2012 Armageddon: Just Another Cowardly Cop Out

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When (not if) we wake on Saturday December 22 to find all of mankind still slumbering along the road to rapture, we will be reminded of the fact that the build-up to Armageddon was a sham from start to finish- and the Mayans have nothing whatever to do with it.

Psychological programmers have flooded the internet with stories and images of impending doom as a result of our planet’s transgressions through the “photon belt.” Long before the Mayan calender was ever predesignated to signify global Armageddon, converging star-signs were supposed to shatter the planet, with Pisces converging with Capricorn, at an angle of exactly such and such degrees. A celestial mix of apocalyptic preconditions as a result of which earth and its inhabitants will float away on ethereal air currents. An obscure, as of yet undetected planet is apparently hurrying through the solar system, diametrically avoiding telescopes to crash at the exact time the ancient Mayans chose to end their mythological calendar… one of their calendars, that is. I have always considered it an act of extreme psychological acrobatics to reconcile boundless infinity, with all its countless galaxies and empty space, with the finite fancies of astrology, covering after all only our most immediate celestial neighbors. Regardless of ones own beliefs in regards to these matters, the point is that social engineers strive to know precisely where the nerve-endings of our hopes (and fears) are to be found, and subsequently lay them bare for tyrants to trample on.

Of course history records so many impending days of doom, that if they would all have come to pass, the earth would have been destroyed a thousand times over. This sobering fact does not in the least affect the end-of-days advocates. Proponents of these mythologies (uniformly building their speculations upon an interpretation of the Mayan calendar) usually shy away from actual reality unfolding as we speak. They prefer busying themselves with the latest message from planet Zordac instead.
Such innocent little indulgences usually go hand in hand with less innocent ones. After all, in order to properly receive the alien visitors, we must first organize a one world order.
Such star trek visions would indeed be innocent if not for the overall passive demeanor created in the process. Why act if the battle for freedom will be decided by an expected catastrophe descending from the heavens? It is easy to throw your hands in the air and to drift aimlessly on ethereal air currents. It is hard, on the other hand, to challenge the very real New World Order that is engaged in depopulation policies on record. History teaches us that the tyrant stands to gain from slaves surrendering themselves to idle fancies.

In the decades proceeding the year 1000 medieval Europe was in the grips of the expected second coming of Christ. People readily emptied their purses, in case a divine strike from the sky would blast them to kingdom come. While the local tyrants collected the cash, the serfs raised their eyes to the heavens expecting cloud-bursting judgement at any moment. You can imagine that when the long expected hour came and went without incident, the poor pilgrims shook their fist up at the same sky they trembled under not long before. Not only was their summoning before the divine throne delayed, their purses were even emptier than they had been before. In the meantime, their Saxe-Coburg-Gotha chieftain had profited from the situation by gathering all riches to him, exercising his power with all the more ruthlessness and resolve.

It is of course only a matter of time before the New World Order utilizes this tendency to dream of UFO’s, or some floating off into vibrational spheres of existence, or whatever protoplasmic rabbit-hole promised for the near future. What better way to kill resistance in the bud than to claiming that the world will end, whether we act of whether we don’t? Propping up fears of impending doom creates a vacuum into which a large bulk of the energy in the pursuit of truth may be deposited to wither and die. Besides, it discourages people from action, inspiring inaction instead. After all, why bother educating people about a world dictatorship if the end is nigh and there’s nothing to be done?

For those not completely transfixed on the December 21, 2012, there is much at stake. Imagining things will not be necessary. The tremors of tyranny are being felt all over the surface of freedom- which sadly is already on the verge of breaking beyond repair.
It seems we are summoned to secure the interests of life, and by securing them, throwing our weight onto the enemy that’s in front of us. Like the warrior, we do not have the luxury of moving around the pieces on the chessboard, or change our minds at pleasure. Nothing is easy. Every strike counts.
Every call for world government, every disclosed diary, every bold statement on reducing human population (and every subsequent global policy directive) is indicative of certain subsurface activities- of broader stirrings which are so all-engulfing in nature, that the only way not to be overwhelmed by them is to concentrate on the symptoms through which the disease reveals itself. Although all news is symptomatic in the end- all “current events” mere shadows dancing on a screen- the way to engage the enemy is to snatch these shadows from the screen, pull them by the tail and expose them for what they really are: phantoms created by a calculating elite. As soon as these phantoms are exposed to clear skies, the shadows will cease to be shadows and vanish. This includes end-of-the-world fantasies by dreamers who postpone battle by clinging to mythology.

