12-Year-Old Boy with Toy Gun Killed by Cops

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Over the weekend, a boy was killed by police at a playground in Ohio.

From The Washington Post:

On Saturday afternoon, 12-year-old Tamir Rice was sitting on a swing outside a recreation center in Cleveland, wearing a camouflage hat and hiding a BB gun in his waistband.

The boy was playing with the gun on the playground at Cudell Recreation Center, pulling it from his pants and pointing it at people, a man told a 911 dispatcher. The toy’s orange safety tip had apparently been removed, and the caller said the boy was “scaring the s— out of everyone.” He also noted that the boy was “probably a juvenile” and that the gun was “probably fake,” but that message was reportedly never relayed to police.

Officer Ali Pillow told CNN it wasn’t clear if officers had been told the weapon was not a firearm.

Jeff Follmer, president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association, said the officers were not told the caller thought the gun might be fake.

When two officers arrived, Tamir did not point the weapon at them or otherwise threaten them, Deputy Chief Ed Tomba of the Cleveland Division of Police told reporters early Sunday.

But he did reach for the weapon, Tomba said:

“The officers ordered him to stop and to show his hands and he went into his waistband and pulled out the weapon.”

That’s when the officers shot Tamir in the torso. He was transported to MetroHealth Medical Center, and died early Sunday.

This morning, Cleveland police said the incident was caught on surveillance video.

From NewsNet5:

The Cleveland Division of Police Use of Deadly Force Investigation Team is investigating the officer-involved shooting that happened on Saturday at about 3:30 p.m. at Cudell Recreation Center located at 1910 West Blvd.

Cleveland Police confirmed surveillance video in the area captured the incident, but when newsnet5 asked when it would be released, Cleveland Police Public Information Officer Sgt. Ali Pillow said there is, “No specific time when video might be released.”

Translation: We will release the video if it doesn’t show any evidence that condemns the officers.

Cleveland police have been under increased scrutiny during the last few years. The U.S. Justice Department has been conducting an investigation of their pursuit and use of force practices. They did the same for the Another Person Dead Albuquerque Police Department and issued a 46-page report that detailed their findings. Their conclusion? “We have reasonable cause to believe that APD engages in a pattern or practice of use of excessive force, including deadly force, in violation of the Fourth Amendment and Section 14141.”  The DOJ gave the APD recommendations for improvement. Time will tell if their guidelines do any good there, and what comes of the Cleveland investigation.

Meanwhile, the hacktivist collective Anonymous has taken down the City of Cleveland’s website.

From RT:

In a video released on Monday, Anonymous lambasts Cleveland City Police, whose alleged inability to train their officers properly is said to have led to the tragedy.

“This rookie officer apparently was not trained. The police department he works for is to blame for this lack of appropriate training. Officers are equipped with many non-lethal options such as Taser guns. Why did he not use a Taser on this child? Shooting him in cold blood was not necessary with these non-lethal options available,” a statement from the collective said.

The group further questioned whether the police were so “moronic” that they were unable to use anything other than lethal force to deescalate the situation. The called the justification that the police“feared for their lives” ludicrous, as Rice was only 12-years-old and armed with an air soft gun. The message concluded with a vow to target all municipalities whose “ignorant” and poorly-trained officers pose a threat to society.

“Police of the United States you will learn in due time once Anonymous has shut down your sites that we will not stand for your ignorant, untrained rookie cops.”

Anonymous is also conducting Operation John Crawford in response to the refusal of the Beavercreek Chief of Police to meet any of the very reasonable demands of the Ohio Students Association and other protesters against the shooting of John Crawford by Officer Sean Williams in a Wal-Mart on August 5.

Crawford’s case bears some similarities to Tamir’s. He was carrying a BB gun around a Wal-Mart store in Beavercreek when another shopper called 911 to report “a man walking around with a gun in the store.” The caller claimed that Crawford was pointing the gun at people, but later admitted he lied about what he said during the call. He told The Guardian, At no point did he shoulder the rifle and point it at somebody.”

