2014 Midterms: Here Comes ALL the Voter Fraud…

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Does your vote really count?

Oh, come on.

Do you really have to ask?

The 2014 midterms aren’t even here yet, and already we have fraud leaking at the seams all over the place.

First it was reported that a “calibration error” in Cook County, Illinois was causing machines to register GOP votes for Democrats. The error was caught after Republican state representative candidate Jim Moynihan tried to vote for himself and watched his vote register for his Democratic opponent right before his eyes. The same thing happened on several other votes he tried to cast — all turned from Rep. to Dem.


Then more reports of calibration errors came out of Maryland, where again, red votes were randomly turning blue. Board officials told the Baltimore CBS affiliate that, “election officials receive similar reports in every election. Post-election analysis has shown that this is caused by voter error. Voters with large fingers or long nails or voters who hold the touchscreen with their palm resting on the screen seem to report this issue more frequently.”

After every election? Every single one? You don’t say. But obviously that’s not cause enough to realize that electronic voting is an iffy way of doing things. Apparently if you have long nails or fat fingers, it’s your fault you can’t vote for the candidates you want.

But Maryland also has another voting issue. Apparently the names of tens of thousands of people who have claimed they are not U.S. citizens on their jury duty forms are the same names turning up in voting booths.

Now an election integrity watchdog has filed a lawsuit in Baltimore’s U.S. District Court against the Frederick County Board of Elections and Maryland State Board of Elections. While the fraud uncovered at this time involves thousands of people, it is believed the practice is actually happening statewide.

No doubt if similar investigations were launched in every state in the nation, the number could add up to millions. Considering only half the country even votes to begin with…you do the math.

Back in September, 31-year-old state Rep. Christina “Tita” Ayala (D-CT) was arrested on not one or two, but 19 voting fraud charges for allegedly voting in local and state elections in districts where she did not live. It’s a wonder she even got caught, because stuff like this happens a lot.


In Colorado today it is being reported that the state’s voting system is a “ridiculous experiment” that could lead to…you guessed it: MORE VOTER FRAUD.

This election year, every eligible Colorado voter is getting their ballot in the mail. It’s a system used by only two other states — Oregon and Washington.

“We are only the third state in the United States trying this ridiculous experiment,” said Marilyn Marks, an anti-voter fraud advocate with the Rocky Mountain Foundation. What’s more, she warns, “We have added to it a toxic mix by adding same-day registration.”

One of the most worrisome aspects of the new system, for some, is that once ballots are filled in, they are not required to be mailed back. The ballots can be taken to drop-off locations to avoid paying postage. And the law allows for what is known as “ballot harvesting.” One individual can collect the ballots of up to 10 people to drop off. (source)

As you can imagine, people move, people die…reports have come out that ballots are being received for people who have never lived at the address the ballot was sent to. It sounds like a clusterf—.

But, don’t worry election officials say. They’ll verify votes with voter registration records. Oh wait, same-day registration in Colorado means voters don’t have to have records to check. And I’m sure those same officials will have someone posted at each magical ballot drop off point to make sure someone didn’t drop off more than 10 ballots (or just collect hundreds to vote for a particular party or agenda or both).

Uh-huh. Sounds really legit and not so ripe for fraud they couldn’t have created a more ridiculous voting fail process if they tried (which apparently they did).

Oh, and a man in New Mexico showed up to vote and was told he voted three days ago. Election officials had his fake signature to prove it.

These stories are reminiscent of 2012 elections, when a plethora of 112-year-old female Dem voters hit the North Carolina polls. The state weasled its way around it, saying that the records of age could just be wrong (and yet, no one is going to go double check said potentially wrong records to amend them with the right birth dates).

With the huge influx of illegal immigrants through the porous U.S.-Mexico border which began to really take off last year but only became highly publicized this year, now groups like La Raza are out promoting a voting guide on all the polling locations people can go to vote without an ID. (Gee, I wonder which party those people will be inclined to vote for, huh?)

But really, you know it’s sad when The Wall Street Journal comes out with an op-ed a few days before elections blatantly telling you that your vote isn’t going to be worth a damn. Here’s a little taste:

Now come the midterm elections on Nov. 4. What is the likelihood that your vote won’t count? That your vote will, in effect, be canceled or stolen as a consequence of mistakes by election officials or fraudulent votes cast by campaign workers or ineligible voters like felons and noncitizens?

Unfortunately, we can’t know. But one thing is almost certain: Voter fraud will occur. Many states run a rickety election process, lacking rules to deter people who are looking to take advantage of the system’s porous security. And too many groups and individuals—including the NAACP, the American Civil Liberties Union and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder —are doing everything they can to prevent states from improving the integrity of the election process.

