Cashless Control Grid: 25% of Australians Would Get a Chip Implanted in Them to Pay for Stuff

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Positive ID RFID Chip

Just wow.

People really have learned to love their high tech servitude.

Via Business Insider Australia:

A mind-boggling 25% of Australians say they are at least “slightly interested” at the prospect of having a chip implanted in their skin that could be used for payments, new research has found.

The research by credit card company Visa and the University of Technology Sydney found Australians are open to the prospect of paying for items using wearable tech including smart watches, rings, glasses and even a connected car. [emphasis added]

“Australians are among the world’s earliest adopters of new technology,” Head of Emerging Products and Innovation for Visa in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, George Lawson said.

Think we’re being tracked and traced now? Why would you be interested in not only taking the mark but for a cashless control grid in the modern era of corruption we find ourselves swimming in? This is not only trusting to the point of idiocy, it’s literally voting for one’s own enslavement.

What happens when the government starts turning people’s chips off for not falling in line and being good little statist citizens? Have fun buying milk and bread then, Australians.

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  • If the author of this article has a smartphone or credit cards, s/he is a hypocrite, because the implanted chip is just a difficult to misplace version thereof.

    • Super Dushe

      yeah. Because carrying a card in your wallet is the same as a surgical implant used to track your actions. I do somewhat agree with your smartphone analogy though. I don’t have one, and I’m sure people would love to have them implanted as well so they wouldn’t have the hassle of carrying around their piece of igarbage 24 hours a day so they are always accessible.

      • An implant is just a way to authenticate the bearer, as are all identification schemes. No implant will allow you to communicate, because they can’t. If and when implants become mandatory, I will be ready with my sterilised Xacto knife and forceps, to remove them.

        • A chip wouldn’t make it 24hrs in my body before it was cut out.

          • Depending on how fast your body would begin to form adhesions, you’d probably better make it less than that.

      • Jakob

        Your cell phone, you vehicle, the metal strip on your money…your shoes….

    • jim_robert

      Ummm…. you can turn off your phone, or place it in a cell communications-proof bag, or remove the battery. There’s no way to turn off your implant. Get a clue

      • You can cover it the same way you do a phone, especially since it isn’t powered and depends on a powerful electronic pumping from a transmitter to power its response.

        • Dawn

          you are right because when one turns off the computer or just the phone (or extracts the respective battery), it doesn’t even have to be “smart”, one turns it back on and the calendar/watch is still right on the mark. So there has to be a lithium battery there to keep that functioning.

          • Actually, that is just the way that it appears. When you “turn off” your cellphone, the only parts that are deactivated are the screen drivers and the keyboard.
            All cellphones are computer terminals under the complete control of the cellular network. Their microphones, cameras, and transmitters are always available to do as they are told by the network. Some people believe that removing the battery will shut them down, but they don’t know about the batteries that are mounted on the motherboards. Apple is seemingly honest about this, by not having a removable battery. Having a cellphone within earshot is like having a bug, likewise. The only ways to thwart them causes them to be worthless as communication devices. Since I only get about 1 call a week on each of my cheap prepaid cellphones, I don’t carry them unless I’m waiting on a call.

          • If you use a gotenna with an offline device you text in complete privacy but the downsides are the other party needs one and they have to live within 50miles, it’s still awesome though.

          • That 50 miles is mountaintop to mountaintop, according to goTenna’s own website. You could get the same functions out of a Rino with an encryption chip installed. In fact, since the Rino operates on the UHF band, and goTenna on the VHF band, the Rino would probably get slightly better range, at a fraction of the price.

          • Never heard of it.

          • Rino is a Garmin product. Three models of FRS/GMRS communicators, two of which operate at the same power levels as goTenna, offer texting, and can track each others GPS locations on a 30 second window.

          • If they use cell towers then that is a deal breaker as gotenna uses radio waves.

          • CMOS battery.

          • No such thing. CMOS is a semiconductor technology, not a battery technology.

          • Really? Here are instructions on how to replace it:

          • Colloquialisms are frequently used incorrectly, annoying those of us who do know they are inept language.

          • It is literally how you must refer to it.

          • There are a great many people who understand only senseless colloquialisms.

          • It’s a drastically imperfect world.

          • And entropy seems to be operating in all spheres of it.

