30,000+ Americans Petition Obama to Declare Erdogan’s Turkey “State Sponsor of Terror”

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On our way to documenting Turkey’s arrest of two generals and a colonel who dared to stop a weapons-laden MIT truck in route to Syria, we said that “if there’s a silver lining to last Tuesday’s downing of a Russian Su-24 warplane by two Turkish F-16s it’s that the world is now starting to scrutinize President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.”

Indeed, in the wake of the plane “incident,” Russia embarked on an epic PR campaign to expose the Erdogan government’s complicity in Islamic State’s illegal crude trade and to generally wake the world up to the fact that if ever there were a state sponsor of terror, it’s Turkey.

While it’s probably too much to ask for the general public to delve deeply into the history of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia on the way to drawing a connection between Riyadh and the ideology espoused by the various Sunni extremist groups operating in the Mid-East and generally recognized as “terrorists” by the Western media, watching clips of Russian warplanes vaporizing oil tanker trucks requires little in the way of intellectual investment. That’s perhaps why The Kremlin’s PR blitz has done such an admirable job of alerting the world to Turkey’s role in sponsoring terror.

In fact, word has even reached nearly 35,000 members of the generally clueless American public as evidenced by a White House petition to have Erdogan’s Turkey recognized as a state sponsor of terror. 

“Following Turkey’s downing of a Russian jet striking the Islamic State (IS), it is undeniable that Pres. Recep Tayyip Erdogan supports jihad terrorism in Syria,” the petition says. “IS exports oil via Turkey and terrorists of IS, al-Qaeda, and other jihad groups transit the border.”

While it looks as though the plea will fall far short of the 100,000 signatures it needs, it appears the people are waking up – if only gradually.


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  • frankw

    The chances of Obama supporting the wishes of the people on any level, with or without petitions is next to zero unless they are in agreement with O’s sponsors, the zionist run ruling class.

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    • gooseberry

      So what? You and 97% of American citizens don’t care, or don’t even know about it, aren’t going to do anything about it but run your mouths, if you even do that. But I bet you stand-up-with-your-hand-over-your-heart(s)-when the national-anthem-is-performed. Now go back and watch a sitcom-with-fake-laughter on TV.

      • I don’t take the pledge of allegiance except for the shouting of one word when it comes around, republic.

  • doucyet

    At the moment Turkey is tool for the PTB, it wouldn’t matter if they got together 200k signatures! A couple of years down the road who knows…….they may want Erdogan removed just like Assad.

  • Jon Geissinger

    That will never happen; they are best buds!

  • Turkey isn’t the sponsor of terrorism any more than the United States is. Their governments are another story. Erdogan is probably as much involved in terrorism in the middle east as the Bushes were.

    • gooseberry

      The citizens of any country have a shared responsibility by not overthrowing their government.

      • But can you name another country whose secession motivating document contains a specific duty like the Declaration of Independence does?

        • gooseberry

          All Governments are Totalitarian and are the number one tool of the oppressors, impoverishers, and murderers, of their citizens and citizens of the world. Man’s only recourse for legitimate survival is total violent eradication of all governments, and with them, all standing armies, Banking/Money.

          • How would you muster an army capable of murdering all government employees without killing themselves?

          • gooseberry

            It’s called Guerilla Warfare.

    • BeAPatriot

      Probably less than Osama, or Obama lol

      • Osama and Obama’s mother worked for the CIA in different settings. She spent her whole life, he stayed until they knifed him in the back, as they tend to do to their assets when they are done with them. That turned Osama into an opponent, and a well-funded and knowledgeable one. When we pulled out of Afghanistan for awhile, he worked with the Taliban to virtually eradicate the CIA’s opium poppy crop, for which the agency declared their equivalent of a fatwa against him. If Americans had the sense of their ancestors, they’d eschew skycraft as a useful tool in getting along with the rest of the world.