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  • x

    i think the mayans were correct, predicting the end of an age and the beginning of another, the nwo.

  • Michael

    The Mayans were right, The Mayans said that at the end of the calendar there would be great change and it is all about change as we enter a new era.

    Anyone alive can see how the world has changed in the last 20 years and we are going through a period of change, we all know there is no such thing as democracy nor a republic in the world we live and our lives are controlled from birth to death.

    I never ever gave anyone or any Government the right to tell me what I can and can’t do and what is acceptable and what is not. As long as I don’t harm another human being they have no right to shackle me and put me in jail.. there is certainly a change from how life used to be. A mother and father have to both work just to make ends meet and can’t afford to have more than 2 children. Wages are slowly reduced to make us more dependent on the government for their lousy handouts that don’t amount to shit.

    At the turn of the century, a man worked all week with Sunday off, his wife stayed at home and baked and took care of the house and raised the family, at the end of the week he would stand at his roaring fireplace lighting his pipe or cigar and say; just going down to the bar or saloon for a couple of drinks and his wife still managed to put a few coins away for a rainy day. Why are we poorer than people who lived in poverty at the turn of the century? Why cant we even afford the basics which are a roof over our head, clothes on our backs, and food on the table. People in America are starving and here we are giving bailouts to crooked banks and aid to governments that don’t like us. Instead of creating opportunities for our citizens. INSANITY!

    Look at Africa they live in mud huts but it is their mud hut they built it and own it. We are being enslaved and we are walking right into it, wages are getting lower, fuel and food getting higher, all the natural resources belong to all of us born here so why are we having to pay massive amounts to keep warm? Laws laws laws, and all kinds of taxes have been brought in year after year after year preventing us from providing for our family unless we go through the government.

    If the whole system collapsed I could provide for my family as I have a trade but what could the people do who created this mess? They could not depend on the police as no wages mean no police turning up as they would have to be hunter gatherers for their own families. How would the elite who can’t survive without money and no skills make it? The only reason they live in a house and not a cave is because people like me built them. I dont mind building for people like nurses, sewer workers, mechanics , shop assistants etc because they supply me with a service but I object to building for people who create money out of thin air and produce nothing of benefit for society such as MPs bankers, Lords.

    So we either continue down this road of change where working people are no better off than slaves or it changes. I for one think the people of this world will say enough is enough and break free from the shackle of our corrupt rulers. Its so sad really, the world could be a better place for us all but greed and pure evil seems to rule. I just think that power has went to their heads and with power comes abuse.

    So I dont know if the Mayans were really right but change is all around us and we are losing our rights daily. You can only beat a dog so many times before it bites back and the elite seem unable to grasp this when all they have to do is look at the history of France and Russia, Scotland, Ireland etc etc. People will only put up with so much. Let me finish with this.

    Americans enslaved Africans, they worked in the field all day and then came to their hut at night, the woman cooked the meal and the man sat on the porch smoking his pipe he did not own his property and found a few ways to save money even if only $60 over 20 years, times were brutal and if the slave did not obey the rules set by the master then he was beaten. In 2012 America,a man and woman work all day but do not not own the house, times are brutal if you protest against our masters rules then you are beaten (look at the number of youtube videos)snd various other new laws aimed at our control. But the difference is in the old slave days you had one master now we have many and you will be tazed or pepper sprayed for not following an order from your master in uniform kind of like an overseer.

    The difference is you dont have to be black. We are all slaves now, few may dispute this as life is not too bad for them just as it was for the house slave as they thought things were good and the field slaves were wrong to complain. I ask anyone here to tell me the difference between then and now in fact its worse now as you maybe classed as free but you cant run away from this system. When a slave ran away he could make a new life for himself outside the system up north.

    We should hate the elite rulers and the injustices they have created but we should hate ourselves more for allowing this to happen and now it appears to be too late to do anything about it barring some kind of divine intervention..

    And when I die and meet my maker I hope he does not show me a video and explain where I went wrong to him, no I want him to explain to me why he let this cruelty go on such as child starvation, abuse, drones, illegal mass killings, bombing raids, If I had the power of a god I would have stopped it, when I was a kid I had to say grace before meals and thank god for providing the meal, so you took the credit so its only fair you take the blame when you provide nothing.
    Anyway Merry Christmas.

