10-Year-Old ‘Guardian Angel’ Dies Pushing Two Toddlers out of the Way of an SUV

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10yearoldheroTen-year-old Kiera Larsen (GoFundMe)

As sad as this story is, it also might restore your faith in humanity a little.

Ten-year-old Kiera Larsen died Monday while saving the lives of two toddlers from an out-of-control SUV that was barreling down on them.

A 1999 Mercedes parked on a sloping driveway near where the girl and toddlers were playing somehow went into neutral and took off backwards down the slope.

Kiera’s stepmom had run inside for just a second to grab a car charger. Kiera risked her life pushing the toddlers out of the way but was hit by the SUV and later succumbed to her injuries at the hospital.

“A child died heroically, I mean if you think about it, she sacrificed herself for another small child,” California Highway Patrol Officer Kevin Pearlstein said.

How the vehicle went into neutral is currently under investigation by the California Highway Patrol.

A GoFundMe account set up to pay for the family’s funeral expenses has already raised well over $77,000.

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