  • M_111

    30K signatures for something valid, but Trump gets half a mil signatures to kick him out of the UK.

    • BeAPatriot

      500,000 is just the product of anti-Trump propaganda and is fully media backed push for signatures on the English Sheeple. The same spin and backing and you’d get millions to elect him Prime Minister… and he would do a damn site better job.

      • M_111


  • Nexusfast123

    That’s 30,000 more American’s on a watch list.

  • RE


    • gooseberry

      Their brainwashed! Give them till eternity to solve that problem, or exterminate them.

      • Why what right would anyone exterminate them?

        • gooseberry

          What right? The right of survival by righteous Revolution.

  • BeAPatriot

    Far, far too late to avoid being on a list…. they want those on the no fly list to be banned from owning guns. Trouble is that most of the no fly list will be the list of registered gun owners months after this rule is pushed through.

    • gooseberry

      Hey. If anyone has any smarts, most of their significant guns are safely buried off their property, waiting to be dug up for the slaughter. And, they are unregistered.

      • The smartest gun ownership is practised daily by the citizens of the five states that allow concealed carry without a permit, as the second amendment intended to allow.

        • gooseberry

          No. The biggest and best part of any person’s gun collection should be not registered and hidden off property! Especially when living in a 100% Corrupt, Totalitarian, Police-State.

  • BeAPatriot

    Turkey and Saudi are the genesis of 90% of global terrorism, guess thats why the administration is so friendly with them. They are an enemy of the American people and “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

    Its these two that should be dealt with, not Iraq, Syria etc

    • Too bad we didn’t figure that out before 17 Saudis hijacked 4 airliners on 9-11-01.

  • gooseberry

    And Americans! If the approximate 3% of the American people that are worth a s&^t could be extrapolated from the country, the best case scenario would be to carpet-bomb with nuclear weapons the 97% and their 1% of the 1% of the 1% owners/controllers, till a blade of grass couldn’t grow over here for 10,000 years.

    • Grass would be one of the first things to push through the debris. It is also a greater producer of oxygen, by weight, than any tree on the planet. Carbon sinks should be fields of grass, not forests of trees.

  • Such a declaration would disappear in a continuous flow of them from Obama, especially since it has long since become clear that the United States is the single largest perpetrator of terrorist acts on the planet.

    • BeAPatriot

      Sad but true

  • It is interesting that you left out Obama’s presence in America’s pre-911 terrorism. Both Obama and Hillary endorse Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky. Obama by naming it his favorite book. Hillary by using it as the subject of her thesis in university, before it was published.

    • gooseberry

      Why would anybody, other than a brainwashed American care what Obama or Clinton thinks or has to say? Both of them are nothing but mouthpiece/frontmen-women that only do what the think-tanks tell them. The think-tanks are owned and controlled by the ones at the top of the pecking order-The International Rothschild Banking Cartel and it’s sister banks, plus a handful of trillionaires. I would be surprised if Obama, Clinton, or any US President since JFK, is and has been allowed to make the decision of what clothes to wear at the beginning of ‘their’ day. That is about how much they rate in the decision-making process. If you had all the money and power concentrated in your hands, and a few of your cohorts, would you allow nimrods like Obama, Clinton, Trump, etc., to risk saying or do something that you aren’t in control of that could jeoparidize your status quo. They are playing their roles as paid actors and nothing more.

  • gooseberry

    You’re right, It’s over. But, instead of cowering , organize into asymmetric-guerilla armies and eradicate the evil empire. You can only cower so long before the growing tentacles of Totalitarianism ferrets you out.

  • If there is a state that sponsors terrorism it is the one that depends on terror for it’s survival…..the one that needs 9/11 like attacks and wars on Iraq and Syria to maintain the upper hand in the region…

    the little state of israel fits this profile like a glove…..

    • gooseberry

      They best thing that could happen to Israel, and thus the world, would be to drop two nukes on Israel, and one on New York City.