12-Year-Old Girl Arrested for Pinching Boy’s Butt: “Kids Can’t Even Be Kids”

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Public school is already a terrible place of fear, conditioning and over-reactions to prepare you for the real world of utter B.S.

But this pushes even the insane limits of a politically-correct world that gets offended at every thing, arrests children for bubble guns and toy weapons, among other petty controversies that demonstrate how your children are being raised to believe all guns are illegal and that just about everything is against the rules.

And now… this.

Via Fox News:

A 12-year-old girl was arrested and booked into juvenile detention after she allegedly pinched a boy’s butt in school during what she described as a popular game at her Florida school.

The girl is facing misdemeanor battery charges after the incident at Milwee Middle School, which is outside Orlando, and was reportedly read her Miranda Rights, put in the back of a patrol car and later charged.

“Lord, lord, lordy. . . what has this world come to?” asked the girl’s father, whose first name is Ray. “Kids can’t even be kids, and that’s basically what it is. She’s 12 years old, she was acting like a 12-year-old child.”


The boy’s mother apparently disagrees… the boy’s mother, however, asked that the girl be prosecuted for battery.

“I regret it,” the girl reportedly said in an interview. “I didn’t know it’ll lead to this.”

Wow. And now this girl is one foot in the grave in a society that expects her to conform, or be punished.

And there’s no pleading common sense.

And society is officially learning its lessons about how anything that can be considered “offensive” is a criminal offense.

I guess since this was a “butt pinching incident” and somebody’s mother got “butt hurt,” the 12 year old girl should feel lucky that she is ‘only’ being charged for battery and not sexual harassment.

The world is gone to some very strange wolves…

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  • Reverend Draco

    Single mother homes are a toxic environment in which to raise children.

    As of 2014. . .
    63% of youth suicides
    90% of all homeless and runaway children
    85% of all children displaying behavioral disorders
    80% of rapists motivated with misplaced anger

    71% of all high school dropouts
    75% of all adolescent patients in chemical abuse centers
    70% of juveniles in state-operated institutions
    85% of all youths sitting in prisons

    Come from fatherless homes.

    Since the boy’s mother was the one to respond, the one who asked that the girl be charged with battery. . . I don’t think it unreasonable to assume that she’s a single parent.

    • Meltonmark

      Sounds interesting but you might want to quote your sources…?

      • Reverend Draco

        I’m more of a “you do your own homework, I’m not your dad,” kind of guy.

        I give you the info, you perform your due diligence. . .

        • Razedbywolvs

          89% of serial killers come from single mothers’ homes
          100% of men that are female oriented killers come from single mothers’ homes. :SERIAL KILLERS by JOEL MORRIS.

          • Reverend Draco

            Huzzah for the Welfare State – which rewards broken, fatherless homes while punishing and demonizing complete families. . .

            Had a friend years ago – met him when he was 7 and I was in my early 20s (we’re still friends almost 30 years later, I’m 51 and he’s 36). . . his dad knew my older brother. . . when he was a child, his family ran into some difficulty. . . in order to get the help they needed, his parents had to divorce.
            Once they got back on their feet, and told Duh Gutterment where to stick it, they got remarried and are still married to this day.

          • Anti Everything

            Old and well known information.

          • So should be in a book of gospel?

          • Anti Everything

            Maybe? What is “gospel”?

          • “something accepted or promoted as infallible truth or as a guiding principle or doctrine ”

          • Anti Everything

            Gospel according to whom?

        • SonsofAnarchy5768

          You do NOT know this is a single mother, so stop diverting the conversation from what happened, you are ass-uming you know what you are speaking about~

          • Anti Everything

            I agree with you on this although what kind of a man (I’m old, and I understand things have changed) would let his wife stand alone and be the public spokes’person’ for this sorted issue of police state nonsense?

          • Reverend Draco

            Funny that the girl had a father to comment on this incident. . . yet in the boy’s case it was his mother. If the boy had a father in the home, it’s more likely than not that he would have told his wife to quit being ridiculous.

            Maybe it’s your reading ability that failed you, that you completely missed, “Since the boy’s mother was the one to respond, the one who asked that the girl be charged with battery. . . I don’t think it unreasonable to assume that she’s a single parent.”

