1 Dead and 8 Arrested After Oregon Militia Clashes With FBI

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The standoff between law enforcement and the Ammon Bundy led militia, took a turn for the worst on Tuesday at 4:25 PM. The FBI and the Oregon State Police attempted to arrest several members of the militia during a traffic stop. At the time the group was en route to a community meeting at a senior center, 70 miles north of Burns, Oregon.

Shots were fired during the traffic stop, which led to the death of Arizona rancher LaVoy Finicum, and the hospitalization of Ryan Bundy with non-life-threatening injuries. A total of 8 people have since been arrested, including Ammon Bundy and his brother.

According to Finicum’s daughter, “We all thought it would end, but not like this.” she further added that “My dad did stress that they wouldn’t pull a gun on them unless they pulled a gun. They were all committed to not firing on federal agents.” As of now, the precise nature of what transpired between Finicum and the police has yet to be revealed.

All of the men that were arrested are facing charges of “conspiracy to impede officers of the United States from discharging their official duties, through the use of force, intimidation or threats.” Currently, additional members of the militia are still hunkered down in the wildlife refuge, and there’s no word on what they intend to do next.

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  • Reverend Draco

    Here it comes. . .

    • bill lopez

      Here comes nothing..

      • There are none so blind as those who will not see.

      • BigGaySteve

        Affirmative action govt workers need 120 shots to kill one man, but Anders Breivik required 121 shots to kill 77. They are barely better than the sand ni6er attack at the Copenhagen cartoonist party.

    • They should have been targeting their federal representatives to end the unconstitutional occupation of land instead of expecting a thoroughly federalized population to rally around them.

    • august

      Hopefully, will see.

    • cama9

      Hear the real story for yourself

  • Hermitt

    Their next step will be to Bomb the entire compound, killing everybody there. The Shit it now hitting the fan, Sheeple. May God help us all.

  • It is not Paranoia

    Man…did just something start?

    • bodysonthground

      No, with any luck that ill conceived, poorly executed clusterfuk of an operation is at an end. If the boys on the hill have any,ANY sense at all, they should beet feet outa there like the neighbors asked them to.

  • Joe2D2

    On the surface this looks like one thing, while peeling back a few layers, it looks like something entirely different. Please take note that the key elements that started this whole thing are alive and in custody, leaving the remainder of followers square in the bulls-eye. If I was a betting man, my wager would be placed on a raid on the compound that leaves few survivors and an event that makes a complete example out of this situation.

    Once Pete “FBI Informant” Sanshilli showed up, my concerns for this being a psy-op were confirmed. Now that he and the key instigators are in custody, all that remains is the example to be set. Do we need to stand against this criminal government? Hell yes. Was this a smart way to do it? Nope, complete idiocy. These people left at the wildlife refuge are mostly dupes with good intentions that will now suffer the consequences, while this whole powder keg has the potential to start a very ugly trend in this country. Hope for cooler heads to prevail.

    • David

      well put. i agree that was not a smart move. with the cllmate now in this country and the fear of obama declaring martial law before he leaves office all these guys are doing is giving the government more cause. they should have stayed home and taken care of business there. i for one thought this was a very bad move on bundy and freinds part. bundy claims to be fighting for the american way but his dad clive is not completely innocent in his troubles with the blm. the hammonds wanted no part of this siege. this was bad timing and very bad form on the militia’s part. this is not the alamo. a guess a person has to pick the hill they’ll die on.

    • Gary

      So you think the dupes involved are legitimate, and not crisis actors?

      Safer to set an example with crisis actors, but I don’t know enough to make a call.

    • BigGaySteve

      Yea they will not be as easy going as when Eric “fast&furious” Holder held an armed occupation of a college ROTC office.

  • John Williams
  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    Lock and load…

  • Mike

    Well folks we all saw this coming. Now just wait for the calls to make all militias ILLEGAL.

    • They did the same thing when they federalized the states’ national guards.

    • cama9

      These guys are RANCHERS, not militia – they MURDERED a RANCHER!
      Listen to an eyewitness – someone who was in the ambushed car

  • They don’t have a chance…they aren’t a protected class. Probably all white-christian-heterosexual. How dare they!