In Crawford’s case, officers claimed they were justified in shooting the man because he ignored their commands and refused to drop the BB gun. Surveillance video proved otherwise.

If – WHEN – the Cleveland police release the surveillance video that shows what happened to Tamir, I wonder what we’ll see.

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  • Justin Thought

    They’re just doing what they’re trained to do. Demand complete obeisance, and if it’s not given, KILL the peon who refuses. Just getting us used to what’s coming in the near future.

    And, of course, as usual, there will be a complete investigation, by the same people who (might have) committed the crime; and, as usual, the officers will be deemed to have “acted appropriately,” and “followed departmental policy.” Maybe later, the cop can sue the family of the deceased for the “extreme mental anguish” he suffered as a result of wiping this child off the face of the earth.

    • Cathy Young

      Let’s not forget painting his family as thugs, gangsters, or just plain bad parents for allowing their kid to play outside. In the end it will be everyone else’s fault except for the one who pulled the trigger.

      • James Michael

        Already is, if you are a member of their felon class….

    • René Martin

      Kill or be killed.

  • SacJP

    Well, if you’re a cop, don’t be surprised when simply your presence is deemed a threat, and someone ‘takes action’ because they cannot ‘discern’ if you are a good cop or bad.

  • René Martin

    Lessons to be learned in a country with hundreds of millions of guns in the hands of the population and where scores of policemen are shot and killed each year:

    1) Never remove the orange tip from BB guns
    2) Don’t point BB guns at people because it’s impossible to distinguish from a real gun
    3) Follow instructions and orders given by law enforcement.and refrain from making sudden movements.

    • Kid Rob

      I guarantee you WAY more Americans are killed by police than police by Americans.

      • René Martin

        I know, it says a lot about the violent behavior of many people (more often than not armed with guns) in the US. There’s a Wiki page where one can read each and every one of those killings, and the reason why they occurred. Enjoy, I know I did!

  • cold340t

    I can’t help but say to Parents, STOP GIVING REALISTIC TOY GUNS to your Children! I had a kid point a toy gun at me while walking thru Flea Market, it wasn’t funny to me. The kid was 5yrs. and smiled because he didn’t seem to know better. My angry face said different, his parents didn’t seem to see the problem either. THAT WAS THE PROBLEM! Here Billy, take this REALISTIC LOOKING GUN to the PARK and PLAY! Really? I know these Parents LOVE their KIDS, but REALLY? This IS HOW they should be playing? With REALISTIC TOY GUNS? In this day and age? Think about it? Trigger Happy or Not, A Cop see’s “ARMEND” Person, they shoot! End of Life, simple!

    • Cathy Young

      why didn’t you just shoot him dead? oh right, you might not be a cop. When I was a kid we ran all over with our real looking cap guns with their holsters and I do not recall ANY of us getting KILLED by some chicken shit dirtbag with a badge. You sound so shocked that kids go outside and play at all. The problem is not kids playing in a park, the problem is cops that shoot first and lie about what really happened. How do we know the kid was waving it around or reached for his waistband? Because that’s what the cops said?????? Only a fool believes anything that comes from a cop or his pals after they kill ANOTHER kid.

      • cold340t

        I did too, played Cops and Robbers/Cowboys and Indians etc. Had my Daisy Repeater w/smoke the whole package. Yes, I’m probably older then you too. But, @12yrs (1977/8),as tall as an Adult, it was time to play Laser/Paintball Tag type game.. That is, until I saw the Police respond to call from Neighbor about a Group of Armed Teens @20 or more. Seeing them told to get on their stomachs until the Cops realized they were toys. Well, it could have gotten worse. Like the 12yr. old who was shot/killed @ the same time carrying a BB Gun( same year). That was all it took to realize that playing with TOY GUNS in PUBLIC IS A BAD IDEA! That was late 1970″S ALREADY! Oh, and My Dad was a Cop at the time too! So I know this stuff was happening when Cops weren’t SHOOT FIRSTer’s. Officer Friendly was still a Cop then.