            Fatherless homes are a toxic environment in which to raise a child.

        • Rumors aren’t worthy of the investment of time or effort in due diligence. Claims without attribution taken from another source are plagiarism.

          • Reverend Draco

            Rumors are absolutely worthy of the investment of due diligence – that’s an easy way to determine if the information is rumor or fact.

            Knew a girl, many many years ago. . . rumors followed her like train cars following a locomotive. . .

            Rather than accepting rumor as fact, I invested my time in due diligence. . . and discovered that the larger portion of the rumors were simple jealousy.
            If I hadn’t taken the time, I would have – as all-too-many did – believed all manner of horrible things about a rather sweet young lady.

          • Due diligence, of course, is just that which is requisite to prove one’s case in legal jurisdictions. In most other areas, slight diligence is sufficient, and extraordinary diligence is.
            I’d be pleased if those who beleaguer us with doubt would presage their posts with even slight diligence, since they would discover how ignorant they will appear when they expose their frequently gross ignorance to the net. What constituted your due diligence vis a vis the sweet young lady?

          • Reverend Draco

            Conversing with her, and with other people who were reportedly present at the times and places of the rumored acts, and with the gossip who was indicated as having originated the rumor.
            After a while it got so that I could, with near-perfect accuracy, determine who initiated the rumor simply by the subject. . . certain “tells,” as it were, gave away the origins.

          • The whole freaking Internet is becoming deranged before my eyes. The post that this is in response to got lost in Yahoo’s spam box, and I just stumbled onto it. Yahoo has been sending my email back to me instead of to the specified recipient, sometimes. “Tells” can be both very informative and very deceptive.

          • Reverend Draco

            Yes. . . “tells” can be deceptive. . . but deception eventually falls under investigation – generally speaking. It’s harder to keep track of one’s deceptions than it is to keep track of honesty, as honesty is the more consistent position.

          • I’d agree except for saying that truth or reality are both more consistent than deception or honesty, these days.

          • Reverend Draco

            Pardon my conflating truth with honesty. . . when we were younger, the terms were approximately interchangeable. . . sometimes I forget that “mission creep” and “regulatory capture” apply to terminology as much as actions. . .

          • A lot of it has to do with recognizing reality, which I didn’t really start to do until I began subscribing to Reason Magazine in the early 80’s. I gave it up when it started to read more like National Review than Reason Magazine, about the time the Libertarian Party was invaded by republicans fleeing their party in the face of a neo-con takeover. I’ve moved into darker and darker reality since.

          • DC90029

            You use yahoo? Is this 2001?

        • DC90029


          • Reverend Draco

            Yes. . . those who expect info handed to them all wrapped up neatly and tied with a ribbon are lazy. . .

      • Razedbywolvs

        #1, #2, U.S. D.H.K.S., Bureau of the Census
        #3 CDC
        #4 Criminal Justice & Behavior,Vol 14, p- 403-26, 1978
        #5 National Principals Association Report on the State of High
        #6 Rainbows For All God’s Children
        #7 U.S. Dept. of justice, special Report, Sept 1988

      • Mark

        Search and pick any source. You will find that he is correct regarding single mom “homes.”

        • Is being from a single mom, as opposed to from a double mom, home an affirmative defense to pinching a classmate’s butt?

          • Anti Everything

            “double mom”? Boyo boy, things have changed. I wonder what a ‘double dad’ thing looks like.

          • They both look like, as they always have, homosexual relationships. Wouldn’t anti everything be the same as pro everything? 🙂

          • Anti Everything

            That’s funny! And, maybe.

    • kirkpatrick

      Indeed she was unbearable to live with, dumpster dove with a busboy to get pregnant, cheated on the dad, and decided to allow us to pick up the tab as she whines about Social Justice.

    • Are double mother homes better?

      • Reverend Draco

        Single, as in no male influence in the family, as in fatherless homes.

        • I understood when I wrote the post, but I was amazed you allowed the ambiguity.

