14,000 Websites Have Blocked Congress from Accessing Their Pages: Here’s Why

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As of Friday afternoon, over 14,000 websites have blocked Congressional access to their pages, instead directing them to a protest page. The massive move is an effort to show Congress that its push for continued surveillance via the Patriot Act and USA Freedom Act is unwelcome.

Facilitated by Fight for the Future (a non-profit internet advocacy group), the process works by identifying IP addresses that originate from Congress. When a Congressional IP is detected, whatever website the user attempted to access redirects to blackoutcongress.org. There, the site declares, “Congress: this is a blackout.” It explains to members of Congress (and presumably, their staff) why they were redirected:

We are blocking your access until you end mass surveillance laws. You have conducted mass surveillance of everyone illegally and are now on record for trying to enact those programs into law.”

The website also calls out issues with  recent Congressional actions regarding domestic spying:

You have presented Americans with the false dichotomy of reauthorizing the PATRIOT Act or passing the USA Freedom Act. The real answer is to end all authorities used to conduct mass surveillance. Until you do, thousands of web sites have blocked your access, and more are joining every day.

As a conclusion, the page says Congress should be “ashamed” of mass surveillance:

It’s like a strip search, online. We should never, ever have to worry the government is watching our private moments. Congress should be ashamed that they want to see our naked photos, so we’re putting up plenty of them to make sure they are!

Beneath the text is a long collection of photographs from internet users — some fully nude, others partially nude — bearing the hashtag #ifeelnaked.

The page invites others to join the photographic protest at ifeelnaked.org. It urges citizens to call their lawmakers to voice their opposition to continued spying.

Though Congress has made multiple attempts to continue mass surveillance, recent developments indicate the NSA’s unchecked authority may soon expire. This would be a development in line with the desires of the American public.

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  • Joe Lizak

    What a great idea! Power to the people. I wonder how long it will take Obama to call everyone a terrorist.

    • They defined that in the PATRIOT Act, which you’d know if you’d read it.

    • Nuke Pro

      He already has. You are definitely on the list, lol, ouch

      • molon_labe

        Hey, I don’t want to be friends with anyone who isn’t on at least 3 of those lists.

        • tophand62

          That would be Me…

        • Nuke Pro

          Come and get ’em,

  • OK, this takes care of the shaming. Now, onto the shunning.

  • Shiva

    that’s cool i use tor any ways
    and your PATRIOT Act & Freedom Act. government’s
    misled used meaning word’s
    the only Act of freedom is what you make it for your self’s not the scum behind the certain doors that is beyond a doubt
    Second Amendment is the only PATRIOT Act & Freedom Act
    there is no peace as long as the scum’s are in power

    • Say hello to all of the spooks at the NSA for us the next time you use Tor, since William Binney says they breached it long before he left.

      • I’m sorry but that is bullshit I don’t care what Binney says. The proof is in the pudding, I have access to really damaging darknet info sites all about the US and it’s allies. If what he says were true then the sites I am talking about would be down! They can’t take down a server that they cannot find and if they could find it, it wouldn’t be there anymore so there is your proof that they do not have backdoor access to the TOR network. My opinion is remarks like his are to scare you off of TOR because the more people that use it the larger the network grows and the more of a pain it is for “them” as that many more untraceable people are now online. Be wary of half truths also.. a headline like “TOR has been breached,” which actually could be true but don’t think that the TOR network has been breached, more like a security vulnerability in the TOR browser has been discovered. It’s like saying “bitcoin has been hacked” when in reality it was an exchange that was compromised. More disinfo that I am trying to teach you to look out for. Do NOT access TOR on a chromebook, buy a $100 old laptop off of craigslist and put ubuntu on it.

        • The only difference between a dark site and a not dark site is meta data in a search engine database. The NSA monitors the complete datastream of all of the major ISPs and their intermediaries. It is almost impossible to prevent TC/IP from routing your flow over some part of one of them, and once that has happened, your Tor is just as visible to them as my non-Tor. If you doubt this, ask John McAfee why he sold his company and walked away from it.

