33 Facts That Might Come In Handy When The SHTF

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You pick up a lot of information these days, TV, internet, books. there’s a constant flow of news, images and info bombarding us constantly from every side. Sifting through it and finding out if something is true, or false is becoming extremely time consuming as more and more articles are published that seem intent on swaying us in one direction or the other. Here’s a few snippets of info, checked and sorted to save you doing the research.

It’s a fact that……….

1. Bush fires travel faster uphill than down

2. Hurricane lamps work with cooking oil.

3. Super glue will close a skin wound in an emergency.

4. Duct tape and sticks make a very decent splint.

5. Natural sponge can be used as a re-usable feminine hygiene product.

6. Drain Cleaner and bleach mixed together produce chlorine gas.

7. Wasp nest spray has a range of up to 10 feet

8. Wasp nest spray causes temporary blindness if it hits the eyes

9. Wasp nest spray and a lighter make an effective flame thrower.

10. I like wasp nest spray.

11. Plastic bags/food wrap prevent wound infection.

12. Maggots clean infected wounds very effectively.

13. Putting large stones around a wood burner will throw heat back into the room for some hours after the fire is out.

14. Putting tinfoil behind a candle will more than double the heat and light output.

15. Putting a couple of layers of tinfoil behind a wood burner will increase the heat output.

16. A solar still will turn urine or dirty water into drinking water due to evaporation.

17. Elderberry extract has very good anti-viral properties.

18. Cloves relieve toothache.

19. Aloe Vera relieves burns.

20. Natural yogurt relives sunburn.

21. Cinnamon has antibiotic properties and is a good mouthwash.

22. Flies spread disease. Duct tape makes effective fly paper when hung in a room.

23. Bubonic plague is carried by fleas and is still in circulation in areas such as the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

24. Different mosquitoes carry different diseases, they all like standing/stagnant water.

25. Planting herbs and lavender amongst vegetables such as carrots and onions will deter smell aroused pests.

26. The favorite snack of a ladybug is greenfly.

27. Acetaminophen (paracetamol) kills snakes. One 1/4 of a tablet is enough.

28. Green skinned potatoes are poisonous eaten raw.

29. The deadly poison Ricin comes from castor beans from the castor oil plant.

30. Petroleum jelly treats chafing etc. It also waterproofs boots and shoes and burns like hell if you put a flame to it.

31. Tampons, apart from the obvious are great for plugging penetrating wounds.

32. Sugar seems to be effective for helping wounds heal.

33 Exposing a cell phone battery to air and making a hole in it will produce enough heat to start a fire.

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Contributed by Lizzie Bennett of Underground Medic.

Lizzie Bennett retired from her job as a senior operating department practitioner in the UK earlier this year. Her field was trauma and accident and emergency and she has served on major catastrophe teams around the UK. Lizzie publishes Underground Medic on the topic of preparedness.

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  • Montana Rancher

    34. Motor oil is a superior lube for your semi auto.
    35. Attacks at dawn are the most feared.
    36. The average person outlives a doctor by 20 years.
    37. if the government tells you it is bad, it will probably make no difference to you or more than likely it will enhance your life to ignore them.
    38. female cats are the best mousers.
    39. People that preach tolerance rarely are.
    40. Lewis and Clark preferred dog meat over wild game, young horse over old.
    41. A Garlic clove in your chicken water prevents and cures insect problems.
    42. Water pressure increases 1/2 PSI per foot of drop in a pipe.
    43. For every 1000 feet of elevation you go up, your body produces an extra pint of blood.
    44. While I’m on the subject, donating a pint of blood is the equivalent of burning 3000 calories.
    This is fun

    • arleen cook

      Garlic in your pets food will keep fleas at bay.

  • jp

    Another BOB copy.

  • morris adams

    thats pretty awsum, i know most of it but its cool to have a written list instead of trying to remember it all, cool, thanks. i’m also a big fan of tin foil, it’ll keep mice out of a hole as well. MONTANA RANCHER: BALD EAGLE TASTES LIKE CHICKEN, #45

    • arleen cook

      Putting steel wool in a rat hole. They will eat it and die. Don’t eat bald eagles..

  • Gardencat

    I had a neighbor years ago that told me about using sugar in wounds. He said it was one of the things he learned in the military.

  • Um, the links seem to go to edit the articles… you might want to fix that.

  • Canned goods were developed by Napoleon,as field MRE s,are less expensive,are even used by Soviet cosmonauts instead of more expensive freeze dried stuff.I shop at Aldi s ,where its the cheapest,and u bag it,all store brands,if your lucky enough to have one around.
    Settlers ad no refrigeration,so dry goods were the mainstay to plan menu s around.
    A tblspn of baking soda to a 5 qt /2lb batch of beans orks wonders on gas problems,softens water,and batch of beans,from the nite before in soaking process,eliminates 80% of gas.Also works in rice to soften a 45 min cooking of 5 qts at a time,from cold til done.Substitute rice for grits,you may live longer,with the new GMO corn.I use coffee cremer in the mac n cheese,as well as soybean oil instead of margarine /substitutes.TVP can be added to meats as extender,www.bulkfood.com has some in quantity…

  • Honey also acts as an antibacterial.

  • These are all great ! My mom used to have us bite on a clove if we had a toothache, and it works great.

    Regarding # 27, I was wondering how one could get a snake to eat a tablet ? (smile)

  • arleen cook

    Honey is also good as an antibiotic, better than sugar. I live in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and we have had no bubonic plague that I remember in the last 40 years I have been around here. Also, how do you get the snake to take the Acetaminophen? lol