    • Dawn

      I wouldn’t call him or her “hypocrite” but you are right. Couple of years ago, I bought a cheap new laptop. When I was reviewing the different things it comes with, the print SPECIFICALLY says that the Laptop is not equipped with a GPS tracking device. I went to Europe for couple of months and when I opened the browser, its main page automatically changed the location (for weather forecast) to where I was AT THE TIME, and not only that, I was denied access to couple of regular sites apparently because they are accessible only to Americans and not Europeans, so, not only in mold but also in substance, one can tell that the computer can be used as a tracking device. I manually did not do anything for that to happen, yet there it was. As I registered my little box after purchase by giving the required personal info for them to tag it to me. Bingo!!!!

      • Maybe I should qualify it a bit more by saying they are ignorant hypocrites. Having played with electronic technology since I was a toddler and progressed onto a career as broadcast radio engineer, I have what could be called a highly intuitive understanding of the technology which has grown up with me. One of the main reasons I detest social media is because of its ability to voluntarily get information out of us that we’d resist giving if we were being interrogated. The spooks understand this, that is why they bought up all the social media operations as they emerged, through false fronts.

        • Dawn

          Wow!!!! What a privilege to be able to talk to someone like you.
          You are absolutely right about the Social media scam!!!!!
          Speaking of social media. When face “scam” book (some refer to it as “”) was in its budding stage. I opened an account and closed it within like 6 months without much giving of any personal info on my part. Not even a picture. When I closed, I specifically asked for it to be DELETED. And there seemed to be no problem at first. But later, emails started to come into my email address, of various shades. They were basically trying to PRESSURE me to go back and log in, knowing that will suffice in reopening the account. I contacted them and told them I deleted the account, then they claimed it was only a “deactivation” so the account is still there, I told them that, that was their problem and not mine. They kept on sending me fictitious notifications that such wanted to talk to me or such inquired about me, but I still did not go back. I contacted the Dept. of consumer affairs, they said I have to contact the State Attorney General office. I have and the only answer I got is “they can’t do nothing but keep track of the complains that comes in against that scam and that’s it.” I closed the email account as result.
          People are soo o so stupid. They have no clue what they are up against.

          • Well, thank you for the flowers, but you are pretty special for your willingness to read completely, think through critically, and respond thoughtfully, yourself:-)
            Facebook never deletes anything except from your display file. Mark Zuckerberg once referred to his customers as stupid f…ers, and he didn’t mean facebookers. He got very wealthy by selling his creation to an American intelligence agency, and continues to make good money acting as their expert in maintaining and modifying it to do their will.
            I have a policy of boycotting any person or organization which has as its sole online contact point a social networking scheme. It is their loss if they want to use these antisocial collectivistic monstrosities to market themselves or their products, because they’ll never count me as a customer. They’d be wise to add a simple email address, but some of them aren’t even smart, let alone wise.

          • Dawn

            You are an amazing being, I tell you!!!!thank you so much for the priceless intel!!!!!!!! I was listening to a radio show one time a long time ago, I don’t remember whether it was b4 or after I ejected them. and one of the radio show hosts tells the other as they were talking about fb “do you know what’s the most asked question on the internet?” as the other guy indicated he didn’t know, his co-host answered “how do I delete my Facebook account?” when I did, I don’t remember the details but I am pretty sure these criminals, at least led me to believe that I actually deleted it. When I usually smell fish about some party on the internet I usually take a good permanent precautions.
            I know about the imprint. Even when one does not hit the submit button, the imprint of whatever has been typed gets saved to the website’s data base one happens to be visiting, as well as to one’s own “history”, as some people complained that they backed off online purchases, and thinking they did not hit enter after putting in the credit card #, they thought they were not going to be charged but they were!
            Also as I was updating my Adobe reader one time, they forced the download/installing of google bar (they used to ask if one wants it, now they just shove it down the person’s throat), I forgot to go back and uninstall it, so I was writing an email and next thing, right after I hit send, I quickly captured on the google bar search box “saving blabla email”. They were saving my emails to their data base without ever asking me when the vermin leaked in my hard drive if they can do that!!!!!
            I mean none of them can be trusted. They are not to be trusted.
            Thank you for your encouragements.