Their refrain is that voter fraud either doesn’t exist or is so insignificant that nothing needs to be done to improve ballot security. Yet in the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2008 ruling that upheld Indiana’s voter ID law, Justice John Paul Stevens acknowledged “flagrant examples of such fraud” throughout the nation’s history and observed that “not only is the risk of voter fraud real” but also that “it could affect the outcome of a close election.”

Then again, if you are an American you probably already innately know that your vote isn’t really worth much, even if you don’t want to admit it to yourself.

But if you don’t vote, it would appear that Democrats in some states will threaten you…like the The New York State Democratic Committee did this year with an oh-so-friendly letter campaign.

The New York State Democratic Committee is bullying people into voting next week with intimidating letters warning that it can easily find out which slackers fail to cast a ballot next Tuesday.

“Who you vote for is your secret. But whether or not you vote is public record,” the letter says.

“We will be reviewing voting records . . . to determine whether you joined your neighbors who voted in 2014.”

It ends with a line better suited to a mob movie than a major political party: “If you do not vote this year, we will be interested to hear why not.” (source)

How about, “SCREW YOU!” that’s why not. How about if I lived in New York, I would just be sad that message was mailed in a letter and not delivered via phone call or home visit because it denies me the opportunity to slam my phone down or slam a door in someone’s face?

How about it’s on record that a whopping 91% of the time, the candidate who managed to kiss the most ass at fundraisers is the guy (or gal) who wins?

How about the fact that some Congresspeople, like Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) have openly said that the $174,000 plus benefits that our congressional representatives get paid — you know, the people with a less than 10% approval rating most of the time — isn’t even enough to “live decently” for people who are on what he calls “the board of directors for the largest economic entity in the world.”

Well that must be why they only make that much, and yet, some of them are worth tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. What’s Nancy Pelosi up to by now, somewhere in the ballpark of $88 million net worth? By the way, did you know that 297 Congress members have earmarked $3.8 billion for organizations tied to them or family members?

Voting in this country is an absolute and total joke.

The best thing that comes from it is reserved for the people in high places and the fact that they get to suck a large portion of the population into a small-minded, left-right paradigm of false debates and even more false choices to keep people divided so ultimately We the People won’t stand up together and in one unanimous voice tell these powers that shouldn’t be that we’re all sick of getting screwed.


Because 99% of everyone in America is.

Here is a list of things that would be better ways to spend your time than wasting the effort to pretend your vote actually matters:

  1. Have a nice spot of tea.
  2. Trim your nose hairs.
  3. Take a lukewarm bath while trimming your nose hairs.
  4. Read that book written by Jack Nicholson’s character in Stanley Kubrick’s version of Stephen King’s The Shining. (“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…”)
  5. Build a birdhouse out of kitten wishes and fairy farts.
  6. Read The Lexicon and use every big fancy word of it in a sentence. Twice.
  7. Spend nine hours and 37 minutes singing the song that never ends (yes it goes on and on mah frieeeeeeend…)
  8. Train your pet elephant to speak Portuguese.
  9. Train yourself to speak elephant.
  10. Wag the dog.

By the time you are done doing any and all these things, you will likely have enhanced your own life in ways that voting in yet another one of America’s ridiculous, pointless, fraudulent, illusory dog and pony show elections ever will.

And they can’t even say that if you don’t vote, you are tacitly consenting to whoever wins. Bullsh*t. Those people would win anyway. See again the study on who wins 91% of the time in this country: the money. Megacorporations. Period. End of story. Just look at the $100 million Senate race going down right now in North Carolina, funded on both sides by huge interests. Do you think it matters an iota what the actual people in that state want at this point with money like that being thrown around?

Sure, if you waste your time down at Bread and Circuses-ville, you might get one of those doofy “I voted” stickers with the little American flag on it (likely made in China), but at this point, wearing one of those is like wearing a giant “kick me!” sign on your back because it shows that you have somehow allowed yourself to be fooled into participating in the giant power heist that is our bought-and-paid for, sponsored by mega corporate interest “elections” (which rhymes with “selections”…fancy that).

As a random Facebooker commented, “Picking a new Captain for the Titanic after it hits the Iceberg is not going to stop it from sitting on the bottom of the ocean.”

Voting isn’t a patriotic duty. It’s a big fat smelly sham. It gets and has gotten us nowhere for decades. If people really wanted to take this country back from the greedy oligarchy running things, get back to the fundamental ideas of a Constitutional Republic with a small central government this nation was founded on, people would shun these elections like the Amish shun things the Amish shun.

