150 Trihealth Employees Fired for Refusing to Take Mandatory Flu Shot

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by JG Vibes

In recent years there has been an undocumented resistance growing within the medical community towards vaccinations, especially forced vaccinations.

The people who created some of the first vaccines like the small pox antidote for example, actually refuse to take most modern vaccinations due to the harmful toxins that they now contain.

Many hospital employees and public health workers are now being forced to take vaccinations.  This measure of force was probobly taken to save face for the industry, because so many health workers have actually been refusing shots.

Fox 19 in Cincinnati reports that:

“One hundred and fifty employees at Tri-Health received termination letters after not getting a mandatory flu shot.

According to a company official, employees were asked to get a flu shot which was offered on-site at the workplace and was free of charge. Employees that didn’t get the required flu shot got termination letters this week.

Those employees who were terminated can go through an appeals process and get re-instated, but that process begins with verification of getting the flu shot.”

Despite the fact that the shot was free and given during work hours it seems fair to reason that the 150 some health employees who refused the shot did so out of concern for their safety.  There is information out there on the internet on every single shot and vaccine, so be sure to do your own research and find out what you are actually putting in your body.


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  • .Sorry I do not see how such a law can be enforced as the employees can demand people who are contageous should not come in for treatment. If someone is admitted with hep c or a bacterial infection the healthcare workers are also in danger. Life holds no gaurantee. Sounds as if this is to protect a corporation from liability. But last time I checked there are no laws for food handlers or healthcare workers to even have health insurance? Is this not risky?

  • Locus

    At best — the company decided that targeting those employees who refuse flu shots was a great way to lay off 150 people without ‘bad’ press. The fired employees are voluntary quits not eligible for workman’s comp and they are also eligible for a form of social blackmail. If the irate employees attempt to publicize their plight the company fires back with rhetoric that insinuates people who refuse shots are hazardous and indifferent to public welfare. Not a shred of evidence or rational debate is required. At best.

    At worst — the CEO of the company plays golf with someone they revere in the pharma industry, carries their clubs and fell on hands and knees one day and begged, “What could I do to make you like me?” and was told to march out boldly and demand flu shots for all employees, and we might make you our 2013 pharma poster boy. Or even for no particular reason, perhaps just to make them go away. At worst.

    When investigating threads that appear to indicate some vast worldwide conspiracy — it often helps to construct an alternate scenario that involves only the simplest kind of personal vanity, gullibility and imbecility. It often fits.

    Stupid people doing stupid things for stupid reasons are the devil’s workshop. Even the mighty Illuminati tremble in their presence.