30+ Dead in Brussels Attack: The True Implications of the West’s ISIS Links

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By Tony Cartalucci

Just days after arresting French-born Belgium national and terror suspect Salah Abdeslam in Brussels, a coordinated terror attack unfolded in the very same city, killing at least 28, and injuring many more.

NBC News has already announced that European officials are linking the attack to ISIS, though it is unclear whether or not Abdeslam’s network – which carried out the November 2015 Paris terror attacks – was directly involved.

Abdeslam’s “Terror Ring”

Police in Brussels were still hunting for several other alleged accomplices of Abdeslam, including Najim Laachraoui and Mohamed Abrini.

Laachraoui and Abrini, like virtually every other suspect involved in a string of terrorist attacks across North America, Europe, and Australia, were well known to Western security agencies, having both been documented as having traveled to Syria to fight against Damascus under ISIS, with Abrini having been arrested and jailed several times in the past, and Laachraoui already having a 2014 international arrest warrant issued for him in connection to a trial involving recruiting Europeans to fight for ISIS.

The International Business Times would report in their article, “Manhunt for last Isis Paris attacks fugitives: Who are Najim Laachraoui and Mohamed Abrini?,” that:

Mohamed Abrini, 31, is among Europe’s most wanted fugitives since he was filmed with Abdeslam at a petrol station on a highway to Paris on 11 November aboard a Renault Clio that was used in the attacks two days later. Described as “armed and dangerous” in a European arrested warrant the Belgian-Moroccan is believed to have travelled to Syria after serving short stints in jail for petty crime and robberies.

The Independent would report in an article titled, “Najim Laachraoui: Belgian police launch manhunt for suspect who could have made suicide belts for Paris attacks,” that:

Laachraoui is thought to have studied electro-mechanical engineering at a Catholic high school in Schaerbeek, the Institut de la Sainte-Famille d’helmet, graduating in 2012. He was already known to be in Syria in 2013, and was the subject of an international arrest warrant in 2014.

And because Laachraoui’s DNA is alleged to have been found at several scenes linked to the terror network, it appears that he too may have been in custody at least long enough to provide a DNA sample as a reference to now match him to evidence collected in the aftermath of the 2015 Paris attacks.

And even regarding Abdeslam himself, the BBC would report in their article, “Paris attacks: Who were the attackers?,” that:

Some reports have said he spent time in prison for robbery where he met suspected ringleader Abdelhamid Abaaoud. He had earlier been sacked as a technician on the Brussels tram system, for missing work. Dutch police said they had detained Salah Abdeslam briefly in February, fining him €70 (£49) for possession of cannabis.

In other words, all of the suspects have been under the nose, on the radar, and in the prisons of Western security agencies on and off for years, yet were still able to carry out at least one high-profile terrorist attack – possibly two, and with the vast majority of the suspects involved having traveled to Syria to fight alongside ISIS before inexplicably being allowed to re-enter Europe and rejoin society without consequence – as if inviting them to take their extremism to the next level.

Brussels Bombing Already Being Linked to ISIS

The Guardian’s “Brussels attack: were they revenge for Abdeslam’s arrest?,” attempted to link the bombings in Brussels to the arrest of Abdeslam and the Paris attack terror network. The op-ed acknowledges that these terrorist attacks are being carried out by locals – Europeans – using local resources.

Should the Brussels attack be linked to this same terror network, it will greatly complicate efforts by some to leverage this tragedy to further their agendas against refugees and even to change the dynamics of the war in Syria itself.

Europeans are clearly already being radicalized and then leaving to Syria to fight alongside ISIS and then returning – rather than a torrent of foreigners streaming in from abroad and carrying out violence against European targets.

Should the Brussels attack turn out to be the work of this ISIS-linked terror group, considering the familiarity European security agencies had with all the suspects long before even the 2015 Paris attacks, indicates criminal negligence at best, and complicity at worst.

But even if the attacks are the work of foreign ISIS militants, one should consider the West’s admitted role in the creation and perpetuation of ISIS in the first place.

The West Created ISIS as a Weapon of Geopolitical Coercion

ISIS’ own alleged agenda of transforming the world into a “caliphate” is cartoonishly absurd. In reality, it is clear that ISIS shows up and exercises force in regions of the world the US and its allies cannot intervene in directly. This includes North Africa, the Middle East, and even as far as Asia.