We would all (and should all), as a group, physically turn our backs on these ceremonies.

We should vote no confidence.

Instead, we continue to be led. Off a cliff. Like lemmings.

Really…We should just vote for Nobody.




Nothing changes because voting is the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

“So come November, the choice is clear: do you want another spineless mouthpiece for special interests and lobbyists…or a spineless mouthpiece for special interests and lobbyists?”

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  • Maddog

    We’re not voting because we will not legitimize the corrupt system. If everyone would stay home maybe the sheeple could begin to have their country returned to the people through real change. I know but one can dream can’t they.

    • curenado

      I don’t see how not voting makes any sense? But you have no beeching rights. Whatever anybody does to you is ok because you didn’t even matter? That doesn’t make sense.
      Your opinion now matters less than ferguson!

  • viction
  • jim_robert

    Apparently Donna Brazille went to the Joseph Goebbels “If you are going to tell a lie, make sure it is a whopper” school of legerdemain. And given that the Nazis were National SOCIALISTS, just like the fascist left in America today, I guess it all makes sense

  • Hammerun

    What really needs to happen on this voter fraud crap is, this site, the Daily Sheeple, infowars and SHTF and the others that are of like thinking to put up a reward/bounty for a whistleblower, insider, or an engineer that was in deep and knows how voting fraud is orchestrated.
    We all know that governmental over site will NEVER do anything about it, so its up to us. Theres some serious power in these sites and with the people that frequent them.

  • Steven Reed

    Donna knows all about big-ass, look at that backside.

  • sandollar_man

    It’s true,
    we hear this election fraud/voter fraud cry every two years.
    But it always makes me wonder why the Republican Party officials don’t pursue legal action to stop it?
    For instance, when recently in Mississippi, Chris McDaniel beat Thad Chochran, there were lots of stories of fraud and supposed plans to sue.
    But we haven’t heard about it again since about a week after that runoff.
    Lots of talk, but no major action to prevent it again or expose it.
    Kind of makes you wonder if there’s some collusion or perhaps blackmail going on behind the scenes.
    Or maybe it’s just bad political sportsmanship.

    This idea that a lot of people are conspiring to use telepathy to decide that they will all vote illegally in order to swing an election, is a bizarre idea. The idea that a large amount of them would decide (but as individuals, not as a group) to risk prison, in order to make each of their single votes into dual votes, is preposterous and would demand some sort of telepathy to work.
    It’s election fraud, not voter fraud that we need to worry about. The manipulation of the machines to force them to show the wrong count – now that doesn’t need any telepathy to get that accomplished. That doesn’t demand the thought of a lot of people risking prison. Just one corrupt man who wouldn’t even need to conspire with anyone else.

    • darthangel

      Correct. Both parties complain about corruption but neither will investigate the other or pass laws to crack down on corruption.
      So there are a few possibilities:
      1) Both parties are so corrupt, neither could investigate the other without triggering a counter-investigation that would bring them both down. Mutually assured destruction if you will.
      2) They are only complaining about corruption to scare voters, since they don’t intend to do anything about it.
      3) Both parties really are upset when the other party is corrupt, but when a party returns to power, they realize the corruption benefits them. The financial elite may use election fraud to benefit both parties at different times.

      I think its a combination of all three really. That’s why I won’t vote for anyone who isn’t calling for an investigation into corruption at all levels and new laws restricting the government itself, and giving the citizenry new tools to prosecute the powerful.
      Without the ability to prosecute the powerful, voting means nothing.

      • sandollar_man

        The Republicans talk about impeachment too much. It’s unseemly.

        Remember J. Edgar Hoover and his FBI blackmail lists?
        “While” Bill Clinton was being impeached, two big Republican hypocrites lost their jobs (Gingrich, and Livingston) as Speaker’s of the House, instead ! INSTEAD !
        That position is next in line behind the VP.
        Clinton kept his job.
        The last time Republicans tried impeachment, it didn’t go so well for them OR us.
        Because then everything George Bush touched, turned to crap. And ultimately, he wasn’t even allowed to show his face in the 2012 election. Another hypocrite fall of epic proportion.

        How much poop can the Obama administration call up from it’s databases, on the criminal or personal behavior of those Republican’s who seek to impeach Obama?
        My guess is, lots of it. Lots of poop!
        This has the potential to be another very embarrassing Republican endeavour to nullify the people’s vote.

    • jaws4316

      We need to worry about BOTH. It doesn’t take any telepathy to get voter fraud, when Democrat organizers are out there busing people into key precincts and paying them to commit voter fraud. They take advantage of the elderly, mentally disabled, homeless, illegal aliens, and anyone else who can be easily bought to orchestrate voter fraud on a massive scale, and THAT my friend is a big problem.