          • All of my computer’s toolbars are Google bars because I have a Chromebook, being the best $200 I ever spent on such. I don’t miss the almost daily interruptions that I suffered when I had Windows laptops, to install this or that. Google takes care of all of that in their cloud, along with caching the really important stuff that would usually go on the hard drive that the Chromebook doesn’t have. If I have a question, I can chat live with a friendly customer service person 24/7 at no extra cost. There are some things I can’t do on my Chromebook that I could do on my Windows laptops, but they are pretty minor when compared with the lack of Gatesitis.

          • Dawn

            It’s awesome to be able to talk to you because it’s really an educational experience. I just looked up Chromebook right now. and it says it’s designed to work while one’s unit is connected to the internet. The practical side put a side, doesn’t that make you too dependent on them? like if the internet goes blank due to an EMP attack for example? as far as assistance, I go to the MS support page and the guys/girls there are super nice. I mean my questions are nothing fancy, but they do get answered in a flash usually. Speaking about privacy, Not long ago, I read an article about AT& T, and somebody else, I think it was Verizon but I am not sure. They designed a cookie impossible (or nearly impossible for guys like you, who know) to remove from one’s computer. And the cookie is of course designed to copy everything the person does on internet and out and report it back to tptb. I don’t do anything illegal or engage in any shady stuff but I still do not want them to brown nose me. So I avoid these 2 like a plague. One time Veriz tried to charge me 400$ for texting I have never done, I had to contact the FCC commissioner who told me I have a case for them to decide to hush!! So Veriz, I hate them already for the fraud that they are.
            I just re-read what you said about turned off phones. I duck taped the mic and cam to my pc-box long ago as I don’t even need them.
            I find that to be absolutely startling as far as an ‘off’ device still being able to be used as a Network terminal!!!!! Maaan!! This is amazing. I am sure there is a way to still do that even if the phone is disconnected? I have one that I use as a morning alarm.
            You referred to Google bar(s) in plurial, how many do they have?

          • YES it DIES make you too dependent on “them” as google cannot be trusted! Chromebook comes with a web cam and microphone with no software to use either, just a FYI. uninstall any google toolbars or any other google products immediately, that is my advice to you and this is what I do for a living.

          • Dawn

            Thank you so much! I unfortunately use the library for the better part of my internet surfing and they do block links such as the one you were kind enough to giver me, but I am going to try it from somewhere else. I saw Tor (that one is also blocked) being spoken of in a documentary. I went to their website and downloaded the free application to be able to surf in privacy. I checked it, to the exception of when I am at the library, it works. Me too, I do not trust Google. I do use them as a search engine because they are better than the others but that’s about it. Thank you so much again for your help.

          • A Chromebook won’t do much without Google toolbars, the only ones it needs or can load.

          • I am not a fan.

          • You do, however, seem to have a good supply of hot air with respect to some topics:-)

          • If an EMP wipes out your computer, it won’t matter whose support you use. You must use a different MS support than I ever did, because I usually had to call them on the phone, go through a dozen voice mail steps, and wait on hold. If I want to get Google support, I push a button to get the page, type in my question, and click on submit. Their support person comes online in live chat mode as soon as they can. My computer is still completely functional because all of the updates are installed in their cloud and run there. My Chromebook is nothing more than a VPN terminal.
            I have had two HP laptops with Vista and 8.1 respectively. I have never gotten anywhere near the friendly support that is routine from Google from anyone else, ever. It would be different if I wanted to run lots of local apps, but all I use(d) the Chromebook or
            HPs for was surfing the Internet, listening to my Amazon cloudplayer, and email. The only thing I used the optical drive for was installing restoration files and ripping CDs. I have a friend who wants a copy of my MP3 collection, so we will use his MS laptop to rip my CDs and do anything else the MP3 players need, and we’ll both end up with MP3 players with killer music collections. I’ll also make some backups, probably one on SD and maybe one on DVD-ROM.
            According to Edward Snowden and William Binney, privacy is impossible on the Internet, so it doesn’t really matter how your privacy is violated, or on whose paradigm.

