14 People Shot in 15 Hours: Rahm Emanuel Calls for More Gun Legislation

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The City of Chicago witnessed a shocking slew of shootings earlier this week, most of which were caused by two separate incidents. The first shooting occurred on Monday evening when a family was returning home from an outing, and were gunned down during a drive-by. A grandmother and her pregnant daughter were killed, and three others were injured. 5 hours later another shooter managed to kill 3 people and injure two more in the Fuller Park neighborhood. All told, 14 people were shot in a 15 hour period, and 6 were killed.

Following these violent incidents, Mayor Rahm Emanuel criticized the gangbanger culture in the city, and then repeated his previous calls to create tougher penalties for gun related crimes. “It’s time that our criminal justice system and the laws as it relates to access to guns and the penalties for using them reflect the values of the people of the city of Chicago.” Of course, Chicago already has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. And yet 2,300 people have been shot in the city this year, which is a 21% increase from last year. These recent incidents follow the shootings of 50 additional people over the past two weekends.

Surely there is no correlation between the two. More gun control is exactly what Chicago needs, and Rahm “Don’t Let a Crisis Go to Waste” Emanuel is just the man who can deliver.

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  • bill lopez

    There ‘ought to be a law…

    • nlightened2

      I agree. Something like “You shall not murder.” Or maybe even something like “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be iinfringed upon.”

  • Mark

    What a hypocrite. His dad was a gun-toting terrorist of the Israeli Irgun.
    It is Israel that needs to be disarmed:

  • 1PissedAmerican

    Rahm start deporting the illegal drug dealing gang bangers supplying their black counter parts.

    Criminals will never follow laws and it doesn’t help these assholes keep getting slapped on the wrist when caught and prosecuted.

    Bring back the electric chair for the murderers.

    Black lives really don’t matter in Chicago.

    • Possum Kingdom

      How about deporting the people that are actually bringing the drugs into the country? The elites. The brothers in hood don’t have planes and couldn’t get into the country even if they did…unless they are very well connected.

  • Infidel51

    If you want your city to be safe and prosperous in America there is a very simple formula. Don’t elect Democrats to run it.

    • straight shooter

      No, that’s merely a simple-minded formula.

      • Infidel51

        You’re right. All the states and large cities under long term democrat control are getting along famously. They are all shining examples of fiscal responsibility, transparency, and public safety. You sir are the smartest person, well, ever. Excellent work.

        • Mark

          Both parties are wholly owned by the tribal banksters. As long as we play their Republican-Democrat game, there is no hope for us. http://judaism101.proboards.com

          • straight shooter

            Thank you.

        • straight shooter

          Sorry, your attempt at sarcasm is as flawed as your “solution.” Translation: if you’re still blaming “the other Party” you’re still asleep.

          • Infidel51

            Maybe next time make that point up front instead of going straight for snarky insults. If you truly have a interest in helping people understand that their government is owned and operated by a single hidden hand you should do exactly that instead of just being an A-hole. And it wasn’t an attempt at sarcasm it was an excellent example of sarcasm thank you very much.

          • straight shooter

            OK, fair enough. Perhaps you’re somewhat new to this site. I am just one among many here who point this out on a regular basis, as I really do have that interest, and I’m usually snarkless about it. Maybe it gets old after a while, or maybe it’s just Snarky Wednesday. Anyway, glad you’re open minded to rethinking the left-right paradigm.

          • Infidel51


  • cmb

    Ok who is going to depot the guy to Mexico USA

  • breakawaymotorsports .

    So glad I don’t live there. The answer to bad people with guns is more good people with guns. Simple,but a concept that politicians cannot understand. More laws only restrict law abiding people.

  • Mike

    To Rahm the idiot, gun control laws kill people as to gun free zones. get that through you thick head.

  • Dan Morgan

    Why does anyone listen to this guy. What an annoying little prick. Chicago got what they voted for. Good riddance.

  • Yes, because you know… Gun control works so well! Criminals will follow those new laws and you won’t have an issue anymore – just like with Drugs! Mr Emanuel is either a big fool or a liberal elitist that never lets a good crisis go to waste (I am guessing the second one here). Since Chicago already has some of the strictest gun control laws on the books and it doesn’t seem to be helping; it wouldn’t make sense to keep going in the same direction based on failed results but rather take another direction to see if the results change.

    • He is a dual citizen doing what all dual citizens in our government are collectively trying to do… disarm us so they can continue with their agenda. They aren’t stupid, they are the enemy.

  • Smarty

    With all the Chicago shootings, how come nobody ever picks off Rahm? What a waste of good bullets……

  • nlightened2

    Without God everything is permissible.

  • mayday911us.

    Of course there’s another shooting hey we need more gun-control.

    But the funny thing about it is don’t they have some of the most draconian gun laws in Chicago.

  • Rifles on the rooftops

    Obama wants a lot more shot dead too. gonna happen cause obamr want it to. get what he wants always cause he can call all black people to riot in eery city cross america
    that is black power fools!

  • sunshine

    I’m sorry, who is shocked that black people are acting like black people? And a Jew is somehow behind it all/using it to get what they want (gun control)?

    • Maybe Rham can go home to Israel and try gun control there first and see how it works.

      • Razedbywolvs

        They have stricter laws than the US and there is a bunch of Jews who don’t like it.

        • Really? To my knowledge you can walk right down the street with whatever you wish in hand. Maybe what I read was incorrect, I’ll re-check… thanks.

  • Same solution: Get all dual citizens OUT of all government positions NOW! Many problems will solve themselves if we have the guts to do this… I am not optimistic though.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    Don’t you just love how liberals insist on having more of what doesn’t work?

  • Illini Warrior

    The shootings are 90%+ black on black shootings …. nobody but nobody in the ghetto will cooperate with the cop investigations ….

    They made their bed – let them live in the slumhole like animals – who gives a shit ….

  • Moss500

    Emanuel is an idiot. Doesn’t get it and never will. Quit harping about blanket gun control that only punishes law-abiding gun owners and start addressing the real problem … criminals!

  • Diamond_Jim

    I’d give you 10 to 1 that the ballerina conceal-carries a weapon of his own.