Far from a “conspiracy theory,” it would be the US’ own Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) that would admit as much in a leaked 2012 report (.pdf) which stated:

If the situation unravels there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in eastern Syria (Hasaka and Der Zor), and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime, which is considered the strategic depth of the Shia expansion (Iraq and Iran).

To clarify just who these “supporting powers” were that sought the creation of a “Salafist” (Islamic) principality” (State), the DIA report explains:

The West, Gulf countries, and Turkey support the opposition; while Russia, China, and Iran support the regime.

Between this admission, and an earlier exposé in 2007 by veteran journalist Seymour Hersh in his New Yorker piece titled, “The Redirection” where US and Saudi plans to use Al Qaeda to wage proxy war on Syria and Iran were revealed, it is clear that both Al Qaeda and ISIS are being used by the West to wage war on Damascus, Baghdad, Tehran, and even Moscow.

ISIS supply lines clearly, even admittedly run from NATO territory in Turkey where the US and its regional allies have categorically failed to interdict them and even appear to be aiding and abetting the flow of men and materiel into ISIS-held territory in Syria and Iraq. These supply lines are what has allowed pressure to be continuously placed upon Damascus and its allies over the past 5 years in ways nonexistent “moderate rebels” couldn’t.

In Indonesia, as Jakarta clearly began re-balancing toward Beijing, ISIS carried out its first deadly attack on the Southeast Asian nation. Thailand’s similar re-balancing also prompted threats from the US that an “ISIS attack” was imminent.

In Europe, where the flames of a “clash of civilizations” are being furiously and intentionally fanned, ISIS serves as a constant implement to empower extremists on both sides, while drowning out the voices of unity, moderation, and peace in the middle. It allows for a growing police state and xenophobic tendencies to flourish at home, while justifying further war abroad.

While some Western newspapers are already trying to frame the Belgium attack as “incompetence” by European security agencies, there must be a better explanation as to why this “war with ISIS” continues to drag on, when the source of ISIS’ fighting capacity appears to be within rather than beyond the West – and aiding rather than opposing Western special interests.

See video of Brussels, Belgium terror attack from WTFRLY.com below

Tony Cartalucci, Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher and writer, especially for the online magazine New Eastern Outlook”.

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Contributed by Tony Cartalucci of New Eastern Outlook.

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  • Helluva3ngineer

    This is what a real bombing looks like

  • Death of innocents is a small price to pay for the vibrant diversity they are getting out of the deal! [sarc]

    • BW83

      The truly sickening part is one of the first things that will be said is “well, hey guys, let’s not blame Muslims”. Before all the bodies are even found (the real victims) excuses will be made on how we shouldn’t vilify the actual people responsible.

      • The real victims are still alive and scattered throughout the American empire.

      • Gi Joesuff

        Let’s blame muslims, not the 75% of them that are peaceful, but the 25% of them that are jihadists bent on destroying the Western world. (aprox 250 million violent muslims)

        Arm yourselves or perish.

  • straight shooter

    And don’t forget, this happened on 3-22, a number which just happens to have secret society gravitas.

    • Since that is well known, secret societies aren’t so secret anymore.

      • straight shooter

        Getting less secret every day indeed.

    • Doc Holliday

      Good point.

  • If all the dead weren’t NATO bureaucrats, it was a waste of time, money, and effort.

  • ErickDean

    “……having travelled to Syria to fight alongside ISIS before inexplicably being
    allowed to re-enter Europe and rejoin society without consequences – as if
    inviting them to take their extremism to the next level.”

    What a poignant observation this writer has proffered! Perhaps there are under
    lying causes for this spate of ‘terrorism’ in Europe besides that which the decorated military talking heads on CNBC today offered, “they hate us!” A
    neurotically simple minded explanation for such an occurrence. I recall the
    comment of Bertrand Russell: “the United States is the only modern society
    that does not educate its public in the skill of critical thinking”. Perhaps we
    can overlook those two as still living examples of that ‘philosophy of education!

    It is possible that Belgium security is a mite lax, or perhaps the uneventful return
    of the ‘culprits’ was a case of certain heads turning another way. I recall that in
    their telling book “Secret War Against the Jews”, Aarons and Lofton claim Lee
    Harvey Oswald, after renouncing his ‘american’ citizenship, was aided and
    abetted by government authorities who bent over backwards to reissue to
    him a shinny new passport and reinstatement as a U.S. citizen along with a
    not too shabby monthly ‘stipend’ for ‘personal’ expenses! Will they do the same
    for Ed Snowden?

