$25 For A Pack Of Gatorade! Nanny State Imposes Enormous Tax On Sugary Drinks

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Seatle is imposing a massive tax on sugary drinks in a nefarious plan to raise the $15 million needed to fund its other programs.

In an effort to create a $15 million dollar revenue stream to help people “have better access to fresh fruits and vegetables,” according to KIRO 7, the city of Seattle has begun imposing a 1.75 cent per ounce tax on all sugary beverages.

Revealing the extreme absurdity of the new tax, a Gatorade Frost Variety Pack at Costco, previously priced at $15.99, will now be taxed $10.34—leaving many consumers with sticker shock at the $26.33 price tag.

Of course, if one is fed up with the imposition of an absurdly high excise tax, this can be mitigated by going to the Costco stores in nearby cities of Shoreline and Tukwila—and effectively opting out of the Sweetened Beverage Tax.

The reality is that when a small tax is imposed, there is less likelihood of someone going through the inconvenience of a road trip, but such drastic price increases provide the impetus for many consumers to drive a few miles out of their way to save the extra money.

Some people say that they will make a switch to diet soda, which city officials say is “the point” of the tax—to get “consumers to go for healthier options,” according to KIRO 7.

Tellingly, the advocates for the tax seem to take oddly contradictory positions, as Scott Drenkard of the Tax Foundation keenly noted on Twitter:

“First they interview people at the Costco who are rightfully shocked at how high prices on soda and sports drinks are now (they are almost doubled). Then they interview a public health advocate who says ‘that’s right! We want these prices to change people’s behavior and slow sales!’

Then they talk to the consumer, ‘think you’ll change your behavior, maybe even shop somewhere else?’ And she’s like, ‘ya the Tukwila store is close enough.’ Then they ask a city council member if this will hurt local [business], who says ‘there is no data’ suggesting that.

Then the SAME public health advocate says that people won’t respond to price increases, shopping elsewhere because it isn’t ‘worth their while.’”

Let’s be clear—contrary to public statements about advocating for public health—the government isn’t trying to dissuade people from drinking sugary drinks. In fact, the government is counting on people consuming these drinks—otherwise, it won’t be able to fund it’s $15 million dollar fresh fruits and veggies program.

See how that works?

The tax code is being used as a hammer to punish behavior and generate revenue—a clearly shortsighted proposition.

In the name of public health, the government attempts to disincentivize certain behaviors, but there are often subversive effects from such actions.

While the stated goal is to greatly reduce the use of a given product, these types of policies often precipitate the rise of black markets and smuggling.

And while on the surface it sounds almost absurd, a massive soda tax has the ability to create an underground soda market. In fact, this actually took place in Philadelphia when a similar tax was instituted.

These type of sin taxes have created a black market for “loosie” cigarettes in New York.

Which brings us full circle.

Now the government needs to use police resources to enforce regulations and stop the now illegal trade in cigarettes or soda.

Tragically, in New York, the death of Eric Garner at the hands of police, which sparked massive protests, was the direct result of police enforcement of the cigarette tax—as Garner was suspected of selling “loosie” cigarettes.

The only reason police had to come into contact Garner on the day they killed him was for selling cigarettes.

Seattle would be well advised to learn from the tragic mistake of New York—before it ends up in a similar situation.

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  • idontknow

    Remember the old Burt Reynolds movies with Gator McKlusky running moonshine?

    Now Gator runs untaxed Gatorade…

    • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

      Or smuggling beer?

  • whattabunchacrap

    I live 15 minutes from Seasshole and haven’t been there in 8 years.. Disgusting, piss-smelling cesspool it is.

  • Mike

    Simple, go across one of the borders, by them and come back. Screw the communist state of washington.

    • Well, most prohibitions create Smuggling.
      Education is the only path to change from within.

    • g.johnon

      well, since i was born and raised here in the beautiful state of washington, i would much rather screw those who have screwed and are screwing the state. it is really getting ugly around here, but seattle, olympia and bellingham are the big shitholes. out here in the civilized boonies, peeps are pretty damn cool. oh wait, no they’re not…..stay away!!

      • tonye

        Yeah… just like my once beautiful state of California… now turned into Calimexistan. The same thing, snowflakes moved from the East and pushed their crazy ideas into the locals, who we mostly just wanted to be laid back and enjoy life. By the time we noticed, those ever enraged new comers had hosed our politics too.

        I remember living in the Puget Sound once upon a time and it was a nice provincial place with 3.2 beer, a fascist WSP but otherwise a nice Ufda! soft of place. Today, Seattle Sucks.

        • g.johnon

          tonye, i do believe we have found a patch of common ground.

      • Rey d’Tutto

        We have not yet generated a proper response to the I405 bastardization.
        Why should anyone spend any money to get a “carpool” pass for the I405 express lanes? Greedy mother f^¢|{3®s.

        • g.johnon

          for the same reason our “representative” state government now charges us to go visit our own state parks. greedy mother fuckers. power drunk shit stains and idiotic leftoidal programming.

    • lilred

      I do that for liquor. The prices were jacked up in wa state so I go to Oregon to vet it now. Its about half the price.

      • tonye

        Or come across the border to Calimexistan, there’s a very large liquor store just a few miles south of the Shiskayou Pass on the I5. Up in the mountains with an overpass so you can come down from Oregon, buy a bunch of liquor and make a U-turn and go back home. That store is there solely to server the Oregon buyers.

