10,000 People Are Now Technically Cyborgs Thanks to Chip Implants

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It’s amazing how quickly cultural attitudes can change on a particular subject, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Take privacy for instance. 20 or 30 years ago, the average American would not have put up with any kind of privacy intrusion. That was something that only happened in poor despotic nations and futuristic dystopias, not in the land of free.

Now however, after the advent of the internet and cell phones, and the attacks on 9/11, most Americans have sheepishly accepted the loss of their privacy to governments and corporations. It’s become an unavoidable fact of life here in America. What would have inspired a massive public outcry just a generation ago, is now met with a shrug and a blank stare today.

Currently, we’re in the midst of another major cultural and technological shift. In the very near future, augmenting your body with electronics and effectively becoming a cyborg, is going to be the norm. And I’m not talking about pacemakers and surgical hearing aids. I mean elective surgical implants that will supposedly enhance our human abilities. Right now these implants are primitive, but you can see the writing on the wall. Clearly, our Western society is starting to welcome these advancements with open arms, for better or for worse.  Take this German man who has decided to augment himself so that it would give him a modicum of convenience.

“When I walk into my studio, I just wave my hand at the alarm, and the alarm turns off,” the tattoo artist said.

“Whenever someone shows up with security clearance, he will wave and the alarm is deactivated, the lights are turned on… it will start up the computer, the cash machine and so on,” he added.

Oesterlund is one of the small but growing number of people around the world who has a grain-sized NFC (Near Field Communications) chip embedded in him.

In fact, so convinced is he that “this is the future” that he has two of them, one in his hand and the other in his arm.

“One year ago it was ‘that’s just stupid’, or ‘wow that’s just awesome’. But now multinational companies are looking into it,” he said, pointing to cybersecurity firm Kaspersky as an example.

In fact, Oesterlund recently installed this implant in a Kaspersky employee at a tech fair in Berlin, and he wasn’t even the first Kaspersky employee to do so. Evegeny Chereshnev got his chip 7 months ago, and hasn’t looked back. “It felt weird for a couple of weeks… Then I started to understand that I’ve forgotten what it is to carry a badge to work, I’ve forgotten what it means to open a door with a key.” You’d think that employees of a cybersecurity firm would be wary of putting electronics in their bodies, but I guess it’s just a different world now.

You’d be surprised what people are willing to do to themselves in the name of convenience, which if I recall correctly, was one of the reasons why our society stopped caring about privacy. And make no mistake, mere convenience will be enough to get most of the population to accept body implants too. In fact, novelty and convenience have already convinced thousands of people to get chipped.

Despite the limited uses, human chip implant manufacturer Dangerous Things told AFP that there are now around 10,000 “cyborgs” — or humans with digital chips in them — across the globe.

The phenomenon is not new, with a club in Barcelona offering such implants to its members as early as 2004, allowing them to gain entrance and pay for their drinks with it.

But its popularity has now accelerated with the ubiquity of smartphones, which can communicate with the chips.

I rest my case.

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  • I guess the people with pacemakers, sub dermal insulin pumps and prosthetics don’t count.

    • Razedbywolvs

      There is no really good definition yet, but Merriam Webster comes the closest. : a person whose
      body contains mechanical or electrical devices and whose abilities are greater than the abilities of normal humans.
      So a hart value would not qualify because it does not allow the user to exceed the average limitations of humans. And a prosthetic limb is external so it would not meet the qualification.
      This is only what I have learned after threatening to dismantle my coworker. Nothing is set in stone and im sure more qualified people will argue about this in the near future.

  • Razedbywolvs

    Cybernetics is less invasive to your privacy than Biometrics. It’s not that they don’t care about privacy. RFID has quickly become one of the least invasive forms of privacy violations simply because it is so easy to hack. You can remove an RFID. You can’t remove your face… and you sighed up for Facebook. There is no putting the genie back in the bottle with Biometrics. It’s out, in use, and will never go away.

    • Mike

      It may never go away, but they will never force the mark of the beast on me and my family.

      • Reverend Draco

        It’s just the beast under your bed – in your closet, in your head.

        • sunshine

          Exit light…enter night…..grain of sand…off to never never land 🙂

        • Mike

          You are like a little nat that never goes away. Where is the bug spray.

          • Razedbywolvs

            Wen I was a kid there was a man who lived down the street that would glare at everyone who drove by wile he was watering his garden. My brother said to my dad that he always waved at the guy but the man never waved back. My dad bet my brother that he could get the man to wave back. For weeks my dad planed his trips to the store so he would pass the man and wave every day. He eventually stopped and said “You have a really nice garden”. After than the man waved and smiled every time by dad passed by. He even started waving to other people who drove by.
            Maybe bug spray is not what you need.

          • Reverend Draco

            Sorry, slackjaw – when I see pig-ignorance on public display, it is my sacred duty to point it out and ridicule it as the unintelligible nonsense it is.

            Every time you use mythology and superstition as justification for violence and malice. . . you bet your sweet bippy a thinking being is going to call you on it. You just lucked out, that it was me and not someone less patient.

          • Mike

            so you must point out an awful lot to yourself on a regular basis, because 99% of the time all you show is pig headed ignorance. So again, I need some bug spray for the pest problem.