          • Dawn

            If you plug in a back up hard drive at the end of each cession, that should take care of safeguarding everything for you, vs. if you have these guys take care of it all. I mainly used the portable back up hard drive to save my writings as I am trying to write a book, that’s it. Other than that my stuff is very elementary. And here’s the page I use, you have to be logged into the site via having an account, which takes 2 mns to set up:
            I can imagine the kind of questions you ask are complex enough to give them a vertigo LOL., which probably explain the lengthy time it takes them to answer them. The good thing about that is anybody who knows the answer can jump in and reply beside the techs and moderators and I find that to be very home-y.
            Speaking of recording. I have a question for you or RollyJog:
            I have few cd’s with subliminal sides on them that I want to turn into mp3’s and I don’t know how to do that. How do you think I should approach that? and do I need special equipment above a pc? thank you so much.

          • If it gets on the Internet, it is available for anyone who knows how to capture it, and no one knows how to do that better than the NSA. They built the Utah Data Center to store everything until they can break the encryption, if they want.
            I have yet to find a plug in drive that works on the Chromebook, and I don’t have any reason to abstain from using Google’s free equivalent to Carbonite.

            If I were writing a book, I’d do it on a computer without any Internet connectivity and automatic redundancy.
            The Chromebook is updated daily and I doubt that anyone outside Google has the currency of information to know what the originators do.

          • Dawn

            Does the Utah data center have anything to do with the Mormons Genealogy archives center that’s also in Utah? the Mormons claim people can go there and look up their family tree, if there’s nothing, they can themselves start a trace. And there is more than one side to each version of things. I bet they’re in on some kaka together as far as gathering intel on people?
            Can I ask you why you’d think a book being written is better of on an old non-connected pc than otherwise?

          • Their missions are totally different.
            There are too many ways to hose a computer that is used online, and it is too difficult to recoup thought lines that have been lost. Computers are too cheap not to use separate ones for widely different tasks when there nothing to be gained by being online. If I were writing a book that relied heavily on resources available easiest online, I’d have two computers side by side and transfer the resources through a firewall made out of kryptonite:-)

          • Dawn

            I always suspected that. When I write I don’t need to be online, I just do it. But you’re right, a pc that gets used for online activity is at risk regardless of how cautious one is. What I am writing relies exclusively on my personal journals and memory so I don’t need the internet for that. The windows firewall I have is garbage as couple of times I found out it has been disconnected and I know I couldn’t have done that by any accident whatsoever.

          • The most reliable and stable part of all Windows operating systems is the backdoor, by which they insure the availability of your data to anyone to whom they sell it.

          • Dawn

            As if Google doesn’t do the same. As I opened the browser today, on the upper right corner, there is a small window meant for the ones that have an account with them that says something along the lines of “we provide you with everything you need to help you protect your privacy”. I don’t have an account with them and these criminals were copying my emails without my consent?!
            And what are they going to do with an incomplete set of personal experiences? I don’t intend on making money out of it, just spread the word, so if they can help me spread it, the more power to them LOL.!!!

          • If you use Google, you have an account. It is totally up to you how you use it. This is SOP on the Internet. Google calls it an account. The NSA calls it a dossier, and you have absolutely no control over it. You already described encountering the same thing at Facebook, where deleting something just sets it to not appear to you, but it remains the same in your account/dossier/ whatever you want to call it. This is similar to what happens when you turn a cellphone “off”. It shuts off the display, keyboard, and ringer, and continues pretty much unaffected with every other function. Likewise your smartTV or your OnStar, etc.

          • No special equipment and the best software out there is free, it is called open source software and is a search engine full of free open source software. Use this free tool to rip your cd’s to mp3’s:

          • Dawn

            I just signed up for an account. and sent an email on whether the embedded msgs will be preserved or not considering how the recording of these is little bit more complicated than how the standard one is done. Thank you so much. I feel like little ant talking to 2 elephants LMAO. Please be sure not to step on me now I know I can hardly be seen LOL.