        Sort of like the Indian Reservation liquor stores in Washington.

        My friend used to say that Gas, Grass and Ass were always cheap in California…. Now it’s Booze, Grass and Ass.

  • Yeah but Gatorade is one of the LEAST sugary drinks and it is a good electrolyte (salty) replenishment for an active body (sports).
    You will NOT see them tax Soda & Unnatural Juice drinks that way. Corporate will not allow them.

  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    Hey, we don’t call it Costmore ’round here for nuthin’……You know, like ‘Hose-auer’s’, ‘Whole Paycheck’, ‘YouCan’tWinco’, ‘Unsafeway’, etc., ad pukeum…….

  • Billy Sharpshooter

    Sugar taxes achieve nothing. The diet drinks are full of nasty cancer causing chemicals and they taste so strange I can never finish them. Alcoholic drinks also taste a lot different to how they did 10 or 15 years ago. Even the alcoholics cannot finish them🤢
    But get this. Bread, potatoes, rice and pasta just turn to sugar inside your body and some dishes have higher glycemic index than sucrose.
    I guess a hated villain is high fructose corn syrup, a nasty blood sugar spiker found in (yesterday’s) Coca Cola. Taste was good👍, but knowing that the Monsanto corn 🌽 is probably GM, you are drinking a high risk product.
    But hear me out. This insane and totally weird war on sugar will lead to MORE obesity not less.
    How am I so sure? The war on terror led to MORE terror not less. The war on drugs led to MORE suffering and addiction and crime not less. Need I say more?

    • Jennifer

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      • Billy Sharpshooter

        What makes you think I will be interested in your scams you dutty mofo?

    • Laurence Almand

      Billy – Stupid bureaucrats never learn. Look what happened with Prohibition in the 1920s. And you are right. There are many carbo foods that turn into fat in the body, so these inane laws are useless.

    • The more of us they can lead to suicide, the less SS they’ll get to keep.

  • ChuckInBama

    It’s not about the “healthier choices”. It’s about the money the politicians need to make sure they get a pay raise each year.

    • madtxn

      and fund those glorious pensions.

    • Laurence Almand

      Go on the internet and check out the total debt and deficit of Seattle and Washington state – you will see why they need these new taxes.

  • jimmy joe

    “The tax code is being used as a hammer to punish behavior and generate revenue—a clearly shortsighted proposition.” Just like the “laws” they create and force us to follow, under threat of violence, none of which apply to them!!

    • J_in_TX

      I disagree with the author’s premise about the tax code being used to punish behavior. The politicians don’t care about the sugary drink drinker’s behavior. In fact, they stupidly hoped they wouldn’t change behaviors and keep drinking the drinks so they could raise money. The way to defeat the idiots is to change behavior and stop drinking the garbage. Then, their desired money stream turns into a dry creek bed. I haven’t had a soda of any kind in 5 or 6 years. In fact, I don’t drink any sweetened beverage except an occasional glass of sweetened tea when I can’t get unsweetened. Humans can live without drinking all that garbage and without sugar. I prefer Stevia.

  • We have fools for leaders. Not one is competent in economics. Will they ever learn? No.

  • g.johnon

    another attempt at legislating morality by those who are totally devoid of it.
    if these pinhead lefties had an ounce of morality themselves, they would know that morality cannot be legislated and attempting to do so is not in the job description of representative law makers. ergo, just another act of treason for reasons so far gone that it is doubtful that even the leftoids could define them. there is no workable political fix for these subhumans beyond a big hole and a big dozer.

  • Mayday911us

    Well they’re wonderful attempt to raise money will fail drastically. Here’s an idea cut spending.

  • Wally D

    Eric Garner, was a crook at every level, seeing him as a poster boy for anything other than tug life is just insane.
    The real story behind and all the B.S. with him is that the BLACK Sargent that ordered the officers to “get him” her words. Then the media twisted it out of proportion.

    Just like this story, fruits have just as much sugars as the sodas, you just need to ingest more to get the same effect.

    • Keysbum

      whether he was a crook or not, he did not deserve to die. he was murdered over a cigarette. if you think that’s Ok, you’re a…, well, you know what you are.

      • Wally D

        No the cigarette was not the reason he died, He was selling cocaine as well as other drugs, they could only get him for the cigarette for that’s what he had on him when they approached
        I guess you think Travon was a innocent little kid like the media portrays him.
        And selling drugs is not a reason to die,

    • g.johnon

      refined sugar, natural sugar. look up the difference.

  • James

    Taxed to be bootlegged. Many small business persons welcome this. A new tyson is soon to be born.

  • Laurence Almand

    More bureaucratic stupidity. This is as bad as New York’s Mayor Bloomdumb wanting to tax 16 oz. bottles of soda. The real reason for these “health taxes” is simply to put more $$ into the bureaucrat’s pockets, in the name of “benefiting” the people. Seattle also has a lot of anti-gun taxes on the books as a further method of controlling and exploiting the people. Seattle voters, time to clean house!

  • Clementine

    So… “diet” soda’s are not taxed and full of cancer causing artificial sweeteners, further fueling the medical industry… anyone else notice the push for illness? And where the hell is all the tax revenue created from legal marijuana going? I know they are raking in the $$$$$ with that! Corrupt government… disgusting!

  • Peter Clifford