Trump Will Sell “America First” Foreign Policy on First Trip Abroad

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President Trump will take the opportunity to use his first trip abroad as president to talk up his foreign policy ideas, which he describes as an “America First” strategy.

Starting in Saudi Arabia later this month, the president will make stops in Brussels, the Vatican and Israel as part of routine visits with foreign leaders and heads of state.

“America First is fully compatible with American leadership in the world,” an anonymous senior official told Reuters, describing the message Trump wishes to send during his visits.

To date, however, Trump’s foreign policies have been anything but “America First.” To all but the most ardent Trump supporters, the president’s first months in office have been a continuation of every disastrous foreign policy established by his two predecessors, policies which do not put “America First.” Now Trump will tour the world telling foreign leaders how much those policies will benefit them and their countries; the irony is hard to ignore.

Where Obama practiced a policy of “strategic patience” with the North Koreans, the Trump team almost immediately stepped in to drastically ramp up tensions with the scrappy Asian regime, risking conflict, or, in the worst case scenario, perhaps even nuclear war.

In Yemen, Trump has continued to back a Saudi-led coalition in an indiscriminate bombing campaign that has killed thousands of non-combatants and thrown the country, already the poorest in the Arab world, into a severe humanitarian crisis. Where, exactly, is the American interest in starving children to death halfway across the planet?

During the race, candidate Trump preached non-intervention, or at least non-regime change, regarding Syria, a position directly at odds with that of candidate Clinton, who urged for no fly-zones and definitively anti-Assad policies. After just a few weeks in office, however, the Trump administration launched a retaliatory missile strike against the Assad regime in response to an alleged (not at all proven) chemical weapons attack on rebel-held areas of Idlib Province.

One glimmer of hope for non-interventionists before the election was Trump’s position on America’s relationship with Russia. While Clinton maintained that Putin was akin to a Russian Hitler, Trump held forth in his desire for detente with our nuclear-armed rival, a position unpopular in Washington’s halls of power, to say the least. That speck of light may have finally been snuffed out with Trump’s missile strike on the Syrian airbase in early April, a major blow to the U.S.-Russian relationship, Russia being the top supporter of the Syrian government in its ongoing civil war.

Yet another of his “America Second” policies includes continued massive aid to the Israeli government, vastly more than any other recipient of American largess. As professors Stephen M. Walt and John Mearsheimer demonstrate in their definitive treatment of the U.S. Israel lobby, Israel neither needs nor deserves such aid.

With a struggling American economy and a combined total gross national debt approaching $20 trillion (nearly 104 percent of the previous 12 months of GDP), the American government is in no position to give billions in hand-outs to first world countries. This is especially the case for Israel, whose long-standing policies of occupation and dispossession of Palestinians supply terrorists the world around with recruitment material and a rationale to attack the United States, whose aid makes such policies possible in the first place.

What, then, would an “America First” strategy actually look like? Chas Freeman, in an article at the American Conservative, at least begins to answer that question:

“Americans have arrived at a moment in which the Middle East they have long imagined no longer exists and the actions they are taking no longer yield the intended results. A fundamental reexamination of the premises and purposes of U.S. policies in the region is in order. The complexities of such a review would be formidable.

But policies based on past rather than current realities will only get the countries of the Middle East and the United States into even more trouble than they are already in. American policies in the Middle East, as elsewhere, must spring from unflinching analysis of the current situation, be disciplined by a clear-eyed view of American interests, and put those interests—not those of others—first.”

Such a vital reevaluation of American foreign policy, unfortunately, does not appear to be on the table. It’s not clear where genuine American interests land in the administration’s ranking, but they certainly aren’t coming first.

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  • tonye

    Where Obama practiced a policy of “strategic patience”…

    My a$$…. Obola did no such thing… he just played golf and fired the fuses while ignoring reality. All talk, no action.

    Trump is stepping in to fix things… you got to break some eggs to make an omelette.

    Before you step away you have to know you can step away. Unlike Obola that stepped away from Iraq before it was ready and then allowed its collapse and rise of ISIS, Trump is fixing the issues, or at least triaging them before turning them over to the locals and leaving.

    This article is real cr@p, sorry.

    • Chancho_Bandito

      If you don’t leave the middle east we will be at perpetual war.
      Power vacuums are a myth and ISIS was created by the CIA.
      Trumps policies up to this point have been Socialist.
      Not surprising really…..he was like this before the election.

    • Howard Beale

      Still got your head up your ass I see.

    • WKP AnCap

      Your characterization of Obama’s policies in Iraq is wrong. The rise of ISIS has nothing to do with him, everything to do with the invasion of Iraq in the first place. ISIS grew out of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s al-Qaeda in Iraq, which had become a serious force before O took office. Sticking around to fight longer wouldn’t have made any difference, the damage was already done.