      • Discipleof Jesus

        I am curious , are you a dispensationalist ? You do know that the counterfeit Israel uses a 666 “star ” symbol right ?
        I say this to worn you and all because counterfeit Israel is part if not the head of the beast .
        Would you put of those star of rempham tattoos on you ? Their “rabbis” say they will rule the world and have ALL “gentiles” as slaves and beasts of burden to serve them .
        Oh Jesus Christ will put them down in their pride .
        Also you know this flesh without Jesus Christ is a beast right ?
        It comes down to will you worship government “the beast” to eat ,buy or sell . Whether it be a “smart phone” ID card , fingerprint , microchip etc
        Ever notice the increase use of touchless soap , and paper towel dispensers in public bathrooms lately for “sanitary reasons” .
        It comes down to this friendship of this world is EMNITY with the CREATOR . Should we not ALL strive to become less of one everyday ?

        • Mike

          First, I know quite well that the Zionist jews are behind the whole NWO thing. I will never have a mark of any kind put on my skin nor inside my body. And I will trust in God and Christ to provide for myself and my family. I stopped trusting the government over 30 years ago.

          • Discipleof Jesus

            good to hear because fearing the “jews” is part of the mark of the beast . For they care more for the flesh than the SPIRIT .
            What is this current fallen flesh ? is it not beastly?

  • Gearmoe

    We have an incredibly naive ignorant group of people coming up. It’s epic, cool, implant me! The mistake is beyond stupid.

  • bill lopez

    First – want to see just how “alternate news” the daily sheep is? Do a Google search on

    Secondly – this story has been floating around for some time, in fact there was a msm video I saw on it at least some years ago (http://www.deccanherald.com/content/471470/now-human-chips-your-aid.html ), while this link isn’t a few years ago – it is at least from April 2014 talking about how Österlund is implanting someone else at an “implant party” he is hosting.

    One can assume that if he was hosting parties to do this over a year ago, that the original story was older than than April 2014, and at least older than 5 days ago.

    There is much misleading and bs going on here at the sheeple…..

    • Yes, but where is it not?

      • sunshine

        Hey, how’s the snakes??

        • Doing well and demanding attention, lol.

          • sunshine

            Haha I’d come check them out! Tell your girl to be careful at nail salons…lots of fungus and disease is spread that way. Did you ever feed your girl snake, did she poop? Wow I never thought I’d be asking THAT question in my life!!

          • No I haven’t fed her yet because has not pooped yet. She is starting to push though so she is getting hungry. She pushes sooo hard, her body forms an arc like a rainbow and just shakes from the muscle strain she pushes so hard, she can injure her mouth doing that so we do get worried. All retics do this, some have deformed their faces from pushing so much.
            My girl travels to another state to get her nails done because the place is clean and professional. It is over a half hour drive, they all know how far she drives and that she has snakes. She is friends with all of the women there and likes them very much. They don’t talk about her in their language or anything like that and genuinely like her too so she is lucky in that way.

          • sunshine

            Pushes for what? To poop?

            Good….I don’t trust any of them but if your girl is happy, and feels the place is sanitary, then awesome. Does she get the fake ones or just a manicure? And how do nails go with snakes? I’d imagine poop would get everywhere lol!

          • Not to poop, pushing on her cage glass really hard to open it and riding her snout up and down repeatedly. The baby retic rushes to the front of the cage every time you walk by hoping that you’ll open the door and give him something.
            Yeah she just went there today ironically, she gets fake nails but not long. She gets the gel nails. The ladies told a story in their language so the girl told her what she was saying so that’s cool. They know and like her there, she is always treated well and always remarks how clean the place is. There is no sub, she will not go anywhere else. Although cleaning retic c ages can make you gag, it is mostly on the paper and we use the squeegee with the extender all the way out. For when we are doing the whole cage at once(not just half like most the time, the cages are 8ft and we only clean the side that is messy most of the time) we use rubber gloves + always wash hands afterwards. We have to clean the glass from the inside but that means my girl getting in there and doing it, lol. There is a pro heat panel in there and those things just cook you + you have to use steel wool + a lot of elbow grease to “polish” the glass and make it invisible, it looks like you can reach in and touch them when we do it, they think they can come right out too. Works on all glass and very cheap BUT you need a good vacuum cleaner to suck up the steel wool fibers that shed although it is not a whole lot. We have a dyson and that thing does a great job getting them all up.

          • Vows of Vengeance

            Boa or pythons?

          • 1 Boa, 4 pythons.

          • Vows of Vengeance

            Nice. I was never allowed to keep snakes ( my wife). I grew up catching them a lot. I get to save the day when my wife spots one in the basement or yard a least.

          • Thanks, I grew up doing the same! When I met my girl it wasn’t for a while until I found out she had a California king, once I found that out I knew she was the one, lol! We love working with the retics, we have 2 and they are MUCH smarter than any other snake species I know of.

  • rich

    Just another case of Big Brother (Mr. Obama) watching your every move.

  • Reverend Draco

    Sorry, man – it’s still, “that’s just stupid.”

  • sunshine

    Never. Not EVER in my body. Those people are utterly retarded.

  • ccambridge

    That pic looks like an enema