    That which is hidden from the masses and public mind often holds the key to
    these events that occur as ‘shocks’ to the average Joe on his way to work or
    a trip to another country using public transportation or waiting in line at a crowded
    air terminal. John Fitzgerald Kennedy himself a member of the ‘privileged’ class
    can be heard on you-tube making a speech in which he cites the ‘secret societies’
    as being manipulators of the minds of the masses by “covet means”, pledging to in as far as it was in his power defeat. How convenient was that assassination?

    Or perhaps one should consider the issue of foreign policy as practised by the western ‘power queens’ in their rather, how shall I say, heavy handed dealing over the last several hundred years with the ‘colonized’ folk of this planet whose lives have been shaped by them in untoward ways!

    Erick Dean Tippett
    Retired Musician/Teacher
    Chicago, Illinois

  • HENK-2

    This whole business could be settled very quickly by adopting Hitler’s revenge.

    For every 1 German soldier killed in occupied territories 100 adult males were executed.

    For every dead person in Europe, killed by Muslims, 100 adult Muslim males should be executed.

    Que sais-je.

    • davee

      Yes of course, because everybody thought Hitler had great ideas.

      • HENK-2

        He did.

        He attacked the communists before they attacked Germany.

        • After signing a pact with them.

          • HENK-2

            Which Stalin broke by building up supplies to invade Germany.

            In the Netherlands we say: the first blow is worth a dollar.

            Paraphrased: prevention is better than the cure.

          • Do you always have to paraphrase what you already said in the same language?

          • HENK-2

            I do it for dumbbells.

          • I guess you have a lot of them in the EU.

    • Gary

      Your plan sounds like the perfect way to start a real war – murdering people for their religion? Stalin would be so proud (so long as you don’t kill any Jews).

      If you want the false flag bombings to stop, start rounding up the crisis actors, secret service personnel and agent provocateurs involved in each event. Turn these people over to the Muslims or other group they were trying to implicate, for real justice, together with any politicians or media whores who pervert the course of justice by lying.

      The War on Terra would soon lose the wind that billows her sails.

      • HENK-2

        Europe is for Europeans.

        It is mainly a Christian continent.

        And other religions are welcome and respected.

        But when they breed and hide people who want to destroy Europe, its culture, Christianity it is war.

        In a war there is collateral damage.

        I experienced 5 years of WW2.

        We did not flee across the North Sea to England, we fought for our country.

        Look up Dutch Hungerwinter in Wikipedia.

        The WEEKLY bread ration was 1 pound/week.

        Every day was suffering.

        And one day we heard shouting behind us.

        They were German Soldiers waving with loaves of bread.

        We turned back and kept walking.

        THAT is what you do in a war.

        No favours from enemies.

        Do NOT make them feel good.


        Nothing to do with religion, just survival.

        • Gary

          Sadly, Europe has not been a Christian continent for some time. Maybe 100 years – I’m not sure.

          The war escalated when traitors started letting those of different allegiance and religion into Europe to weaken it. The traitors should be dealt with first, as they are the true cause of the problem for both Europeans, and those of different allegiance seeking a better life (and eroding the traditional values of Europe in the process).

          I am sorry for your WW2 experience, and trust you will forgive my ignorance if that is what it is, but believe many of the Germans (e.g. those who offered you bread), along with the peoples of the allied nations, were the good guys duped into hating and fighting each other, rather than the Stalins, the Churchills and the Roosevelts (possibly the Hitlers, but I’m still undecided on this) who were the real enemies.

          • HENK-2

            Thank you.

            You are gracious.

            Go to tarpley.net.

            There is a free book on line: Against Oligarchy.

            It’s an eye opener.

            All the very best.


          • I as just reading some info that pointed to Hitler and Churchill being cousins! If that is true then WWII was a massive, deadly hoax.

          • If it weren’t for Senator Prescott Bush, we would never have heard about Adolph Hitler. FDR and his treasonous buddies brought us Pearl Harbor for the same reason. Some day we’ll know who really produced 9/11. My money, for now, is on the Straussian neo-cons.