        • Cathy Young

          lol not older than me at all I graduated in 79 and when I was 12 a cop would not even have stopped any us for having our guns, much less shot us dead.

          • cold340t

            You don’t live in Oakland.

          • Bishop

            Cleveland isn’t Oakland either. There are no cops being shot by children in Ohio.

            Your dad was a cop? Shocker

          • cold340t

            Well, Kids playing with toy guns getting killed by Cops has been happening since the First toy gun was given to, then taken outside.

          • Bishop

            Please cite an example prior to 1990.

            In 1984 my father bought a box load of plastic Uzis and ak47s which i promptly sold to every kid within a mile. They had no orange tips. After we saw red dawn, we had battles out in the streets for the next year. No police officer ever pulled up to check us out much less shot one of us. Why? Because they weren’t hiring guys with 80 iq back then who were trained to piss themselves every time they saw their own shadow.

            Soon enough a cop is going to shoot someone with a camera because it resembles te camera gun from the Duran Duran video view to a kill.

          • cold340t

            You can “google” it yourself. I feel like your baiting here. You do know how to “google” don’t you? It’s something that most Homeschooler’s have mastered along with social awkwardness!

          • Bishop

            You made the claim. Show some evidence.

          • Cathy Young


          • cold340t

            You should google it before you call bs. Yes, I know even Homeschooler’s know the “google”. So you should have NO problems.

          • Cathy Young

            Yes when you run out of arguments, go straight to insulting…hell your daddy would probably shoot me…

          • cold340t

            Did you steal some cigars? Cause D.Wilson is ready for you too!

          • James Michael

            I believe you are a retard….and murdering a kid with a toy, is wrong…..or did your mom forget to teach you that, moron?

          • cold340t

            Did I say it was right? Nope! Not once, so who’s the Teapottyer’ here? Also. Meth users are the worst Homeschool Teachers. As your post indicates.

          • Cathy Young

            how the fuck do you know where I lived when I was 12? You don’t know one damn thing about me.

          • cold340t

            What am I supposed to know about you? Why would/do I care? You can “google” can’t you? Do you own research.

          • Cathy Young

            You are the one who brought up that I am not in oakland. I do not need to research, I was there in the early 70’s so I can easily remember what things were like then. Perhaps it is you who needs to research a time when cops didn’t kill kids. Oh your dad was a cop, that says it all. How typical with the underhanded insult. Your daddy must be so proud.

          • cold340t

            Paid to post? No, I’m not proud of you.

    • LAWD

      We were taught to treat toys as real and the second one got pointed at someone it went in the fire. Irresponsible parenting but damn! Not a reason to kill a child.

  • Gil G

    I concur with others here – guns aren’t playthings. What part of don’t go threatening people with a gun don’t some understand? Who cares if he’s 12 or 40? People who have a gun aren’t obliged to guess whether it fake or not any more than they have to guess whether a gun is loaded or not.

    Maybe I’m old fashioned but I don’t believe you make jokes derived from threats of violence. You don’t walk around threatening people with a realistic toy gun any more than saying “I’m going to kick you ass” is your way of saying “I’m disappointed with you” and yet act surprised when people take it to mean “I going to beat you up if I don’t get my way.”

    • Bishop

      Who said he was threatening anyone?

      Not the 911 caller.
      Not the police.

  • Chris Sky

    well the “logical” thing to do is BAN TOY GUNS. If the child wasn’t “ARMED” our intelligent, professional, courteous law enforcement wouldn’t have “feared for their safety” and murdered another American citizen… a child no less.. but of course it’s NOT the fault of the officer. to even Think or insinuate such is an act of domestic terror!

    • Gil G

      Actually, yes, stop making toy guns that look realistic and make them obviously fake.

      • Chris Sky

        I was being sarcastic.. but thanks for proving that the problem with the police starts with IDIOTIC, sheep-like, former American citizens like your self.

