2013 Sets A New Record For Volcanic Eruptions: Heightens The Risk Of Worldwide Cooling

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2013 has seen more volcanic eruptions than at any time since records began. As reported in Seven Volcanoes In Six Different Countries All Start Erupting Winin Hours Of Each Other, vulcanism is on the increase. In an average year, 50-60 volcanoes erupt. So far this year there have been 83, not including any eruptions when writing this article.

An extra 23-33 eruptions (so far) may not seem like much, but those extra eruptions represent a massive amount of gases and ash being blown into the atmosphere. Millions and millions of metric tonnes which can have a profound effect on life on Earth.

The ash, which contains a variety of particulate matter, reflects sunlight back away from the surface. In severe eruptions it actually prevents sunlight getting through at all, as with the Mount Pinatubo eruption in 1992. Sulfur dioxide, one of the main gases thrown up during eruptions, also decreases temperatures and millions of tons at a time can be discharged when a volcano erupts.

If this level of vulcanism continues, which at this point looks likely, then we could be heading for a drop of a couple of degrees in temperature. Again this doesn’t sound like much, but a 2°C drop is enough to alter the agricultural zone charts in some areas. Climate scientists tell us that a rise of 2°C due to anthropogenic global warming (AGW) will be a disaster for mankind, yet they never mention what a drop of 2°C can do.

The effects of such a drop would be profound, and if you add in the predicted drop in temperatures from the very long and subdued solar cycle, it looks like life is going to become very chilly indeed.

Solheim and Humlum are predicting a minimum drop of 1°C due to the solar cycle and James Marusek goes further suggesting:

We will experience temperatures that we have not seen in over 200 years, during the time of the early pioneers.

David Archibald, a climatologist, also suggests that the dip in solar activity will lower temperatures to levels we have not experienced for centuries.

Add these predictions to the effects of the volcanoes, and you have a doomsday scenario of long, bitterly cold winters and shorter, cooler summers. Crops and livestock will be affected, and famine is a real possibility, both home and abroad.

Grain stores are not full enough to last for decades of cold. The reserves would cover a year maybe two but not a decade or longer.

The Little Ice Age saw millions dying of hunger and cold, and with so many more mouths to feed now, that figure could go much higher.

Everyday the global warming alarmists throw something more into the mix, some new way that positive figure climate change is going to be the death of us all. Loss of environment, loss of habitat  for a species no one has ever heard of, melting ice, rising sea levels… it’s endless.

The real and immediate danger we all face is global cooling, and with the uptick in vulcanism and the down tick in activity on the Sun, the chances are we will experience it sooner rather than later.

Yet it’s never mentioned.

I have never heard a politician say that we should be storing firewood and long-life foods and grains that we may not be able to grow in ten years time.

I have never heard a politician say ‘we are cutting green energy taxes so you can afford to insulate your homes and fit solar and PV units’.

I have never heard them say ‘we need to improve natural gas storage facilities and improve our electrical infrastructure so we can cope with the surge in demand that’s going to occur in the near future’.

If you have never looked at the Georgia Guidestones now would be a good time. Point one may explain why the government says nothing.

1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

You need to think about this. You need to consider not just the usual doomsday scenarios we talk about. It’s said that if the grid goes down for good, 99% of Americans will be dead within a year. Would that figure rise if the grid goes down and we are facing bone numbing cold and famine at the same time? I suggest it would.










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  • JK

    Guess Al Gore can hang up his billion dollar faux global warming jockstrap, then… along with all the chemtrails folks

    There has been ZERO global warming since 1998 anyway, per the “official” Hadley, corroborated by the UK Met, and now even the IPCC admits as much. Worse, it was WARMER 1,000 yrs ago – the Archeological Survey of Canada notes the treeline was 100 km NORTH of where it is today back then, and Dr. Tim Ball has a pix of a picea glauca stump (white spruce) that was growing outside of Tuktoyaktuk on the Arctic Ocean several thousand years ago (google Tim Ball’s site). Or better, Nature published a study by Kegwin, studying marine isotopes in the Sargasso Sea, which prove that today – yes today – we are BELOW the 3,000 year average. The warming seen earlier? Well, pardner…. we were coming out of the LIA still, where it was the coldest it has been in many thousands of years, the nadir of which was around 1800 or thereabouts. Global warming is a socialist scam.

  • JK

    Oh yea…. if those Georgia Guide/Fascist Stones want to talk about culling “useless eaters,” maybe they can look at their OWN socialist leaders who add NOTHING to humanity; and follow it up by looking at their “Yes we can” mindless chanters. The truth is, this is just re-warmed policy from the Nazis. Which makes sense, since the modern left is literally the heirs of the National Socialist Party – google their planks, adopted Munich, 1920, if you don’t believe me

  • Horsenut

    Don’t forget the long handle underwear!

  • RickE.

    Don’t forget that according to some climate “scientists”, cooling is caused by global warming, as is heat, drought, rain, snow, and everything in between! They have it all covered so they think that they can’t be wrong.

    Mother nature has it covered, and it will do what it will do! Despite you and I.

  • Derek the Donkey

    Did you hear the one about the hyperactive snowman?
    He was told to just chill.
    Snowballs * * *

  • old guy

    It is caused by the pole shift. It has increased in the number of mile per year the last three years. this causes the magnosphere to twist, that in turn causes the tectonic plates to move about. and the plate boundries are where the volcanos erupt. It isnt caused by Al Gores glowbull warming and it cant be stopped or mitigated by anything man does or doesn’t do.