          • Greetings from Romania, lol(using vpnbook). You can sign up for sourceforge? Never even took notice that I could do that, lol. I just use it as a search engine for free stuff, lol. You can also create a cd image which is a computer photograph of the data using a free tool called magicdisc: – you would use this utility to create an .iso file, then you can mount the iso file with magic disc also. Mounting an iso is the digital equivalent to putting a cd in the tray and closing it so when you mount an iso the same box comes up as when you put in a cd. I use this every time I buy new software for my company in order to preserve the physical cd’s, I just make iso’s out of them and store them on a drive then put the physical discs in a storage box because at that point they are no longer needed. “how the recording of these is little bit more complicated” – if I understood what that meant I would definitely be able to provide you with a solution. Instead of asking sourceforge if it will work just try it out, you have nothing to lose. If it doesn’t work, oh well, try something else, if it does you’re good, either way the cd will not be damaged so why not? Here is a list of other options besides cdex:
            I do not wish to make you feel inferior, this is what I do for a living so I better be good at it if I want to eat and have a roof over my head, lol. disqus_3 is a very smart individual which I am sure you noticed, he’s taught me a few things that’s for sure. I like to help people but I especially like to help people “in the know,” like the ones visiting this website as they are already wise and could really use the technical boost to assist in their efforts. I am sure there are quite a few topics you are versed on that I don’t know much about so I do not look down on somebody that doesn’t have the technical abilities that I do but I do like to educate so you don’t get taken advantage of, we need more of that in this life I believe. Just this morning I overheard a sales guy sell some woman a “registry cleaning service” for $29.95/yr. CCleaner cleans your registry for free, she was clearly being taken advantage of… makes me sick.

          • Google is great if you don’t mind them recording every single thing you do on that chromebook including talking in the vicinity of it or being in webcam viewable range. You are replacing privacy with convenience but as long as you understand that then more power to you.

          • All of the popular laptops have NSA backdoors, so there is little difference except vector. Google’s support makes everyone elses (HP, Microsoft) look like a divorce.

          • I don’t dispute that their products are some of the best out there, the code is superb also. If you flash your firmware you’re pretty safe, especially if you use a driveless laptop with a usb stick.

          • Dawn

            There is more to it than just that. In 2009, it paid only 2.4% taxes on 11.9 billions $ that it re-routed through an obscure island called Bermuda. In 2009. did you pay only 2.4% taxes?!?! I doubt it:

            When recession was at it’s worse, and everybody was talking about raising taxes on the rich, the at the time dumb stupid Google maybe CEO was caught on camera telling Obomo something along the lines of “Mr.Obama, could you raise my taxes?”
            He could just give the money to a project to create more jobs or pay the medical treatment of those who cannot afford a doctor in the wealthiest country in the planet etc. If he really gave doodoo. Google executives are some of the stupidest cattle in the planet.
            How about you work to encourage some young guy who is trying to build a similar network instead of helping a scum bag get even more of an UPPER HAND than they already have.

          • Who is the young guy, what is his track record, and whom is capitalizing him?

          • Dawn

            Now that’s a really good question but my concern is still valid.

          • Marketing executives are more broadly opinionated than most CEOs.
            The late David Nolan, the guy who started the Libertarian Party in his living room in Northglenn, Colorado in 1973, was an advertising executive, a similar mutation.

          • Dawn

            Chance are the whole thing was scripted from beginning to end as it doesn’t even make sense, which brings one to see how these criminals seems to believe they are some type of Broadway stage tramps. Anyone who cares to do their job will just go ahead and do it without any staging garbage or any make up wearing or anything like that.

          • History doesn’t make sense?

          • Dawn

            I didn’t say “history”.

          • Since I didn’t mention something that could be scripted, your comment that it didn’t make sense didn’t make sense due to its non-specificity.

          • Dawn

            Thank you. I was talking about the exchange the marketing exec had with obomo and during which he went on claiming that he wants his taxes raised, which is a lie. Of course he does not. Then the second one, he claimed that he wants programs to be created, to give people the same chances as the one he had. That did not make sense as he, having the money he apparently does not want, he could simply take that cash he despises and inject it into such programs, or simply start his very own!!! He clearly is there to bull shit, because he could do that as a free man and he apparently needed Oboko to do that for him. My eye! Also, if he really did want obomo to increase his taxes, then why did his company pay only 2.4% on 12 billions $ for 2009?!?!? that scum needs to be arrested and properly punished. I read in an article that approximately 30% of taxes are missing due to the schemes the filthy rich cook to go around paying the taxes they owe, and his rate for 2009 really shows that.