    • berrybestfarm

      Your comments sum up the state of things better than the article. To answer the question posed in your last paragraph–I believe the answer is free will. With free will comes the responsibility for We the People to make things right. We are the ones we have been waiting for.
      Dennis Patterson–Deer Park, WA

      • Chris

        That was an interesting article. There were things with which I agree and disagree. I wish I could figure out where I stand with politics; I’ve spent a while trying to figure that out. Michael, I’m just curious about two other things:

        “I never ever gave anyone or any Government the right to tell me what I can and can’t do and what is acceptable and what is not.”

        What about your parents? Your moral compass is influenced at least partly by them. What about your spouse (if you have one)? Spending your life with another person implies some conflict, and that often requires compromise. What about your deity, if applicable?

        “And when I die and meet my maker I hope he does not show me a video and explain where I went wrong to him, no I want him to explain to me why he let this cruelty go on such as child starvation, abuse, drones, illegal mass killings, bombing raids, If I had the power of a god I would have stopped it, when I was a kid I had to say grace before meals and thank god for providing the meal, so you took the credit so its only fair you take the blame when you provide nothing.”

        I agree with berrybestfarm on your last paragraph. Why doesn’t He (It?) stop it? Because that doesn’t seem like His job. His job was to provide a framework, and let us develop on our own. In other words, He’s a parent, not a dictator. If He intervened so clearly, that would be enforcing rules through fear; I doubt that that is the moral reasoning He would want us to have. It doesn’t help us learn anything.

        More importantly, if He stopped the suffering, then free will becomes useless. The suffering would end because people would fear for their souls if they did wrong, not because they considered the violation of another’s rights. That’s the point of free will: WE make the choice, NOT Him.

        I apologize for the theological tangent. I was raised Roman Catholic, but I’m not a frequent church-goer or die-hard religious. If you’re interested in more, read “The Screwtape Letters” by C.S. Lewis. Anyway, that’s just my two cents.

    • 41MagMan

      Actually, Michael, the government has no “rights” at all, because rights are deemed to be ours as delivered to us by God… so said the Founding Fathers.

      What the government DOES have, however, is powers and like all other organizations, does its best to gather more money, more employees, and more power unto itself with time.

      So, yes, they CAN throw us in jail for any trumped up reason whatever. They have such power because they have assigned it to themselves, but they sure as Hell do not have the right to do it.

  • ncjoe

    Pleas be honest for a change. You are a psychological programmer, too. Idiot.

  • mugwumps

    i see u on alot of prepper websites, putting us down. are u a paid troll or simply lack a life? u will not change anyone’s mind with your ignorant vitriol.so if u dont agree with whats sed, why not make like the wind and GTF outta here, ok moron?

  • Locus

    There are only TWO real challenges to face in this world.

    There is only ONLY ONE doomsday scenario that requires us to come together and take action to ensure our survival: to deploy technology that can identify, then divert or destroy asteroids on a course to impact our planet.

    There is only ONE actual piece of social engineering that needs to occur to ensure our survival: to marginalize the opposition to nuclear energy and to build and scale up efficient and safe modern designs to completely power our electric grids with enough surplus energy for electric ground transportation, trains, cars and trucks. To gather and store the nuclear waste responsibly until breeder technology matures. The developing world wants electric grids (not our charity dollars), in the developed world the grids are the only thing between us and the dark ages. Coal, oil and gas harm the environment and their depletion curves yield a perpetual resource war and eventual doom. Disaster-hardened underground nuclear reactors hold the ONLY real promise we have for continued existence in the style to which we are accustomed.

    That’s it. Only two challenges. All the rest are matters that may be solved with restraint.

    This practice of taking issues such as violence and war or drug abuse or overpopulation, and treating them as ‘disasters’ and not issues of restraint — sickens me. It is a grave mental disorder to portray them as anything more than they are, simple issues of personal restraint.

    John Galt’s motor does not exist. Fusion even if it proves possible will not be scalable soon enough. Nuclear fission is the *only* energy source that could keep us alive through a long dark winter so it must be pursued to the exclusion of EVERYTHING ELSE.

    In other words, GROW UP humanity, this little recess from technological innovation while we burn off the oil and turn away from danger in the sky is OVER. It’s time to get back to work.