        In the “land of the free” there’s a little thing called the 2nd amendment… that says Americans have THE RIGHT to be armed… therefore, a cop “seeing a gun” (real or not) is NO JUSTIFICATION FOR SHOOTING somebody! You’re LEGALLY ALLOWED to walk down the street carrying, and cops have NO REASON to bother you, let alone SHOOT you… and just because some moron calls 911 and says “I think I saw somebody with a gun” that’s also NO LEGAL REASON to do anything but maybe ask the person what they are doing that “scared” someobody enough to call 911.

        Cops are now trained to simply “identify a threat” “eliminate the threat”… it’s that simple. They are now taught “shoot first and dont’ ask questions” because “officer safety is the #1 priority” in reality it’s called ISRAEL TRAINING YOUR POLICE LIKE THE IDF TREATS PALESTINIANS, thanks to DUAL CITIZEN Michael Chertoff, head of DHS.

        But i dont’ expect somebody like you to understand any of this, let alone agree with it! You’re the kind of person that wouldn’t survive without a SNAP card and governmetn benefits… how do I know? Only completely idiotic, useless, sheep who are incapable of taking care of them self, will justify the immoral, illegal, horrible actions of a Police Officer, simply because they represent The State, who is GOD to a bottom feeder like your self. 😉

        have a nice day.

        • Gil G

          The 2A doesn’t protect toys.

          • Chris Sky

            the second amendment doesn’t cover toys, because they are TOYS!

            LOL that was the stupidest statement of all time.

            furthermore the murdering offier himself states
            “I saw the gun”
            “I saw him tuck it in his waist band”
            “He didn’t verbally or physically threaten me, or anybody else”

            meanwhile the “justification” for the shooting is that the MURDER SAYS (not an impartial eye witness)
            “the child reached for his waist band”

            …. what 12 year old “reaches” for a toy gun when an adult is barreling down at them, gun drawn screaming “hands up” or “get down”?

            it’s idiots like you, well fare collecting, food stamp relying on, iq score of 80 that are the reason the USA went from “Super power” to “laughing stock of the world” almost over night!

            “The second amendment doesnt’ protect toys” as if that somehow justifies shooting a child with a toy gun! LOL I would like you to explain how that is relevant to the situation! What you said implies it would be illegal for the officer to shoot somebody carrying a real gun bec “it’s protected by the 2nd amendment” but perfectly acceptable to shoot somebody carrying a toy, because “toys aren’t covered by the 2nd amendment.” nuf said.

          • Gil G

            Whether it’s legal to carry guns is up to individual states.

            On the other hand, only Libertarians would cite the 2A as your right to threaten people with a firearm.

          • Chris Sky

            once again.. there is NO EVIDENCE that anybody was “threatened” with anything, even a toy gun… .let alone a real gun. a 911 caller who says “i think i saw a gun, it’s probably a toy, but he’s waving it around” is NOT evidence of a “threat” The caller wasn’t the one having a “gun” pointed at him.. and EVEN THEN there is NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE OF A THREAT… otherwise I could just call 911 right now and say I “I saw this guy Gil G on the street, he looks REALLY angry… I’m pretty sure he had a gun… he’s looks like he’s going to kill somebody” and in your twisted world, that would be justification for police to arrive on scene and murder you, even though I just made the entire thing up.

            the murderer, i mean officer already admitted, the child did not physically or verbally threaten him. this combined with the fact that there is a second amendment, and WORST CASE SCENARIO the cop needs to assume it’s a real gun … even prohibitive states like chicago allow carrying of guns in public places, this gives the officer probable cause to approach, and interact in a legal manner. LEGAL manner does not mean make contact and shoot the “suspect” … it means approach, and investigate.

            the whole notion that a cop draws his gun on a 12 year old and the 12 year old’s response is to “reach for his wasitabnd” (for a fake gun) makes about as much sense as everything else you have said.

