1,100 NATO Troops Arrive in Poland to “Deter” Russia

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The way President Trump spoke on the campaign trail, it sounded like he was going to repair our relationship with Russia. But with every week that passes, that seems less and less likely. This week for instance, NATO forces that mainly consisted of US soldiers moved into Poland in a show of force against Russia.

The U.S led battalion contained of 900 American soldiers, 150 British troops, and 120 Romanian troops. Though there have been many training exercises in recent years that involved those kinds of personnel numbers, this is definitely not a training exercise. The leader of the battlegroup, U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Steven Gventer, stated emphatically at a press conference that “this is a mission, not a cycle of training events. The purpose is to deter aggression in the Baltics and in Poland … We are fully ready to be lethal.”

And that’s not the only battlegroup in Eastern Europe. 120 British soldiers just landed in Estonia; the first of 800 that are expected to be posted in that country. That may not sound like a lot of soldiers, but it is a unique event. This is one of the largest deployments of UK forces to Eastern Europe since the end of the Cold War. Germany and Canada are going to lead two additional battlegroups in Latvia and Lithuania by June. When all of these forces are in place, there will be a total of 4,000 NATO troops in the region for the sole purpose of deterring intimidating Russia.

And just like that, the Second Cold War just got a little bit warmer.

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  • It is a shame that we believed Trump’s election promises.

    • NonYo Business

      We? Bro. It’s been the same song and dance for 50 years. Right and left doesn’t work with freedom.

      • It’s a shame, considering it has gotten to the point where a real leader that upholds the values of the Constitution is scarce, not to mention undesired by the state.

        • Who would that leader be?

          • NonYo Business

            Ron Paul – say what you want about his ties to Isreal if they exist at all, but that man is a consistent voice of Freedom and basic constitutional rights.

          • Since I spent the summer of 1987 circulating petitions in four states to get him on the ballot as the LP presidential candidate, as well as being his navigator during a visit to Denver during his campaign, I’d have to say he is the least corrupted member of Congress in my lifetime.

          • NonYo Business

            Awesome side note! Thanks

      • Which is why people have to learn to think in two dimensions to understand that the left-right spectrum is totally socialistic.

    • slogisejac

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  • Renee Ciccioni

    So he is just another corrupt politician after all. Wow who didn’t see that ?

    • What? He’s ‘draining the swamp’ and ‘building that wall’ and continuously winning along the way. This is a matter of national security after all. You are obviously just a ‘libtard’ who needs to run to a safe space every time OUR President Trump does something awesome, and ABSOLUTELY NOT a concerned citizen who is fearful of how Trump is acting in his first 100 days as president. It’s gonna be great believe me.


  • Stew E

    How can trump do anything with Russia when you have all these war mongers on the left trying to start WWIII. They lie and make up crazy stories about the trump camp colluding with Russsia intentionally so the president cannot back off or he will play into their hands. These left wing nut cases have put the country into a catch 22 situation. Some of the democrats are verging on treason lately. They open worship communism, and preach fascist beliefs. They are sick in the head.

    • “The nation is divided, half patriots and half traitors, and no man can tell which from which.” -Mark Twain

      This is not a left vs. right issue. In fact, I would argue that establishment Democrats and neocon Republicans are both in collusion with each other.

      They are not ‘sick in the head,’ they merely possess a different ideological worldview to you. The Russian hacking psy-op is one thing, but don’t me lulled into a civil war with the radical Left. Let the pieces fall where they may, but then clean it up and ensure it never happens again.

  • cmb

    Hey LTC Fktard, Gventer, what are you waiting for??? Lets throw in you kids and grandkids in the mix. The world would be a better place without your kind.

    • Ivyrrussell

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  • Pete752

    “Deter” Russia of WHAT??

  • Renee Ciccioni

    All your billionaire elitist Savior is doing is putting the finishing touches on what was to be done anyway and they used all the apathetic bigots of the me first Ayn Rand types to do so . Do all the name calling you want it won’t change anything that is about to take place .

  • Frank

    I don’t suppose any of us outside, not privileged to know the ACTUAL facts behind the deployment of NATO troops, actually considered to think that maybe these multi-national troop commitments to Eastern European countries was planned and agreed to long before Trump was even elected (?) Trump has been saddled with numerous lingering debacles and agreements made by Oh-Bummer, and now is in a position to either let them roll out or look like an isolationist to our allies by not participating.
    By chance, does anybody on here know what the actual mission/purpose is for these deployments? Is it time-limited or specific in purpose? And, please, don’t give me the “to antagonize the Russians” or any such base-less opinion. Anybody with a lick of sense and some historical knowledge of strategy and tactics pertaining to the border where East meets West will know that any NATO troops positioned there when war breaks out will only serve to soften the the ride for Russian tank crews as they roll into the EU.