  • MyWikiDisQus

    There is no more republican democracy. The Washington politicians do not represent the people, they serve the international bankers, the multinational corporations and foreign State lobbyists i.e., the shadow government global syndicate.

    When a vote is cast it gives the national system of electoral fraud the credibility and legitimacy to continue to rob the citizenry of their wealth, property and natural rights of the freedoms each and every one of us are entitled to enjoy. The idea that change is possible in the federal government is folly. It is a red herring, a certified letter of approbation and subsequent permission for the elitists’ machinations to swell the current state of totalitarian fascism. Their unrestrained minions watch every word and action, ready to pounce with criminal force against any dissent. They will devise more and more Intolerable Acts to oppress the population to the point where we will become utter slaves to be dealt with as they see fit.

    Many people believe third parties will eventually grow in popularity, size and strength to overcome the kakistocracy. Those individuals don’t realize the breadth of perfidy that exists in the hands of powerful men who have a co-opted corporate national media at their fingertips and use it to smear and ultimately squash any discourse away from mainstream statism.

    Others feel they must support the ‘good’ politician, the one who stands for equal justice, intelligent debate void of hyperbole and unfettered markets of commerce where private business invests to earn profit and accepts the risk of financial loss due to poor strategy. This man or woman would do well inside a principled and moral government. But the central authority is Orwellian, controlled by the deep State whose agenda is far and away from the basic needs of the nation. The system of power is dictatorial and no matter how many honorable men or women are elected to the congress or even the presidency their ideals will be compromised. One only needs to think of Dr. Ron Paul and how hard he worked to foster economic prosperity and international goodwill but ultimately over decades of service accomplished little in congress to stem the tide of corruption.

    Still some would say if those who know of the evils of government don’t engage in the electoral process then only the ignorant who rely on the coerced taxpayer largess would ensure the prolongation of Washington’s tyranny by their vote. I disagree, we must continue to not support the racket. We must stand for what is right.

    When Americans participate in national federal elections they sanction the government to:

    1. Further the degradation of the value of the nation’s currency through excessive printing of fiat money to pay for a bloated budget to support the Department of War and inefficient social programs. This drives retail price inflation by distorting the purpose of financial capital.

    2. Perpetuate the ‘Three B” foreign policy (bribe, bully and bomb) to force other sovereign nations to submit to the will of the syndicate’s plan for global domination.

    3. Sustain an indoctrination system of public welfare to hide the agenda of destroying private employment opportunity by creating centralized channels of dependency.

    4. Engage the entertainment and sports industries to promote superficial social exchanges and the integration of popular media icons with government functionaries to facilitate Washington mainstream propaganda.

    The only way to stop these men is to withhold our consent and deny them the authority to perform. We must educate and appeal with logic and common sense that if they vote they support: the loss of the purchasing power of paper money, theft, coercion, manipulation of commercial enterprise, unconditional murder of innocents, the ruination of the economic foundation and communal fabric of the country.

  • M Fr Nch

    I sit nearby and watch the sheep lining up to be fleeced and it never ceases to entertain me.

  • Chris Sky

    If any American really thinks their electronic vote is what decides these phony elections…. Oh boy… you are officially brain dead!

  • Frank

    Vote with your wallet and vote with your gun. Find out what businesses that our corrupt members of Congress own or are affiliated with and boycott them. Vote with your gun by defending yourself and your Constitutional Rights, up to and including the corrupt politicians who take actions to take those rights away. The tree of Liberty must be nourished with the blood of tyrants.

  • Gino Schafer

    I am going to vote again this year. There are local measures on the ballot. So do what you want. I’ll cast my vote against raising property taxes again.

  • curenado

    Well it serves as another scientific example of how some people who are actually stupid enough to think they can run anything but brothels have to cheat blatantly, get help and “tard card” passes or they couldn’t even cheat right – nature will take it’s course. Bye bye poo birds

  • jaws4316

    Whoever wrote this drivel is a FUCKING IDIOT. So, you think the solution to corruption and cheating in the electoral system is for the people who actually care about what happens to our Country to just boycott the elections? Tell me, you brilliant person you, do you really believe the illegal aliens and all the rest of the fraudsters in the Democrat party are going to get on board with your boycott? Last night’s election results are proof positive that (in spite of rampant fraud and cheating) when enough people get fed up with the lawlessness and corruption we can still “Throw the bums out.” If we had all taken your brilliant advice we would still have Dems in charge of the Senate (and probably the House too) for the next 2 years.