      Of course Obama’s training and arming of al-Qaeda affiliated Syrian rebels didn’t help the situation in either country, but Trump isn’t going to solve the problem with his current policies. He campaigned on getting us out of our wasteful middle eastern quagmires, a promise that we now know was a lie. He’s escalted wars all over the place, succumbed to pressure from the people surrounding him.

      Until this guy gets it together, shows any semblance that he meant what he said during the race, I’m not going to cheerlead for him. Politicians are scum, I’m not sure why Trump gets a pass here.

      • tonye

        Blaming Bush, I see.

        I suppose the fact that Obola, Hillary, McCain, and so, built ISIS is lost on you.

        • WKP AnCap

          I blame the policies that turned the Anbar Province into lawless jihadi-stan, prolly the biggest boost to AQ, and in turn ISIS in the group’s history.

          I acknowledge that Obama made the situation worse in every way with his policies re. Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Israel, etc. But what does it say about Trump that he’s continuing, at times ESCALATING, all of the same terrible policies?

          You’ll have to elaborate about McCain et al and ISIS. Please explain what you mean.

          • tonye

            Google it…. McCain, Obola, Hillary, etc are all part of the Deep State… part of the swamp.

            The war in the Middle East serves their purposes. McCain and other “republican” members of Congress made quite a few visits to the Middle East and met with the leadership of ISIS.

            The mess in North Korea also serves their purposes.

            The whole thing in Lybia was about the US trying to get back US provided shoulder fired missiles that somehow ended in the wrong hands in Syria and Iraq.

            I strongly suggest you do quite a bit of reading. Trump and Rex are doing the right thing by getting the locals to own the situations in NK and Syria.

          • WKP AnCap

            I didn’t ask you because I don’t know, I asked you because I want you to prove your assertions. “Go google it” is a pretty unsatisfactory answer, especially for somebody who’s gonna tell ME I have to read. That’s what I was trying to ask, what should I read? You seem to have it all figured out…

            But I know about the transfers of Libyan weapons arsenals through Turkey and into Syria to arm rebels. And I know John McCain met with the Northern Storm Brigade (which is not ISIS).

            This doesn’t prove your assertion about America CREATING ISIS. America has certainly USED ISIS for its own purposes, as Kerry himself said, to pressure / threaten Assad, but that isn’t even close to the same thing.

            Finally, I’ll believe what you say about Trump when it actually happens. At the moment, looks like we’re in for a lot more of the same. Perpetual warfare, bosom-buddy friendship with Israel, etc.

          • tonye

            ISIS was created from a group that the US funded to fight Assad.. then it got out of control.

            I asked you to google it because there is so much info on this.

            Read this site:


          • WKP AnCap

            I see nothing on that blog that backs up what you’re saying.

            ISIS grew out of the Islamic State of Iraq, which itself came from al-Qaeda in Iraq, Zarqawi’s group. It split from vanilla AQ when it left Iraq to fight in the Syrian war.

            I think your claims are almost correct, but you over simplify every thing.

            Israel and Saudi don’t like the current regime in Syria for various reasons (support Hezbollah, ally with Iran, etc.), so the US backs rebels to topple it. One of those rebel groups happened to be ISIS, and we did a lot to help the group thrive, but indirectly.

            I know of a lot of shady shit regarding the Turks, Saudis, Emeratis, etc. helping ISIS in various ways, but I don’t think you can just say John McCain built the group. It’s much more complicated, and makes us look dumb or silly when we oversimplify everything.

  • Ratcraft

    Just going to eliminate $20,000,000,000,000 of debt in 100 days…
    Just going to solve the North Korea problem since 1950 in 100 days….
    Going to end the bloodshed that’s been happening in the middle east since the sands began to blow across the desert in 100 days.
    Come on 99% of the population can’t lose 20 lbs in 100 days, yet trump is going to bring 0% unemployment and world peace..

    • Chancho_Bandito

      How much longer does Trump get a ‘pass’.

      • Ratcraft

        You thinks he’s gotten a pass? Holy crap, guess you really don’t follow the news.

        • Chancho_Bandito

          Let me get this straight you are going to defend Trump, a now politician, and head of state?

          • Ratcraft

            Defend trump about what? That’s my point. Holy crap y’all expect him to create a utopia over night. He’s not a dictator. Tell me what he has done to affect your life personally. Not some story you heard or read about. You personally.

          • Chancho_Bandito

            what are you ranting about?

    • WKP AnCap

      If he can find time for world peace between his escalation of every ongoing American war, I wish him luck. Not very confident it’ll happen in 100 days or 1000.

  • Renee Ciccioni

    He’s just the aggressive part of the Hegelian dialect and Obama played the patient rational part of dialect and the libertarians are the common sense side of the dialect either way they are all the same money and power party and the only thing that will come from it all is continual war people are going to die and the military industrial complex will continue to collect bigger paydays.

  • (((Amerikkka First)))

    It should be replaced with “Israel First.”

  • TrevorD

    Thought America had already had been sold………..
    My mistake maybe.