          • They can monitor an anonymous data stream all they want to, they still don’t know the original IP of any TOR ip. Methinks they try to scare the public to lose confidence so many will not even try to exercise their online privacy rights. The fact the network still exists proves that they do not have control over it because of it’s decentralized nature, just like bitcoin. Anything that is decentralized is anti-establishment and has my full support. Just because you run a WAN doesn’t mean you can see what goes on in all the little LANs and especially VPN connections on the network… you are effectively cut off unless you have access to the VPN server log files which some companies claim do not exist by policy in order to preserve the privacy of their customers, you have to trust their word though and by default I trust no one. Gonna check out the MacAfee thing, thanks.

          • They don’t need to obtain an IP to identify the individual sending a message, which is all they need to investigate whatever it is that they want to investigate. Since they have the ability to monitor all publically carried telecommunications, the only way to prevent being monitored by them is to avoid all public telecommunications. If you set up your own point to point communications link and encrypted it, you would be secure unless they detected it, which is unlikely unless it crossed their path. The more extensive it became, the more likely it would cross their path. Do you remember when a guy commandeered HBO?

          • The only thing that ID somebody for sure is their MAC address and anybody that knows what they are doing will mask that before they even connect to any VPN. If you protect your communications with the little app called gpg4usb and use 4096bit encryption keys they cannot read your communications even if they intercept every single one. We are still ahead of them and have them beat, don’t think we don’t. If they really had full control like they are trying to act like then our current internet and even political system would look much different right now… we are headed in that direction though but they will never be able to stop technology and communication at this point. The future looks bright for privacy, check these out: maidsafe.net, hyperboria.net, and projectmeshnet.org/ – and these are all in their infancy right now and for email you have protonmail.ch, lavaboom.com/, and startmail(although startmail supported net neutrality so they lost my business with that move) for email so although I don’t believe the NSA will ever go away I do believe that with a world-wide collaborative effort we can make them irrelevant which is another way of saying check mate. I have no recollection of anybody commandeering HBO but I am going to find out now, lol.

          • The NSA is already irrelevant to those of us who don’t present as a threat to them.

          • Everybody is a potential threat if they are not part of the 1%.

          • I’ve always been a 1%er, and sometimes even a 1%er among 1%ers.

          • Financial, you know what I meant.

          • I meant in pretty much all areas, including fiscal. If more were like me, the 1% you are talking about would be doing everything they can to destroy us.

          • Well that’s surely true, lol. They don’t like me either but they don’t know they don’t like me, hopefully.

          • If you aren’t taking fire, you aren’t being noticed. I try to be the equivalent of Dennis Rodman in the liberty movement. All of the rearward windows on my van have various posters and graphics in them, and they are very popular. Of course, I live in what might be the most radical part of a very conservative state, so the Muslim Brotherhood graphic of Obama done up in satanic style is the most popular piece. I also have the 10 orders that Oathkeepers won’t obey, a D&E abortion graphic, and a mini-poster I made from a JPFO push card, displayed.
            Add to this the folded down “oversize load” sign and the dual strobe lights atop the van, and the stack of traffic control cones on the front bumper and I’m pretty obvious.

          • Shiva

            that dude is a fool guess he docent get what relays mean hah he is probably some one who is on food stamps and live in a car some wheres using his Obama phone

  • unbubbleslayr

    How do you block Congress from viewing your site? What if it is an off duty Congress person on their personal computer?

    • My guess is they only blocked official IP’s.

  • Lentenlands

    Now black out the rockefellers, rothschilds, all the western central banksters and the puppets at the united nations and every tax exempt foundation and you’ll see results.

  • Michael Powers

    Ironic that you have to log in to leave comments on this post…

    • You used to be able to comment anon but they are corralling us into one nice convenient place. Use vpns and multiple accounts to mitigate.