          • You need to study the workings of a fiat currency-based economy that turns debt into an asset and allows it to be leveraged by those who control the paper. When the bond economy goes down, those with real assets will wind up way ahead of those mired in debt. If nothing else, get out of debt while you can, if you can. Turn real unneeded assets into liquidity.

          • IMO you should buy a cheap latptop off of craigslist and install ubuntu on it which is very easy and free. You will retain more of your privacy that way.

          • I did that with my first laptop after its hard drive died and I’d replaced it. The distro of Ubuntu that the library had didn’t have a wifi driver, so the computer is in the storage shed, after wasting time, money, and effort on trying to convert it to Linux, which is not inherently more secure than any other OS, aside from its lower attractiveness to hackers. My Chromebook is the most trouble free computer I have ever owned, and Chrome is a Linux distro with a proprietary kernel. Developers can use Chromium if they want a completely open source version of Chrome.

          • Ubuntu is actually inherently more secure than most other OS’s, it’s not superb but more user friendly. One of the most secure operating systems out there is Open BSD.

          • Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with the necessary drivers to make it access the Internet, and without that, it is very difficult to get the other drivers that it lacks.

          • Ubuntu installed on my machine flawlessly, much easier than windows. I didn’t have to do anything at all but click update when I got to the desktop and this laptop is a 2009, it’s a dell though maybe that’s why.

          • I didn’t have any trouble installing it, but it lacks the driver needed to access the Internet to get the other drivers to make it do anything but be resident on the computer and provide a GUI.

          • Dawn

            Thank you so much(saved it). When I was done with the f garbage, I looked up my name and the same came up but with a different middle initial, had personal pictures on it and the whole nine yard. So after I killed the email address that was linked to it, they probably got the picture and cleaned it out or sealed it or something. No account out there can survive without an outside point of contact.
            That’s an outstanding idea: killing accounts!!! LOL. And to think that tbtb wants to put out of order such intelligent, creative, and innovative people. If it was not for these same brilliant people, we’d as a race, still be living in the woods To-day!

          • You’re welcome, I know all sorts of tricks that anybody can use. Use email to sign up for stuff that you don’t want to give your email up to and thus get put on another list. You get 10 minutes to receive email at the temp address it gives you + you can request an additional 10 minutes if needed. I use this service all of the time to keep down spam in my email. You sound like you want to avoid being tracked online and are disgusted with what they are doing, well, fortunately you can change with just a little education(that you will not get in any university). Here is a one-stop-shop guide to learn everything you wish to protect yourself online. I would advise you to ONLY access this with your vpn running(or TOR with scripts turned off): – in this link you will find the answer to any question regarding how to protect yourself and your data online. Educate yourself and kick the spooks out of your online life!

          • There are social media platforms like that do not violate your privacy. I haven’t personally used it yet but I have heard good things.

          • The only way to have complete privacy is to have a bulletproof alias, but then nobody could tell who was whom, or not.

          • No such thing as complete privacy on the net, only complete anonymity.

          • If you have complete anonymity, no one can know who you are, or aren’t, and no one can prove authenticity.

          • Sure you can, use PGP signatures! If you & I traded PGP keys then no matter what network/username we use we would always know it was the other person with PGP signed and/or encrypted messages as they prove that you are you, that’s how journalists and spies do it. Anonymity is very advantageous, you get to view uncensored content. Privacy is mandatory IMO. These days it’s just like freedom, if you don’t claim it, it will be taken from you or not available by default such as in our case. It’s not complete privacy because you have to trust your VPN provider but you could create your own which would be superior(this is what i am looking into). Once open source hardware comes out these NSA hardware games will be over but for now there are(some, very few) ways around it.

          • Anything can be reverse engineered that can be possessed. Open source precludes the need to reverse engineer by being openly available. All of the hardware is patented and so, is documented in the PTO’s files. How do you suppose all those private companies know enough about MS’s closed source software to write compatible software to compete with it?

          • Open source hardware will remove the NSA’s abilities as they are only good for tinkering with existing hardware(they don’t produce their own) and if that hardware goes open source then any bugs or backdoors will be found and gotten rid of. Google is the one to copy these days, not microsoft anymore which I am sure you know. Great products but I won’t go near them.

          • The NSA isn’t concerned with operating software, their sole concern is in plain text and to the degree they can decrypt it, encrypted plain text. They aren’t hackers, they are spies.

