2nd Grader’s Homework Teaches ‘The Government GIVES Us Our Rights’

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Apparently this homework sheet given out to 2nd graders about “Being a Good Citizen” is teaching them that the government GIVES us our rights.

And the government doesn’t just give us our rights, but the government specifically gives us “special privileges called rights.”

2. When you are a citizen you have rights. Rights are special privileges the government gives you. In our country, you have free speech. You are also given the right to chooes a religion. In America, the press is free to tell you what is happening in the world. The Bill of Rights lists the freedoms given to citizens. These rights are very important. Many people in the world do not have freedoms like we do.

A derivative of the word “give” is used no less than three times just in example number two. Number three begins with, “Because the government gives us rights, we have the duty to be good citizens.” Number four tells us being a good citizen means “you show your love for your country.” We are told to obey all laws. We are then told someday (in number seven) we will be given the right to vote, which will be an “honor.” It goes on to tell us to pay our taxes.

This is what eight-year-old kids are being taught in this country.

Wait, did I say taught? I meant being indoctrinated to blindly believe. They might as well exchange the word “citizen” in “being a good citizen” for “statist” or “fascist” or “communist.”

The only thing this sheet didn’t say was “Obey. Consume. Sleep.”

Not that it should even have to be said, but our rights are inalienable. Definition: unable to be taken away from or given away by the possessor. Why? Because they are inherent. Definition: existing in something as a permanent, essential, or characteristic attribute. The government is not in a position (although it is trying as hard as it’s tyrannical centralized little heart can) to grant or give rights which we already have. By the same token, those rights cannot be taken away by the government either.

You wouldn’t know it from this worksheet however. That’s the real message these kids are getting here. Because if the kids can be taught to believe the government gives them their rights, then would that same government not also be able to condition them that it can take their rights away as well?

Some lies are so big, it takes a sock puppet to set things straight…watch the video above. Next time, I break out the googly eyes.

In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution. ~Thomas Jefferson

(H/T Eddie Parrino)

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  • crazy2medic

    Did the kid’s parents go to the school and raise hell? I certainly would have, I would also make sure my child knew the truth and that the teacher was a liar!

  • Davet916

    In the sample of the lesson on their website it says, “3 Because the government protects our rights, we have the duty to be good citizens. But, what does it mean to be a good citizen? How can you be a part of giving back for the freedom you have?”
    This sort of dishonesty and manipulation needs to be disclosed broadly. Deception like this is done on purpose to make our children beholding to the government and the system. It sounds like something put out by the UN to undermine sovereignty.
    Dave T
    Sacramento, CA

  • Mike

    The liberal progressive indoctrination continues. People, it is time to get rid of public schools once and for all. Government run schools will only continue to brainwash our children and aid in destroying their futures.

    • Reverend Draco

      That is the goal of public schools, indoctrination not education.

      Modern schools are based on the “Prussian Industrial Model,” and – using a regime of fear, isolation, and monotony – stress Conformity over Individuality, Procedure over Innovation, and Control over Empowerment. This creates people who are just (barely) smart enough to operate the equipment necessary to their job. . . obedient cannon-fodder. . . efficient paper-pushers. . . good little snitches. . . but not people who are smart enough to understand just how badly they’re being fucked – using their own money, no less.

  • Phil

    A good teacher would have taught his or her students that the article is pure propaganda; and since it is 8-year olds that are being taught with that crappy article, they would be introduced to the term propaganda and its definition before reading the article. A good teacher would imbed into the heads of these kids that the government is manipulative, and puts out propaganda ALL of the time.

  • fred miller

    Our rights are endowed by our creator!

    • Cracker122049

      Not to the goon with the M-4 and a badge they aren’t!

      • Yeah actually they are. That’s the thing about Natural Rights, they apply to everyone weather you agree with their politics or views or not. It cuts both ways.

  • Guest

    Even worse, the author of this worksheet is Christian and is a homeschooler. Not because she is those things but because she holds these views even though they’re in opposition to what she’s a part of. She’s unfortunately confused on the issue of our rights and has likely taught her children the same incorrect information.


  • Tatiana Covington

    “No faith, no belief, no loyalty, no love.”–Ralph Lowell McMurray

  • curenado

    Wait. It’s Christian home school? It is obtuse and insulting. Barney teaches marxism. But it was something that provider is responcible for not a school or state. Bit of a misleading headline.
    Does go to show that it does not even take common core or islam for some people. They’re volunteer stupid and indulgently infantile all on their own. I believe they call that the “shipwreck of faith”, especially when you see Marx being trained in a Christian anything.

  • JS

    We can’t keep letting these liberals indoctrinate the kids. And why the hell is a 2nd grader learning ‘how to be a good citizen’, shouldn’t they be learning the times table?

  • This is what you get when you use random crap off the internet for your lesson plan. I know most public school teachers are lazy entitled sob’s but come on…
    Here’s another gem by the same “author”:

  • William Keith Lopez

    Apparently nobody bothered to look this woman up online. She is a home school advocate and devout Christian woman. She home schools her own kids. From her bio, she seems to be very much like the type of person this website caters to.

    Funny how stupid finds itself everywhere.

    • From MY bio, you can tell I’m 6’4 with a build like Daniel Craig, a face like Sean Bean, and a schlong like Long Dong Silver. I’m a also a devout Christian man and homeschool advocate who has tons of money yet is sensitive to the ladies. Its true, you read it on the internet.

  • negative. if that were true you would only have true rights once you were old enough to thoroughly understand them, conceptualize them, and had the ability to defend them. Do you lack basic rights when you are an infant? do you automatically forfeit them if you become a quadriplegic who couldn’t physically defend his own life? What about a deaf-mute who couldn’t consent (or deny…) his right to search and seizure? Belief in a higher power is irrelevant to your rights although many follow the concept of God given rights. If you chose to believe they are “God given” so be it, otherwise they are whats called “Natural Rights”. Your statement that they are “created and enforced by our own hands” is childish and naïve and plays directly into the hands of those who would wish to deny us our rights, namely that since rights are created and enforced by man, they can be rescinded or restricted by man in the same way. It would be a bit more correct to say “our rights are confirmed and defended by our own hands”

  • I was born with my rights, not given them by the government. That is why they are called inalienable in the Declaration of Independence

  • Bevin Chu

    HL Mencken said it best:
    “The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed and train a standardized citizenry, to put down dissent and originality. That is its aim in the United States, whatever the pretensions of politicians, pedagogues and other such mountebanks, and that is its aim everywhere else.”
    ― H.L. Mencken