          • Reverend Draco

            Just curious as to who was paying attention, and who was simply skimming. . . picking out a word here and there to flagellate me with.
            It appears that I can count on you to pay attention.

          • You should never had any doubt following our many contentious exchanges here. I’ve come to think of us as fellow musketeers, although I wouldn’t mind support from a plurality so that we could get back to waking up sheeple.

          • Reverend Draco

            Sometimes it sucks, being an island of reason in an ocean of unthinking blind emoting. The battering of the waves of ignorance is painful.

          • That brings to mind a fleeting quotation, something involving the animation and invigoration of engagement in public market of ideas, but I couldn’t find it. Google is becoming senile, it seems.

          • Reverend Draco

            Ever since Google betrayed it’s founding principle, “Don’t be Evil,” it has become less coherent over time.

          • Use duckduckgo, formerly known as scroogle, no senility or amnesia concerning damning facts, evidence.

          • Apparently their database is smaller, since their results are repetitive to make them look more extensive, without any better result.

          • I get more accurate results from them than google

          • I don’t actually use Google, I use Startpage, which is an aggregator and proxy user of Google, Bing, and several other major search engines. They may use duckduckgo, but they offer the same anonymity…

          • We’ve had this argument before… startpage is anonymized google, ixquick is the aggregator. Ixquick pulls from multiple sources, startpage pulls from only google… both are good services though.

          • Ixquick is Dutch, Startpage is American. Facts require no argument, and those are from them.
            “Starting March 29, you’ll receive private StartPage search results on Ixquick.com. We’re merging our two search engines so we can focus on fighting Big Brother, rather than maintaining two different brands.”

          • Yep, and the facts stand as ixquick is an aggregator… now receiving google aggregates apparently.

          • The quotation came from Ixquick’s homepage. You can see for yourself. I don’t know why they abdicated from aggregation, because they used to be an aggregator. Maybe they will be again when they get together under one name. Why would an aggregator with only one source be considered an aggregator?

          • lol, a question I was mulling over myself yesterday…

          • It is probably related to the fact that when they finally “launched” startmail, after many months of promising it, it crashed when I tried to initiate use of it. There is more Katherine Albrecht there than Steve Jobs. I can still remember the day she claimed, on The Power Hour, that passive RFID chips could be read from geosynchronous orbit. When I called her on it, she backpedalled, blaming her claim on some “engineer” who had told her what she failed to vet with another.

          • lol, nice one!

          • Not really, since I just walked away. If it can’t launch, how well will it fly?

          • All I had to do was use the right two words:

            “If you love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.” Samuel Adams

            This is better than any beer I’ve ever had bearing his name, although that was a different Samuel Adams, if memory serves me correctly, which it doesn’t always:-)

  • jim_robert

    Let the girl go and jail the mother for being a jackazz

    • Anti Everything

      Imagine how this is going to stick to the boy and the possible harm that may cause. But, maybe the little boy is ‘gender fluid’ of some nonsense like that.

    • Let them both go and jail the arresting officer for false arrest.

  • mangomuffin2

    People, stand up for this little girl. This is beyond stupid. C’mon Orlando…weigh in with your local news organizations. Let them know enough is enough.

    • Meltonmark

      But if it was a 12-yr old boy pinching a female buttock, he would be sent to a Juvenile Correction Facility. So why the 2x standards?

      • harry323

        And ordered to register as a sex offender …

        • Smarty

          And in my high school, it was pretty common to “cop a feel” in the hallway and just laugh. It was harmless… everyone did things like that (yes, girls too) and now we’d be tried and convicted. In 35 years, our last freedoms have slipped away and the sheep cheer for more of the same !!

      • Is “2X standards” anything like double standards?

      • mangomuffin2

        That’s a fine point, but since I am female, I was bringing my point of view from when I was that young. Girls would very likely NOT be doing anything sexual in nature at that age. It DOES depend on the history between these two, of course, but boys might very well be bringing a whole other mindset to a situation like this. (and a possible need for a different approach, but NOT jail at that age.)

        Basically, I feel that we need to stop arresting children. Send them to the principal’s office if need be, but that should be sufficient.