          • True, that isn’t their main/sole concern but they absolutely are interested in operating system exploits, see here: – winblows are one of it’s main targets. They are spies but they have no qualms about hacking as they have no morals.

          • What form of intelligence requires morals? Former Secretary of State Henry L. Stimson made the oft-quoted comment: “Gentlemen do not read each other’s mail,” when announcing his closure of the Black Chamber, America’s forerunner to the NSA. Seldom has anyone else involved in governmental intelligence agencies ever expressed a comparable disdain for what spooks do. William Binney quit the NSA because they were using his cryptoproduct for purpose he regarded as a violation of the 4th Amendment, and they treated him like a traitor for doing so. He was fortunate in knowing enough to cover his own tail to the degree that they failed to have the grounds to pursue him legally, but that didn’t stop them from arresting him in his shower, pointing a gun at a completely unarmed man. What are the morals in any of that?

          • Gonna read that Binney story, sounds quite interesting.

          • Dawn

            That is absolutely criminal. Yesterday I just read a parallel story of a customs whistleblower who have been criminalized and accused of being domestic terroristst because she caught DHS not doing their job in regard to 23 midleasterners who came into the US on July 4th and who were thought to be here to commit terrorist crimes against the US. These gangsters, INSTEAD, spent millions and millions of taxpayers money making her life a living hell. Federal agencies in this country are nothing but Organized crimes.

          • I have known for years that most governments are nothing but continuing criminal enterprises, but because the prosecutors are part of the gangs, it is impossible to get them to charge their others with RICO violations.

          • Dawn

            Yep, many have been tortured, and murdered in the process. And if they don’t kill them, they frame them with the most hideous crimes these of course never committed and make them disappear for life in an underground prison.

          • Dawn

            ..As you said earlier, if it’s on the internet, it’s out there for anybody’s grab. And I agree.

          • Dawn

            And to think about it, maybe they want to be able to be contacted only by those whose stupidity they not only can detect but also easily measure.

      • eldon johansen

        your browser is auto configured to accept information concerning the location of the internet service you get. this is not a conspiracy, its really damn useful.

        as far as location based permissions, that’s a separate issue. the isp knows you’re in europe because you’re connected to the internet in europe, not because you’re actually there.

        • Dawn

          Ok, thank you. But, when that happened I was there, physically!!!! so I disagree. and here’s another thing. couple of times the location picked up as New York City when I was on the other side of the country!!!! I logged on and I kept on checking, it remained for few mns before it changed to where I was.
          Lots of murky stuff takes place that we haven’t got the slightest clue about.

          • That is more likely what server your ISP stuck you on, on their netowrk to get the New York location. They can geolocate you through your network card AND browser so wherever you are… they KNOW! Want to avoid this? Use a VPN(with a PRIVATE DNS)! My ip as I type this right now reads Amsterdam, Netherlands but I am actually in the USA so how did I pull this off? a vpn! VPN’s are useful for more than just privacy, for instance: if you went to Europe and you had a Hulu account and watched shows you would have been disappointed to find out that Hulu does not work in Europe so you would do the opposite of what you do for privacy, which is connect OUTSIDE of the USA because the USA logs every server, vpn or not, and you could have launched your VPN but this time connect TO the USA so now the online world THINKS you are connecting from the USA and now your Hulu will work with all of your shows. This is a normal thing in the military. Also if you have netflix and you change countries in your VPN you get completely different listings which may have some titles that you have wanted to watch, I do it all of the time.

          • Dawn

            Thank you again. Can they geolocate one across country when there are closer major Hubs? I was on the west coast when I got NY and at one of the local libraries. I find that to be really odd. I am definitely going to check out VPN book.