  • Another Thought Criminal

    Never understood the concept of the armed peaceful resistance.

    • Razedbywolvs

      It’s to give a chance to the people who are unwitting following orders to re-conceder there options.
      They never listen, but it’s still the right thing to do.

  • Broos

    WTF “Clash”? Typical law enforcement arrest of STUPID Armed, RESISTING FELONS!

    • Reverend Draco

      On your knees, copsucker – there’s pig jizz needing swallowed.

    • BigGaySteve

      TO bad they didn’t kill anyone when Eric Holder was part of an armed occupation of an ROTC building.

  • whiteberry

    This is no surprise… did anyone think the terrorists, aka US government, were simply going to let these men get away with speaking out against them?

    • currently ‘they’ are letting ‘us’ ,,,,,, letting should have ‘ ‘ around it too

  • John Williams

    Now there are roadblocks! Another Waco. Remember that the roadblocks kept journalists and witnesses at bay so that only the government lies were told. The American Stasi will murder these Americans.

    No more Wacos or Ruby Ridges!

    • cama9

      Listen to Eyewitness testimony

      • berrybestfarm

        Thank you.

  • The pretend gov’t considers it as closing Escrow on the Account set up at birth / berth. Paperwork with blood stains that are disregarded by the pretend government and the pretend courts. Karma will have lava pouring out their mouths and eyeball sockets and other orifices for eternity,,,along with the idiot below

  • gato felix

    Very well said!!

  • joseph

    Federal mercs…the end has now come upon us…

  • Larry Silverstein wasn’t giving sworn testimony.

  • august

    When are People going to learn,
    nor can you trust any Affiliation with them.

  • cama9

    Joshua, I just hope you do a real story next time. The headline of this article should read:
    Patriots Ambushed by Feral Feds On Way to See Sheriff –
    Patriot Murdered

    According a witness inside the now bullet-ridden car, the Feds shot FIRST. At least 120 rounds were fired. The murdered Patriot, LeVoy Finicum, was trying to protect the women in the car. They murdered an unarmed man 3 times where he stood, and a few more times when he was down. The murderers also had snipers in trees.

    Listen and weep:

    Joshua, your insistance on calling these ranchers ‘militia’ is a bolf-faced lie. I cannot believe The Daily Sheeple is sheepling the people who read this post. If you can’t even get this story right, how many more stories are you working with the MSM on to deceive us?

  • TripWire

    The sad fact is history repeats itself. The fourth Reich is alive and well. Anyone who thinks we don’t now resemble Nazi Germany is a fool. The Nazis seized government control in the same way the Bush’s, Clinton’s and Obamanation have. False flags, Propaganda, The education system, endless War and force.

    They also created the brown shirts and the SS which was the muscle and melded it into a bureaucratic amalgamate that even they didn’t understand no less the citizens. Creating a constant uneasy paranoia. The rule of law was as they ruled, not as a written and recognized code.

    It all started with their financial turmoil mostly created by the Versailles Treaty and world war one. Interestingly enough; Germany was winning and it was a back door deal with the Banksters for a Jewish state (Israel) that really pissed off the military cadre and created deep resentment. Then came the hardships and the resentment became hatred.

    The season was ripe for take over. The people had choice (A) Communist or choice (B) National Socialist. Does this sound familiar??? Our leaders now resemble Fascist, Communist or National Socialist. When the currency goes down the shitter the power hub does a power grab.

    The liberties are one of the first to go. It only gets more and more oppressive as time goes on. War or fear their of; is used to keep everyone at a high state of anxiety and fear. It allows the machinery of government to steam roll the citizens. It draws attention from what’s important.

    It clouds the mind. The news flash of violence at the extreme washed over the glowing tube numbs the senses. It makes the small killings here and their at home seem the norm and a small problem that will be worked out. By the next day the officer or agent is vindicated for using lethal force.

    The populace accepts it at face value and moves on. Thinking it could be worse. Yet this mind set creates the (worse) as over time it only escalates and becomes the new normal. This will not get better. Our government is so fractured into fiefdoms that this can only get worse.

    Because we do not stand together, we shall stand alone.

  • Clay Griffin

    I believe you mean, “… take a turn for the worse.” (not worst) 🙂

  • patriot156