now they openly defy the law, even their minions, cops, shoot down unarmed victims, commit highway robbery (asset forfeiture), and openly do illegal drugs during drug raids. And people pretend not to see. They are afraid. They are obedient. They are subservient to their overlords. These cowards have no honor.