          • James Michael

            No it is NOT up to the states because they have NO AUTHORITY to make one law on Arms much less the morass of treasonous legislation that exists today….You prove your ignorance with every statement, go lick a cops boots….

          • James Michael

            He is a full blown slave moron…..Good lil Toby… ALWAYS obeys massa…

          • Cathy Young

            you seem to know a lot about this dead kid, or are his aspirations based on your presumptions? You assume he will grow up to be a thug based on his skin? The cops assumed the same thing.

  • Chris Sky

    even IF the gun was REAL… there is a little thing called the 2nd amendment, that says Americans have THE RIGHT to be armed… so being ARMED is no excuse for a cop to shoot and kill you! What law was broken? What THREAT was uttered at the officer? seeing a “gun” (real or not) is NOT Justification for shooting somebody!

    but it’s good to see another brainwashed moron…. no short supply of you in the NEW US of A.

    • Kid Rob

      A nation of sheep shall beget a government of wolves ~ Benjamin Franklin

  • Bishop

    If you can’t tell from ten feet away (which is how far the officer was when he fired) the difference in that plastic gun and a real 1911, you are mentally retarded. Wtf do you people crawl out from?

    • James Michael

      From their schools that train them to be good little obedient Tobies….

  • Chris Sky

    I was being SARCASTIC…. as for Gil G… beyond help.

  • Chris Sky

    LOL I like how you make all these ASSUMPTIONS (like the kid “went for his gun”) simply based on the word of the man who murdered him!

    Common sense, logic, reason will tell a different story. If a cop barrels down on you, gun drawn, screaming “hands up” or “get down” the LAST thing anybody will do (especially a 12 year old boy) is “reach for the gun”… more like SHIT THEIR PANTS and FREEZE.

    the cop admitted he just “Saw a gun” and saw him “tuck it in his waist band”
    admitted he wasn’t “threatened verbally or phsyically”
    but gave the kid less than 2 seconds before murdering him…
    then it’s all A OK, because the murderer says “I saw him reach for his waist band, so I feared for my life, so i killed him” as is the justification in 99.9% of police murders.. even of UNARMED people who did nothign wrong, like the 28 year old who got shot and killed by police in NYC for simply walking up the stairs in his own apartment building. but it was ruled “an accidental discharge” so don’t worry the cop won’t be charged with murder, as usual. and there’s always a never ending line up of complete idiots (like you) who will come up with any justification to take the blame from the officers and put it on the victim (or their parents)

  • Bishop

    The story says he was pointing it at people. That is according to the 911 caller (who was clearly a moron to begin with)
    Who was he pointing it at? Duh. the other kids on the playground. Same kids who were so scared of the plastic toy they continued to sit and play on the swingset with him. He never threatened ANYONE. The only person who saw it and was scared was the nanny b1tch old man who would be happy to outlaw firearms altogether.

    If you own that airsoft replica and a 1911 and can’t tell the difference from 10 ft (especially considering the context of the situation) you are fuqing retarded. Seriously. Figure out which one is real (a magnet will help). Put it to your head. Pull the trigger.

    My guess is you piss your pants when black folks walk by.
    Even when it’s just a group 12 year olds toting toys.

  • Cathy Young

    it never ceases to amaze me how people all think its fine and dandy to
    kill someone over no gun or a fake gun. I can’t help but wonder how you
    will feel when it is your kid dead in the street, or park or wherever.
    Cops are like any other murderer, they test the water by killing those
    who they think don’t matter. Nothing happens? Soon they will be
    killing everyone over everything imagined thing. But it’s ok until it’s
    yours. But I’m sure your kids are just angels. That’s ok, when they are dead they will also be painted to be a thug or you will be painted as a shit parent. These cops are not “their” problem. they are everyone’s problem. You just don’t know it yet.

  • Cathy Young

    yeah cops are the go to source for the truth aren’t they

    • James Michael

      If you like habitually lying thugs that armed rob and kidnap innocent people for a living…they are….

