13 Year Old Up On Felony Charges For Throwing A Snowball That Reportedly Hit A Cop

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A 13 year old Chicago school boy has been suspended from school and is facing a criminal record for throwing a snowball that hit a cop on the arm.

The boy and a group of classmates were on their way home when a snowball was thrown which hit the officers arm as he sat in his patrol car. The kid, who denies throwing the snowball, said he saw it, and it actually hit the car not the officer. The boy was taken into custody and charged with aggravated battery to a ‘peace officer’, which is a felony.

The kid, who is due in court on March 12th, faces having a criminal record for a felony charge, something that will affect him for years to come over the throwing of a snowball.

Chicago police have confirmed that the boy has no gang affiliation and that he has no criminal record.

What a total waste of time and public money.

In a city like Chicago I’m sure there are far more serious things going on that need the attention of a police officer in a patrol car. Maybe he has decided that arresting kids is an easier way to go than facing real criminals, after all, that may put him in harms way, can’t have that.

Give it a few days and the officer concerned will be reporting sick, the trauma of the whole incident too much for him to bear. There will be a mountain of paperwork to fill in. The psych assessments will say he is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, his wife will be saying he hasn’t slept properly since the incident, he wakes up in a cold sweat as his subconscious mind remembers the terrible details of the attack….

This officer ought to be ashamed of himself, what a jerk, but at least he never beat him to death, or shot him, or tasered him to within an inch of his life, so I suppose we should all be grateful for that.


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  • SerioulySarcastic

    What a pussy! To bad we cant identify the cop, gather a flash mob and descend on his home for a spontaneous snow ball fight. Of course all the snow balls will “accidently” hit his arm.
    Okay I admit that its Chicago and cops and hood kids are not exactly friendly. Odds are the ‘child’ was antagonistic toward the cop (as anyone should be). The cop probably gets fucked with all the time and the kid probably is guilty of being black and has been a little angle from heaven. Oh never mind they are both guilty of SOMETHING and deserve whatever they get.

  • Rick E.

    In a way this is good, as it will teach the young to NOT trust officer “friendly”. When I was that age many years ago in the small town I was raised in, the cops would have maybe thrown a snowball back at me and laughed a good, hearty laugh!
    Nowadays they may even try to execute a youngster FOR BEING A YOUNGSTER.
    It’s a battlefield now, and officer friendly WILL pay the piper when the SHTF. But they’re too stupid and too jacked up on steroids to realize this!

  • zephyra

    Great community policing NOT. Remember when the police were there to help you?

  • jonh q publik

    semper fi, do or die, kill kill kill, hoooah!!

    keep your powder dry brother, and remember your oath. when shit hits, dont kill the people we are sworn to protect. save them, help them, and for gods sake ( we all know we have to many marines in heaven, we need your boots on the ground) keep your head down!

  • Sammy

    For the love of Pete, if you want to be nasty to the kid make him shovel the PD parking lot or something. But c felony charge? Child murders don’t get that. He’s really being charged with contempt of cop and receiving harsher punishment that our elite’s caught doing far more egregious acts than this. I thought we were all about the “Children”. SOOOOO we’re going to manufacture a criminal. Felony conviction means probably no college, no 2nd amendment rights, and in some states no voting. For 1 snowball. This is not justice and sends dangerous messages to the entire country.

  • Andy Fife

    The kid was armed with snow , why didn’t the sociopath open fire, center of mass, 29 rounds?

  • Benjamin Titshaw

    That pig should be beaten within a inch of his life.

  • mack jones

    Kid, if you can’t find work, come to Colorado! Contact this account, and we’ll go from there. You must have proof it was you, though. I’d rather hire you with that felony conviction than anyone else that has never done anything in their life. Facing ridiculous consequences makes us into much stronger individuals than the herd.

  • AriusArmenian

    Cops act like an occupying army. I guess that’s what they are.