$2 Billion? Try FOUR: Obama Asking Congress for $4 Billion for Illegal Immigrant Crisis HE CAUSED

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In regard to how much Obama is asking to help stem the tide of illegal immigrants surging at the U.S.-Mexico border, Reuters is reporting that earlier estimates of $2 billion were way off. Try nearly $4 billion:

The $3.7 billion request is higher than initial estimates of $2 billion. White House officials said they never embraced the lower figure, and knew it would be higher than that.

The White House said the largest portion of the requested funding, $1.8 billion, would pay to care for the children while in U.S. custody. Other funds would go to beefing up border enforcement, hiring more immigration judges and paying for programs to discourage deported children from trying again to slip into the United States illegally.

Of course, Reuters isn’t calling it an illegal immigrant crisis. No, this is officially a “humanitarian crisis,” a phrase with all sorts of connotations that perk up the United Nations’ collective ears every time its uttered.

Because America just has a spare $4 billion laying around in the White House couch cushions, by the way. We aren’t a nation floating around on a giant iceberg of trillions in debt compounded daily by even more debt with a side of debt or anything.

All this after years of the Obama Administration systematically taking apart our immigration laws brick by brick by brick — leading us right to this very crisis!

For a detailed look back on how the Obama Administration brought us to this point, check out these two extensive timelines:

So, Obama is like a rock star who got drunk on power and completely trashed the penthouse suite on purpose, in what some Congressmen are openly declaring is a Cloward-Piven strategy to completely crash America, and now he somehow has the balls to leave Congress with a $4 billion tab and a bunch of hollow promises to clean up his mess!

Did you know that Homeland Security runs a website (“WelcomeToUSA.gov“) with a page instructing new immigrants coming in to the U.S. on how to apply for their welfare benefits, and the USDA has even handed out flyers openly advertising the fact that the government doesn’t check immigrant status for food stamp applicants?

And this nation should just pony up another $4 bil, trust this president to “protect” our borders, suddenly start enforcing our immigration laws properly for the first time ever, and basically fix the crisis he and his administration CREATED… why exactly?

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