          • Not sure about that, the plans for Israel were enacted in the mid 1800s so the jews were getting transferred there one way or another, whether they liked it or not, it was the will of the zionists after all.

          • On the other hand, if one is a true believer in the inerrancy of the bible, it was all enacted about 6000 years ago. A lot matters on which jews are under consideration. Most zionists aren’t jews. There are a lot of similarities between Nazis and Zionists. Some claim that modern day America is the 4th Reich.

          • Most jews ARE zionists though, only a small portion is opposed but are growing in numbers as the truth gets out. They are under the same propaganda assault as anyone else. The land called Israel by scheming zionists is not the same as the Israel of the bible.

          • “Naturally the common people don’t want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, IT IS THE LEADERS of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is TELL THEM THEY ARE BEING ATTACKED, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. IT WORKS THE SAME IN ANY COUNTRY.” Hermann Goering at the Nuremberg Trials
            It is pretty much the same in Zionist Israel as in the United States, as it was in the Israel of the bible and the united (sic) States of America.

          • Gary

            Dunno. I’ve read that Hitler interfered in the war and caused several critical military blunders for Germany. If he lived out his days in peace in Argentina, I think it unlikely he was a real enemy of the JWO, which would make WWII planned murder on a mass scale by the hierachy.

            That said, I also believe Hitler said a lot of true things, and seemed to act in the best interests of Germany on many occasions. I’ve also read/heard that the Germans were more civilised than the Allies, in general. I don’t put it past the JWO to do a double-bluff (kill him, then pretend he got away because he was one of the gang), but to fool the 5% who don’t accept the official story, would it be worth it?

          • I hold the same feelings, I am just not sure.

        • North America is a Christian continent too, kind of…

      • I assume you are aware that there are two major groups of jews?

        • Gary

          Probably even more than two, but yes.

  • ExecutorOffice

    Sponsored by DC? Didn’t DC create ISIS ? Infowars / Drudge / Sheeple have all expounded on that haven’t they?

  • Catherine McCoy

    I hope everyone remembers that ISIS was created by the elite/corporates. Isis is even one of the goddesses the Masons worship.

    • Which masons? They are as diverse as Christians.

      • Catherine McCoy

        Any based on the Templers which is most

        • That is the same thing as saying that all murderers are criminals, even if some of them killed in self-defense.
          Do you know anyone who is a “Templer”, since all who are a member of a temple, are?

          • Catherine McCoy

            Because of the interest Dan Brown and Holy Blood and Holy Grail kicked up, a lot more has been learned about the Masons. A good book to read is The Sion Revelation because it was written later with more accuracy by the best known experts on the subject.

          • Where would I find bona fides for Dan Brown and Holy Blood and Holy Grail?

          • Catherine McCoy

            The authors of The Sion Revelation prove that most of what Brown and the Holy Blood writers said was completely false. Read it. There is no holy blood and although the Mason worship Mary Magdalene it is not because she was Jesus “wife”.

          • I have never started vetting hearsay by reading the hearsay. If there is no reason to read hearsay determined by the absence of bona fides for the authors, I treat it as the fiction it appears to be. I don’t read fiction.

  • Gary

    I love the indestructible little passports they always seem to leave behind, and their cries in Arabic always heard by someone conveniently close enough to hear the cries, but far enough away not to be destroyed in the self-detonation, to allow the terrorists to be immediately identified as Muslim extremists.

    These Muslim Jihadist patsies and/or crisis actors are so cute.

  • Gary

    Bravo, at least one intelligent voice among the sheeple.

  • Sir Walter Raligh in a can

    Thanks for the laugh!

  • ExecutorOffice

    lol,,,,,i love the name !!!

  • HENK-2


    It is a cure for morons who welcome their rapists.

  • Gary

    Christianity is built on the fact that the perfect Man who is God died, and on the third day came back to life.

    Not to be confused with the cheap counterfeits who claim the same label, but whose adherents exhibit the character of those who murdered Him, rather than He they pupport to worship, whether organised or not.

    • If man is God, why do we need another?

      • Gary

        “The perfect Man who is God”. No other men are God/gods.

  • Here we go… yet another coincidence theorist… everything’s a coincidence, sure, lol

  • Just to their incompetence.

  • Religions and governments always kill those they can’t control.