          • That is odd but not impossible, there are proxies out there too. Web proxies such as where you just type your web address into the web page and they will give you the page anonymously. If you use ixquick as your search engine each search result has a “view by proxy” option which is another little free proxy you can do. The VPN is superior though. For VPN book you have to install this here: – choose the one that fits your version of windows and install it then all you have to do is go on the main page at and go to the Open vpn tab, download one of the european .zip packages and unpack them into the C:Program FilesOpenVPNconfig directory if you are on 64bit windows OR the C:Program Files (x86)OpenVPNconfig directory if you are on 32bit windows, then just run openvpn which will show up as a little grey icon in your system tray, you right click the grey icon and choose one of the servers you just loaded to connect to, then use the user name and password provided on right underneath the packages to connect… not all connections always work so try each one, one of them always works and it is a fast vpn!
            For anonymous access at the library see TAILS incognito operating system, you put it on a USB and it has an on screen keyboard where you can type by clicking the mouse on the screen to avoid keyboard loggers on public computers. If you use TOR always immediately turn all scripts off by clicking the S icon on the far left before you do anything else, they leave the scripts on by default and that is one way they can locate you even while on TOR…. sneaky.


      • You were geolocated which will happen each and every time UNLESS you obfuscate your connection somehow.

  • Shiva

    RFID Chip Commercial

    The Verichip on The Today Show (2002)

  • Infidel51

    Headline; 25% of Australians are Fucking Stupid.

    • Jakob

      Hay they don’t own stupid all to their own……America has it’s own share…..

  • Bill Gradwohl

    Goes to show that a huge portion of the population are dumb as a stump. These people vote! They are why the whole world is going to pot. They don’t understand what freedom and liberty are. They are programmed slaves to the gov’t and want to take the rest of us with them.

    • Dave from San Antonio

      They are about as smart as a bag of hair…

  • Jakob

    Who says the VA hasn’t stuck chips in their veterans during a routine flu vaccination…….a thought

    • Dawn

      Check out the movie “The Manchurian candidate”, a newer version of the old one. The one that has Liev Schreiber and Denzel Washington in it. Very telling and see it from few angles and not just the one the movie frames. I bet bunch of one knows what takes place in that dept. with or without the subjects knowledge.

  • Martyn Coombs

    the rfid chip can affect your moods and control emotions ,,,sheeple.

  • Martyn Coombs

    rfid chips can control your moods and affect emotion….total transhuman control

    • Any electrical device(implant) can affect another electrical device(the human body).

    • Dawn

      Right now they are already succeeding in doing that through putting sugar everywhere, food additives, fluoride, etc. 70% of American are on I think at least 2 medications or more, etc. It’s already being done but yeah, it’ll get much worse when something like that is officially fully implemented..

  • Dawn

    That’s what I was thinking and not just for Australia but for the World in general.

    • Agreed. The number may be higher though, lots of poisons out there making people stupid. Education is sub par, I should not have been able to ace school as easily as I did. I don’t beleive I am super intelligent and that curriculum was so easy it bored me and it felt like it was specifically designed for idiots. My school teachers and administrators HATED me… oh well.

      • Dawn

        OMG, I don’t think I am intelligent either. I did go through tests like where the questions were so stupid, like what’s that commercial says? “even a cave man can do it”?. And people will be freaked out. I see simple common sense, nothing more. Apparently not even that, some have. I am so sorry about your hardships. They should encourage you and not work to suppress you. Yeah, anything can be used now a days if it can contribute to dumbing down society.

  • Jakob

    Read: “Spychips How Major Corporations and Government Plan to Track Your Every Move with RFID” by Katherine Albrecht, Liz McIntyre. Published by Tomas Nelson,2005, Binding: Hardcover…….and this is an 2005 book……imagine what they have come up with now

  • whodowetrust

    So at least one in four have no idea what the mark of the beast is and that it prevents buying or selling without the mark.
    What starts as a “convenience” such as online banking can easily become a method of control once accepted by the majority of people.
    When Social Security cards were first issued they were accepted with the stipulation that they never be used as a means of identification for other uses.

  • Patrick Adrien Varencaus

    Chips implant as been proven to cause cancer

  • freedixie

    I have a lead implant for the first one who tries to inject me with a chip.

    • Dawn

      LMAO, consider yourself HUGED for that comment. LOL. (FYI for tptb, I am not a gun owner, so go get a shot of Tequila to cool you off***rolling eyes***).

      • Use a vpn and they won’t know it’s you! Then say whatever you want!

  • prolerat

    How about a real moneyless society,without buying or selling,wages or prices? Wage slaves of the world unite for a free access post -capitalist society. Real socialism.

  • It isn’t good to call others dumb as you may be doing some stupid things over there yourself. Not everybody knows everything but I agree that putting an electronic implant under the skin is not a wise move.