      • Cathy Young

        oh you mean the lying thugs that armed rob and kidnap innocent people, like cops do? The thugs that have a badge and gun? My original statement still holds

  • Cathy Young

    it’s better than assuming he is isn’t it? Or should we just assume that because he’s black? If he were white would you assume he was a thug? If he were white would you be blaming HIM for being killed? It’s blind people like you who do not see that EVERYONE is a target to the cops. I was actually assuming he was a kid like millions of other kids.

    • Chris Sky

      it’s not a RACE thing.. it’s a CLASS thing.

      The cops murder people with impunity whether they are white, black, yellow, or green!

      it’s called BANKERS (and their employees the politicians) are the RULERS
      and the “citizens” (serfs) are the PEASANTS.

      The Police are there to “serve and protect” the RULERS.

      and now they have been trained by Israeli “law enforcement” thanks to dual citizen head of DHS Michael Chertoff… which is why more and more Americans are being treated like Palestinians, and their murderers are walking away with benefits, and promotions.

      • Cathy Young

        I agree Chris.

  • Kid Rob

    So, this kid was killed for having a fake gun that looked real.

    Well, how about this kid who had nothing but a screwdriver?


    • Cathy Young

      but ….but….it might be a philips head spy gun screwdriver….pussy cops

    • Chris Sky

      or the 28 year old who got shot walking up the stairs of his own apartment building in NYC, simply because “an officer on routine patrol was startled, and it was an accidental discharge” …

  • Chris Sky

    funny thing is we don’t have to ASSUME anything. The kid didn’t break any laws, and the officer already admitted “he didn’t verbally or physically threaten me” (with his toy gun in a park!… very “thugish” behaviour for a 12 year old!) therefore there was no probable cause to shoot him!

    very simple.

  • James Michael

    How bout not assuming every body is out to murder your rear and stop giving pu**ified morons, badges and guns? That would go a lot farther….Kids will continue to do stupid things and they should not be murdered for nothing….

  • James Michael

    That is because he was innocent until proven guilty of something and now he is murdered ..You retard….

  • Judeo-fascist government has given a license to kill goyim…wild,wild West! freedom to Indians and African Americans! down with moneylenders-the Rothschilds and globalizatio

  • Momus

    about the cop that killed the boy….
    “In the weeks following the murder, a number of disturbing details have surfaced showing that this tragedy could have been prevented.
    A quick look into the history of officer Timothy Loehmann, shows that he has a short and troubled past with police work. In fact, Loemann was actually terminated from his last job as a police officer, because they did not think that he was mentally capable, or mature enough for the job. He was let go by the City of Independence Police Department in December of 2012, and then was quickly rehired with the Cleveland Police Department in March of this year.”

    “During a state range qualification course, Ptl
    Loehmann was distracted and weepy. [Loehmann] could not follow simple directions, could not communicate clear thoughts nor recollections, and his handgun performance was dismal. Sgt Tinnirello tried to work through this with Ptl Loehmann by giving him some time. But, after some talking it was clear to Sgt Tinnirello that the recruit was just not mentally prepared to be doing firearm training …Ptl Loehmann continued with his emotional meltdown to a point where Sgt Tinnirello could not take him into the store, so they went to get something to eat and he continued to try and calm Ptl Loehmann. Sgt Tinnirello describes the recruit as being very downtrodden, melancholy with some light crying. Sgt Tinnirello later found this emotional perplexity was due to a personal issue with Ptl Loehmann’s on and off again girlfriend whom he was dealing with till 0400 hrs the night before. (Pti Loehmann was scheduled for 0800 the morning in question).”

    The memo concluded that:

    “Due to this dangerous loss of composure during live
    range training and his inability to manage this personal stress, I do not believe Ptl Loehmann shows the maturity needed to work in our employment. For these reasons, I am recommending he be released from the employment of the city of Independence. I do not believe time, nor training, will be able to change or correct these deficiencies.”