  • Plextt Plextt

    Imagine the psychological damage that that would do to an innocent 12 year old that is only months away from puberty. Nahh, never mind, just don’t think.

  • Taco43

    The girl was charged with Butt-Pinching in the First Degree. The butt-pinching was both unlawful and premediated. The girl can report an unlawful detention by filing a case of habeas posteriorus before the court.

  • Gil G

    Boo hoo. The sooner children learn that which not acceptable as adult is not acceptable at all – the better.

    • kirkpatrick

      Whiny, d*uche-bag mom who can’t get laid, is that you? F*ck off.

      • How many mothers do you know with male names?

        • kirkpatrick

          How many moms who call the police and then pose as someone defending her online would admit they are a woman, Ms. 3BrONUAJno?

    • SonsofAnarchy5768

      Looks like smarty was talking about YOU when he talked about being sheep and how you will just cheer for more, the gov thanks you for helping in your own enslavement…………you f**king moron~

    • jaguar

      You don’t have kids do you, butt wipe???!!! You’re an ignorant piece of crap!

  • kirkpatrick

    I recommend battery for the mother who is pressing charges.

    • How is it that she can bear witness to something she learned about as hearsay?

  • SonsofAnarchy5768

    I will be calling this school ASAP, you should do the same~ here is the #

    Milwee Middle School

    1341 S Ronald Reagan Blvd, Longwood, FL 32750

    (407) 320-3850

  • Jean

    I think that the police have more important criminals to arrest then a 12 year old girl because she pinched someones ass. This is job a for the Principal not the police why are we paying a salary for a School Principle, here is what should have been done. The Principle of the School should call the parent of the child who is accused of this horrible crime and have the parent discipline her. IF the parent doesn’t then the School should take further action. Many times in school I had children say or do things that were not pleasant, but I didn’t run and tell the teacher and she called the cops. I never said anything I just told um off.

  • SonsofAnarchy5768

    Funny how this person left a comment 12 hours ago and is still at the top and mine which is 3 hours old is almost near the bottom…….

  • lilred

    Lets hear it for the cops on this one. At least no kid was shot, taz d, punched, or drug out by their hair in this scenario.

    • qweztionz5

      Wow, the thugs didn’t beat anyone up. Medals all round pigs.

    • jaguar

      They put a 12 year old girl in handcuffs for pinching a boy’s buttt !!! How brave of them!!! Duuuuhhh !!!

    • Reverend Draco

      You forgot the /sarc tag. . . to cut the whinerbabies off ahead of time.

      • lilred

        No. I decided not to put it on the post. Most sensible people already know it’s sarcasm. The morons who don’t shine bright like diamonds.

        • Reverend Draco

          Nicely done.

  • Anti Everything

    Feminism on the part of the ‘sisssy boy’ mother? Of course it is. She must be worried about her little girlie boy getting raped so instead she’ll turn him into a little homo-sexual and let the priest and other pedos play with him.

  • If the girl was participating in a school-sponsored or directed game, she has plausible deniability, just like Obama does.

  • Eric Blake

    Goto the liberal source, the boy’s mother.

  • RE

    For crying out loud!
    They are KIDS!

  • jaguar

    That boys mother is a brain damaged nutjob!!! Did the boy need medical attention????!!!!

  • Clementine

    F**king RIDICULOUS!

  • Stew E

    Liberals are a virus. All of them should be put down for the welfare of the human race

  • DHConner

    Reverend Draco (are you the son of Draco, whose punishments were extreme by any standards?) has the numbers to back up what used to be called common sense but is now defined as evil, reactionary, non-inclusive, divisive, non-diverse, and unhelpful ranting and raving. I can’t possibly cover every base the left-liberal elites use, but I think it may well be as many as there are stars in our galaxy. They have gotten control of the entire educational system from the top down, causing textbooks to be re-written according to their belief syhstem

  • James Michael

    Battery? The mom should be battered and caged for retardation. Have cops all over the country committing felonies in droves and stupid ass freedom hating retards like this exist?
    The mother has no cause of action…..
    The only loss the boy suffered was a pinch…and i no damage was done …neither does he…..

  • Wags71

    I wonder if this is even real.