17 California Towns Will Run Out of Water in the Next 60 to 120 days

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State officials in California have said that 17 communities will be out of water within the next two to four months.

Wells are starting to run dry and reservoir levels are low as the state faces the worst drought in almost a century. The number of vulnerable communities is expected to increase over the coming weeks and months, and the list will be updated weekly said Dave Mazzera, acting drinking water division chief for the California Department of Public Health.

Lompico is one of the affected areas.

“We have been unable to take water out of the creek since August and well production is down, and we didn’t have that much water to begin with.” said Lois Henry from the Lompico water board. She is certain the district will soon have to truck in water.

Cloverdale has already seen the implementation of mandatory 25% rationing and a ban on lawn watering. It’s very likely that more mandatory cut backs will follow.

The 17 most vulnerable areas are:

  1. Jackson Valley Irrigation District
  2. Shaver Lake Heights Mutual Water Co District
  3. Sierra Cedars Community Services district
  4. Boulder Canyon Water Association area
  5. Camp Condor
  6. The Cypress Canyon Water System
  7. Lake of the Woods Mutual Water Co area
  8. Bass Lake Water Co area
  9. Whispering Pines
  10. Brooktrails Township Community District
  11. Redwood Valley Community Water district
  12. Willits
  13. Washington Ridge Conservation camp
  14. Ophir Gardens
  15. Lompico County Water District
  16. Cloverdale
  17. Healdsberg


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  • cindy

    Steven Chu, Obama’s science advisor, predicted all this a few years ago. its amazing how climate destabilization is taking place just as the scientists said it would…only much sooner than expected!

  • Jack Hammer

    The cause is pretty simple. There are more people in CA than the land can support.

    • Jorge

      You hit the nail on the head with that one. We are like locus striping the land of all resources and leaving a trail of death and destruction behind us …. oh snap, that’s what’s COMING …

  • Babylonandon

    But I’ll bet the Smelt have plenty of water.

  • DaveR

    Yeah Guv Brown, let Mexico and it’s citizens suck up what’s left.

  • Jack Hammer

    That’s the point I was making. The available resources in the area aren’t enough to support the number of people living there.

  • Good. Let it dry up, cut off the Colorado, and give the desert back to the mehicans. Just put up a fence first to keep the commies from escaping.

  • Erin Tarn

    Using chemtrails to keep rain clouds away. Part of their depopulation agenda. And nobody has a single target to aim at to prevent them from doing this. We are all doomed.

  • Jorge

    IDK, It seems to me you both have a point. But Cindy never even mentioned global warming but said climate destabilization, which does happen during natural periods of climate change. I agree with you KL that global warming is a scam.
    Anyone that has been alive for more than 50 years has seen for themselves that the climate has changed considerably from our younger years. I personally believe that we are going through a natural shift in weather and just “love” listening to the talking heads pontificate about it.

  • Jason Vega

    those loud booms people here everywhere are in no way related to tapping of wells and aquifers to provide water for underground bunkers.